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ELPIN project successfully delivers 2 year programme of workshops

15 Sep 2021
Photo taken at the first ELPIN workshop in February 2020.

ELPIN (Ethics, Law and Pregnancy in Ireland Network) is a Wellcome Trust funded research project which has been led by the UCC School of Law, with Dr Claire Murray as PI. 

ELPIN has engaged with a wide range of academics across different disciplines, as well as women’s health/reproductive rights advocates and health professionals. Its broad range of participants has captured the complexities of pregnancy and childbirth and has provided network members with opportunities to share expertise and develop the skills and knowledge to best address emerging ethical and legal questions in this field

Whilst it was initially planned to have three in-person workshops for network members from across Ireland and the UK in 2020, the project moved online in early 2020 and this allowed it to expand beyond the original schedule of events.  ELPIN has facilitated a total of 9 workshops, all but one being online.  The project was extremely fortunate to have attracted a range of national and international experts and guest speakers in various academic fields and the workshops have covered topics relating to birth choices, reproductive justice, consent, capacity and decision making, and access to termination of pregnancy services post repeal of the 8th Amendment.

Commenting on the project, Dr Claire Murray, ELPIN PI, said:

The enthusiasm from the network members and guest speakers to contribute to the workshops, to share knowledge and expertise, and to enhance the discourse in this important area has been remarkable, especially given the challenges over the last 18 months.  A key objective of the network was to provide a supportive space for members to engage in discussions around the emerging ethical and legal questions relating to pregnancy and childbirth in Ireland from a position which highlights the importance of agency, autonomy and dignity. I believe that ELPIN has achieved that aim and that the connections developed through ELPIN will continue to enrich the work being done in this field once the funded project has officially ended.

A concluding event is planned in the middle of October to provide an opportunity for all network members to engage with colleagues and to further facilitate the development of lasting collaborations and links.  More information on the workshops and the network can be found at 

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