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Dr Michael Mansfield


Name: Dr Michael Mansfield


Role: Emeritus Professor

Academic Unit: Physics

Lecturer and Associate Professor, UCC Physics Dept. 1978-2008.

Emeritus Professor 2008 -present.

Chairman Cork Singida Partnership

Thematic Expertise

Support of development projects

Geographical Expertise

Singida region of Tanzania

Relevant Projects

The Cork Singida Partnership supports development projects in the Singida region of Tanzania, in particular for Makiungu Hospital The website  (soon to be updated) describes the partnership.

Funds are provided by about 100 UCC staff who have a total of about 1900 per month deducted from their salaries. As a registered charity the Partnership claims back tax paid on donations.

Projects supported in the past year have been the provision of a new incinerator for the hospital, funds to provide equipment for Laboratory, Theatre and Physiotherapy and funds to provide capacity building for a new management team.



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