Gertrude Cotter


Name: Gertrude Cotter


Role: PhD student and works on School of Education Id Est Project -  Intercultural and Development Education Project for Student Teachers

Academic Unit: School of Education

Gertrude Cotter is a fourth year PhD candidate at the School of Education, University College Cork and holder of the Irish Research Council National Forum Postgraduate Scholarship for Teaching and Learning at Higher Education.  Her PhD research is about engaging students in development education through community-linked learning and multi-media storytelling, locally and globally.  She is also the founder of social enterprise Global Citizen Contact Point.  She was previously CEO of Nasc, the Irish Immigrant Support Centre, and has lectured in International Relations, Latin American History and Community Development, at third level.  She also worked as a development worker in Bolivia and Thailand and she has managed community development projects and family resource centres in Ireland. She has been a board member of several organisations working in the community and voluntary sector in Ireland.

Thematic Expertise

Development Education, Refugee, Asylum-Seeker and Migrant advocacy; Education for people with disabilities.

Geographical Expertise

Previously Bolivia and Thailand

Relevant Projects

Collaborative coordinator of "Id Est" Intercultural and Development Education for Student Teachers project, School of Education, UCC.

Director of Global Citizen Contact Point   

Presenter of the Global Hub Radio Programme, Community Radio Youghal.


Cotter, G., Olaniyi Kolawole, 2015. Parenting in a Multicultural Society: Migrants and their Experiences of Parenting in Ireland, in: Learning on the Job: Parenting in Modern Ireland. Oak Tree Press.

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Cotter, G. (Ed), 2008c. Integrating the Future: Nasc Strategy on Access to Employment, Education and Enterprise for Migrants in Cork. Nasc, the Irish Immigrant Support Centre, Cork.

Cotter, G. (Ed), 2008d. ‘North Meets South’ Development Education Sessions for Older Teenagers. Nasc, the Irish Immigrant Support Centre, Cork.

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