Prof. Ciara Heavin


Name: Prof. Ciara Heavin


Role: Professor

Academic Unit: Business Information Systems/Health Information Systems Research Centre

Ciara Heavin is a Professor in Business Information Systems at Cork University Business School, University College Cork, Ireland. Her research focuses on opportunities for using information systems (IS) in the global healthcare ecosystem and in digital transformation. As Co-Director of the Health Information Systems Research Centre (HIRSC), Ciara has directed funded research in the investigation, development, and implementation of innovative technology solutions in the health/healthcare domain. She has published articles in several top international IS journals and conference proceedings. She has co-authored three books with Daniel J. Power: Decision Support, Analytics, and Business Intelligence, Data-Based Decision Making and Digital Transformation and On Becoming Agile. She earned a PhD from University College Cork.

Thematic Expertise

Thematic Expertise

Health Information Systems, Mobile health in developing countries, mHealth, eHealth, Digital Health

Geographical Expertise

Geographic Expertise:

Nigeria, Malawi

Relevant Projects


Relevant Publications

Relevant Publications:

  • Kenny, G., O’Connor, Y., Eze, E., Ndibuagu, E., Heavin, C. ‘Are we on the same page? Exploring

    Stakeholders’ Shared Mental Models of Mobile Health in Rural Nigeria, Health Informatics

    Journal (Forthcoming).

  • Kenny, G., O’Connor, Y., Eze, E., Ndibuagu, E., Heavin, C. ‘I need it to diagnose people, how long

    will the battery last: An investigation of Primary Healthcare Workers’ attitude to mHealth in

    Nigeria’. International Journal of e-Health and Medical Communications. (Forthcoming).

  • Dick S, O'Connor Y, Thompson MJ, O'Donoghue J, Hardy V, Wu J, O Sullivan T, Chirambo GB,

    Heavin C. (2020). Considerations for Improved mHealth Evaluation: Retrospective

    Qualitative Investigation, JMIR Mhealth Uhealth 2020;8(1):e12424.

  • Dick, S., O’Connor, Y. and Heavin, C. (2020). Approaches to Mobile Health Evaluation: A

    Comparative Study, Information Systems Management, 37:1, 75-92, DOI:


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