Scientific Programme

The scientific programme will include 8 review talks and ~50 contributed talks, as well as ~30 posters, which will be displayed throughout the symposium. We are also planning on including a brief CASA VLBI demonstration as part of the scientific programme. The symposium will end with lunch on Friday, July 15, 2022. 

The scientific programme is available here.

A talk abstract booklet is available here, and the talk presentations can be downloaded below.

A poster abstract booklet is available here, and the posters can be downloaded below.

The list of participants is available here. The composite conference photo (in person and online) is available here.

We ask all participants in the 15th EVN Symposium and Users' Meeting to behave appropriately toward each other, and to follow this Code of Conduct.

Talks - AGN:

Xiaopeng Cheng Unveiling the origin of radio emission in nearby low-luminosity AGN with VLBI Cheng EVN 2022 Talk
Aletha de Witt Multi-Frequency imaging results of 453 extragalactic ICRF-3 radio sources  from multi-epoch, near-simultaneous astrometric VLBA observations Witt EVN 2022 Talk
Denise Gabuzda Active Galactic Nuclei jets in a nutshell Gabuzda EVN 2022 Talk
Minchul Kam Probing the presence of the external medium at the jet head (C3) of 3C84 Kam EVN 2022 Talk
Sang-Hyun Kim Correlations of the multi-wavelenth emission in the blazar CTA 102 during 2016-2018 Kim EVN 2022 Talk
Yuri Kovalev Growing evidence of the blazar-neutrino connection Kovalev EVN 2022 Talk
Joana Kramer Ray tracing in relativistic jet simulations: Circular polarization Kramer EVN 2022 Talk
Suma Murthy Feedback from radio AGN - the case of 4C31.04 Murthy EVN 2022 Talk
Cristina Nanci VLBI investigation of high-energy neutrino-emitter candidates Nanci EVN 2022 Talk
Aleksei Nikonov M87 jet instability probed by multi-frequency observations Nikonov EVN 2022 Talk
Georgios Paraschos An Extensive analysis of the sub-parsec region of 3C84 Paraschos EVN 2022 Talk 
Ilya Pashchenko Unveiling spectral view of the M87 jet Pashchenko EVN 2022 Talk
Alexander Plavin Direct confirmation of the VLBI-Gaia offsets nature Plavin EVN 2022 Talk
Alexander Popkov Constraints on the extreme brightness generation mechanisms in AGN from the RadioAstron survey and the long-term variability Popkov EVN 2022 Talk
Almudena Prieto The Power of low-luminosity AGN: the PARSEC view Prieto EVN 2022 Talk 
Alexander Pushkarev Persistent structure of magnetic field in parsec-scale AGN jets Pushkarev EVN 2022 Talk
Luca Ricci Exploring the disk-jet connection in NGC315 Ricci EVN 2022 Talk
Hyunwook Ro Spectral analysis of parsec-scale jet in M87 Ro EVN 2022 Talk
Guang-Yao Zhao Observing supermassive black holes and relativistic jets with the Event Horizon Telescope Zhao EVN 2022 Talk
Daria Zobnina Decade-long linear polarization variabiliy properties of parsec-scale AGN jets Zobnina EVN 2022 Talk

Talks - Cosmology:

Sandor Frey           J2102+6015: An intriguing radio-loud AGN in the early Universe Frey EVN 2022 Talk
Jeffrey Hodgson Cosmological QUOKKAS Hodgson EVN 2022 Talk
Cristiana Spingola Cosmological studies with VLBI                                                                          Spingola EVN 2022 Talk

Talks - LOFAR, SKA: 

Leah Morabito VLBI studies with the international LOFAR telescope Morabito EVN 2022 Talk
Shane O'Sullivan Cosmic Magnetism with LOFAR O'Sullivan EVN 2022 Talk
Haoyang Ye Elais-N1 field: International LOFAR 1" Imaging Stategy and Results                                                                       Ye EVN 2022 Talk

Talks - Masers:

Artis Aberfelds  Cloudlet evolution in IRAS 20126+4104 during last 15 years and its periodic variability  Aberfelds EVN 2022 Talk 
Willem Baan  Space VLBI for two H2O megamasers and looking inside an accretion disc  Baan EVN 2022 Talk 
Michal Durjasz  Yt another 6.7 GHz imaging of the high-mass star-forming region Cep A HW2  Durjasz EVN 2022 Talk 
Malcolm Gray 3D models of astrophysical masers with polarization Gray EVN 2022 Talk
Liz Humphreys Stellar evolution studies using masers Humphreys EVN 2022 Talk
Agnieszka Kobak The first look at the coincidence of methanol and excited OH masers around HMYSOs Kobak EVN 2022 Talk
Elisabetta Ladu IC 485: A new disk maser galaxy? Ladu EVN 2022 Talk
Gabriele Surcis 6.7 GHz CH_3OH maser polarisation in massive star-forming regions: the flux-limited sample Surcis EVN 2022 Talk
Andrea Tarchi Unveiling fine details of the (giga)maser source in TXS2226-184 with the VLBI Tarchi EVN 2022 Talk

Talks - Stars, Stellar Systems:

Juan Climent Anatomy of an exo-aurora: the magnetosphere of a brown dwarf Climent EVN 2022 Talk
Marcello Giroletti Filming the evolution of symbiotic novae with VLBI: the 2021 explosion of RS Oph Giroletti EVN 2022 Talk
Sara Motta  Multi-wavelength studies of accretion and feedback in X-ray binaries Motta EVN 2022 Talk
Ralph Spencer   Minor flares on Cygnus X-3 - VLBI prospects  Spencer EVN 2022 Talk 

Talks - Surveys, Galaxies:

Jayender Kumar Structure and dynamics of the long bar of the Milky Way Kumar EVN 2022 Talk
Tom Muxlow The e-MERGE e-MERLIN/VLA/VLBI wide-field deep high-resolution radio survey of GOODS-N Muxlow EVN 2022 Talk
Ann Njeri SPARCS-North survey: Exploring the resolved microJy extragalactic radio source population with EVN+eMERLIN Njeri EVN 2022 Talk
David Williams The Lemmings Survey Williams EVN 2022 Talk
Jun Yang   The radio nucleus of the nearby dwarf galaxy NGC4395  Yang EVN 2022 Talk 

Talks - Techniques:

Paul Boven VLBI "MultiView" astrometry of radio stars Boven EVN 2022 Talk
Jacob Brooks Experimenting with generative aversarial networks for post-corelation identification of RFI Brooks EVN 2022 Talk
Yoshiaki Hagiwara Ultra-wide band (16 Gbps) polarimetry using VERA Hagiwara EVN 2022 Talk
Lucas Hyland 'How to' Multiview Hyland EVN 2022 Talk
Christopher Jacobs The Accuracy of the JPL 2022c X/Ka Celestial Reference Frame Jacobs EVN 2022 Talk
Hendrik Mueller Multiscale VLBI imaging Mueller EVN 2022 Talk
Maria Rioja The Readiness of EVN telescopes for the SKA-VLBI era Rioja EVN 2022 Talk
Agniva Roychowdhury ngDIFMAP: new generation DIFMAP and applications in AGN morphology Roychowdhury EVN 2022 Talk
Nobuyuki Sakai Maser astrometry      Sakai EVN 2022 Talk

Talks - Transients:

Shivani Bhandari Fast Radio Bursts Bhandari EVN 2022 Talk 
Benito Marcote Milliarcsecond localizations as insights of the loal environments and origins of Fast Radio Bursts Marcote EVN 2022 Talk
Prashanth Mohan The nature of radio emission from the tidal disruption event AT2019dsg Mohan EVN 2022 Talk


Juan Carlos Algaba VLBI in Malaysia: Current status and future plans Algaba EVN 2022 Poster
Anna Bartkiewicz Methanol and excited OH masers in HMYSOs at a milliarcsecond scale Bartkiewicz EVN 2022 Poster
Vieri Bartolini Multi-frequency simultaneous VLBA view of 3C111 Bartolini EVN 2022 Poster
Petra Benke New RadioAstron observations of the radio galaxy 3C84 at 22 GHz Benke EVN 2022 Poster
Paola Castangia Exploring the radio continuum in megamaser galaxies with the EVN Castangia EVN 2022 Poster
Patrick Charlot Imaging ICF3 sources at K band with the European VLBI Network Charlot EVN 2022 Poster
Minchul Kam Polarisation angle calibration using the Crab Nebula for the Korean VLBI Network Kam EVN 2022 Poster
Daewon Kim GMVA observation of BL Lacertae when the jet is flaring Kim DW EVN 2022 Poster
Dongin Kim

A multi-frequency and wideband absorption line study using the KVN + Effelsberg + Yebes (KEY) array

Kim DJ EVN 2022 Poster
Eftychia Madika VLBI studies of high-excitation FRII radio galaxies Madika EVN 2022 Poster
Guifre Molera Calves

Spacecraft Doppler tracking software (SDtracker)

Calves EVN 2022 Poster
David Fernandez Exploring connections between the VLBI and optical morpholoy of AGN and their host galaxies Fernandez EVN 2022 Poster
Krisztina Gabanyi The Detection of a compact radio feature in a Sy 1 galaxy after an accretion rate change Gabanyi EVN 2022 Poster
Hyeon-Woo Jeong Double synchrotron self-absorption spectrum of the blazar 3C454.3 and its magnetic field strength Jeong EVN 2022 Poster
Tatiana Koryukova VLBI detection of refractive scattering in the quasar 2005+403 Koryukova EVN 2022 Poster
Benito Marcote  Resolving stellar wind shocks of massive binary stars Marcote EVN 2022 Poster 
Vladislav Makeev A Study of bent jets in Active Galactic Nuclei at parsec scales Makeev EVN 2022 Poster
Krisztina Perger High-resolution Imaging of Two Radio Quasars at the End of Reionization Perger EVN 2022 Poster
Felix Poetzl Rotation measure studies of the quasar 3C345 with RadioAstron Poetzl EVN 2022 Poster 
Jan Roeder Dynamics of the compact parsec-scale jet in 3C345 Roeder EVN 2022 Poster
Kazi Rygl Peculiar motions along the Sagittarius spiral arm Rygl EVN 2022 Poster
Mas Said Modality analysis in the radio light curves of intra-hour quasars: PKS 1257-326 and J1819+3845 Said EVN 2022 Poster
Ivars Shmeld VLBI observations of two variable sources from Irbene methanol maser monitoring program Shmeld EVN 2022 Poster
Kunwoo Yi The acceleration and collimation zone in the jet of 1928+738 Yi EVN 2022 Poster
Yingkang Zhang Radio jet proper motion analysis of nine distant quasars at redshift above 3.5 Zhang EVN 2022 Poster


Review Speakers:

Shivani Bhandari (JIVE) – Fast Radio Bursts

Denise Gabuzda (UCC) – AGN jets

Liz Humphreys (ESO) – Stellar evolution through maser Studies

Leah Morabito (University of Durham) – LOFAR VLBI studies

Sara Motta (INAF) – Multi-waveband studies of X-ray binaries

Nobuyuki Sakai (KASI) – Maser astrometry

Cristiana Spingola (INAF) - Cosmological studies with VLBI

Guang-Yao Zhao (IAA) – Recent EHT results and synergy with the EVN

15th EVN Symposium