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CDG Lunchtime Seminar Series

17 Nov 2020

 Lunchtime Seminar Series hosted by the Centre for Global Development with guest speakers each week. 

Every Tuesday for 1pm-2pm.

Link to the seminar here

Session 1: 17/11/2020

Dr. Padraig Murphy 

Topic: ‘The Role of Science Communication and the SDGs – Towards a Better Engagement of Universal Goals’   

Padraig is a lecturer and a Programme Chair of Science Communication in DCU. His specialities include science communication, e-learning, Science & Technology Studies.   


Session 2: 24/11/20     

Dr Gordon Dalton    

Topic: ‘A Discussion on the benefits of the EU H2020 Renewable Energy Project ‘MUSICA” in the Context of the SDGs’.  

Gordon is an Ocean Renewable Energy Economics Engineer, a Snr Researcher at MaREI Research centre, UCC. His specialty is techno-economics, socio-economics & business plans. He is past Chair of ICORSA, which he founded.

Veiw PowerPoint presentation here: Sem2-ppt 


Session 3: 01/12/20

Dr Eric Jensen

Topic: ‘How are global researchers engaging with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? Investigating intersections between socially responsible research and SDGs’ 

Eric is a Senior Researcher with ICORSA. He is a global specialist in social research & impact evaluation of public and stakeholder engagement with science.  

View the PowerPoint presentation here: PowerPoint Dec1


Session 4: 08/12/20

Olive Towey

Topic: 'The Importance of the Global Hunger Index towards achieving the SDGs – A Concern Worldwide Perspective’  

Olive Towey is Concern’s Senior Policy Advisor on Hunger.  She has worked with Concern Worldwide for over 15 years, having previously worked in London and New York. 

View the PowerPoint presentation here:GHI2020_Presentation

 Session 5: 15/12/20   

Dr Gertrude Cotter   

Topic: ‘Integrating Global Citizenship and Development Education into higher education pedagogy:  an invitation to change, create and collaborate'

 Dr Gertrude Cotter is a Lecturer at the ‘Centre for Global Development’ UCC and lectures in the field of Development and Global Citizenship Education. 

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