Dr Deborah Chapman


Name: Dr Deborah Chapman


Role: Senior Lecturer and Director of UN Environment GEMS/Water Capacity Development Centre

Academic Unit: School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences and Environmental Research Institute

Deborah Chapman is currently leading Capacity Development activities for water quality monitoring and SDG indicator 6.3.2 globally on behalf of the UN Environment GEMS/Water programme. She has been teaching freshwater science at undergraduate and postgraduate level in UCC for 20 years and worked with UNEP and WHO on promoting water quality monitoring and water resources management in developing countries for over 30 years. Her current research focuses on risks to health and ecosystems from water pollution, and approaches to managing these risks.

Thematic Expertise

Freshwater Quality Monitoring, Water Pollution, Capacity Development

Geographical Expertise

Global, focusing on Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America

Relevant Projects

UN Environment GEMS/Water Capacity Development Centre: https://www.ucc.ie/en/gemscdc/


Chapman DV, Bradley C, Gettel GM, Hatvani IG, Hein T, Kovacs J, Liska I, Oliver D, Tanos P, Trasy B & Varbiro G (2016) Developments in water quality monitoring and management in large river catchments using the Danube River as an example, Environmental Science and Policy, 64, pp. 141-154.

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