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Prof Jonathan Stock


Name: Prof Jonathan Stock


Role: Professor

Academic Unit: Music

Jonathan Stock's research is mostly concerned with the sustenance and transformation of East Asian cultural traditions in contemporary, global settings. His work also touches on fieldwork methods, research ethics, music education, interdisciplinary and collaborative research, and issues of public sector research/applied ethnomusicology.

Thematic Expertise

Ethnomusicology; Intangible Cultural Heritage; Indigeneity; Cultural Traditions; Ethics

Geographical Expertise

China, Taiwan, Britain

Relevant Projects

Mentor on an Irish Research Council and European Research Council "CAROLINE" co-funded three-year postdoctoral fellowship, 2017-20 (held by Dr L. Qian), entitled ''Applying Cultural Heritage as a Means of Sustainable Development: Voices of Women Culture Bearers in Yunnan, China''. 



Reflections on Music in Daily Life: A Case Study from the Indigenous Bunun of Buklavu, Taiwan. [Monograph: currently under review]

‘’Four Recurring Themes in Histories of Chinese Music’’, in The Cambridge History of World Music, ed. Philip V. Bohlman, 397-415. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (2013).

‘’Peripheries and Interfaces: The Western Impact on Other Musics,’’ in Anthony Pople and Nicholas Cook, eds., Cambridge History of Twentieth-Century Music. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (2004), 18-39.

World Sound Matters: An Anthology of Music from Around the World. London: Schott (1996). Three-volume package: Transcriptions (96pp.), Teachers Manual (iv + 108pp.), Pupils Questions (60pp.) and 2-CD set.

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