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Examinership: The Irish Rescue Process 30 Years Later

6 Mar 2020
Four Courts Dublin by Kieran Lynam. License:

UCC company law academic and JCOERE Project PI, Professor Irene Lynch Fannon writes an inside story for INSOL Europe, relfecting on the Irish examinership process as it reaches it's 30th year since induction.

In 1990, Ireland introduced a rescue process which reflects all of the main components of the Preventive Restructuring Directive (1023/2019). This procedure was originally contained in a larger scheme of corporate law reform and consolidation designed in the late 1980s, but the rescue process was extracted and passed hurriedly in September 1990 to respond to a crisis in the Irish beef industry. This first outing of what was called the Examinership process was a spectacular success leading to the rescue of the Goodman Group. The remainder of the original legislation was passed later in 1990. The Examinership process contains all of the key features in the Directive as explained by Professor Irene Lynch Fannon.

Read the story here on INSOL Europe's website, or download the story here: Inside Story Irish Examinership.

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