Energy Conservation over the Christmas period - Top Tips

20 Dec 2021

Hello Everyone 

As we all prepare for a well-deserved break we just wanted to remind you to power down and switch off all office equipment before leaving for the Christmas holidays. 

Our top tips to conserve energy in the office over the holidays are: 

  • Turn off and unplug all devices. 
  • Close all windows in the office. 
  • Ensure electric heaters are plugged out. 
  • Ensure all water taps are closed in kitchenettes / bathrooms.- If you notice any leaking taps please contact the Building and Estates helpdesk at extension 2480 or via email at 
  • Switch off all lights in the office before leaving. 

Did you know that a PC / screen on stand-by still consumes about 20 watts of electricity? If everyone powers down their PC's and office equipment over the holidays we could avoid wasting in excess of 10,000 kWh ( that's enough electricity to power a home for 2 years). 

Thanks for reading.

Green Campus Team