Scientific Programme

The scientific programme will include 8 review talks and ~50 contributed talks, as well as ~30 posters, which will be displayed throughout the symposium. We are also planning on including a brief CASA VLBI demonstration as part of the scientific programme. The symposium will end with lunch on Friday, July 15, 2022. A full programme will be posted here once it is ready.


Review Speakers:


Shivani Bhandari (JIVE) – Fast Radio Bursts

Denise Gabuzda (UCC) – AGN jets

Liz Humphreys (ESO) – Stellar evolution through maser Studies

Leah Morabito (University of Durham) – LOFAR VLBI studies

Sara Motta (INAF) – Multi-waveband studies of X-ray binaries

Nobuyuki Sakai (KASI) – Maser astrometry

Cristiana Spingola (INAF) - Cosmological studies with VLBI

Guang-Yao Zhao (IAA) – Recent EHT results and synergy with the EVN

15th EVN Symposium