Dr Anne Moore


Name: Dr Anne Moore

Contact: anne.moore@ucc.ie      

Role: Lecturer & PI

Academic Unit: School of Pharmacy

Dr. Anne Moore graduated with a degree in Biochemistry University College Cork. She completed a PhD in HIV vaccine immunology with Professor Kingston Mills. Dr. Moore subsequently embarked upon post-doctoral work on defects in immune responses in HIV-infected individuals in the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia and further work on recombinant vaccines against viruses such as HIV and Ebola virus in Dr. Gary Nabel's lab then at the University of Michigan. As a senior immunologist in Prof. Adrian Hill's group in the University of Oxford, she developed several T cell inducing vaccine candidates against malaria and TB and was involved in clinical trials of these and other vaccine candidates in Oxford and malaria endemic areas in Africa. In 2016 she worked for 10 months with the vaccine biotech company, Vaxart, South San Francisco while on sabbatical. Here she worked on tablet-based oral vaccines for a range of therapeutic and prophylactic vaccine.

Thematic Expertise

Health, infectious disease, vaccine, pediatatric, immunology

Geographical Expertise


Relevant Projects

The central aim of her group is to develop and translate innovative vaccines and immunoptherapies to address unmet clinical needs. Our research extends from basic cellular immunology to clinical translation with the aim of improving vaccine and immunotherapy efficacy and immunization programme logistics. http://research.ucc.ie/profiles/C019/annemoore


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