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The CGD's Response to COVID-19


The global pandemic Covid-19 is having a huge impact on the lives of people in many and varied ways across the world. As well as the direct health effects, there are enormous economic and social impacts; all of these are further increasing already major inequalities within and between countries. The CGD is established within UCC to harness and encourage collective engagement on major global development challenges building on the expertise and interest of UCC staff and students. The CGD is responding to covid-19 both through direct engagement by CGD members (e.g. in research activities) and by bringing together resources to provide a greater understanding of the immediate and long-term development implications of the pandemic.


This webpage is intended to draw together a range of resources to enhance awareness of the diverse impacts of and responses to covid-19, with a particular focus on the global dimension. The resources comprise materials and outputs provided by UCC staff and students, information and perspectives provided by outside collaborators, and key international resources (e.g. from U.N. agencies) highlighting actual and projected impacts and responses by the international community. 

Centre for Global Development