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History Seminar

7 Oct 2015
History Seminar
Professor Gavin Foster of Concordia University Montreal 
 "Trench Coats and Top Hats: The Sartorial Manifestations of Politics and Status during and after the Irish Civil War.” 
Venue:  Seminar Room, Tyrconnell. 
Time:  4 pm
Date:  8 October 2015
Gavin Foster (PhD, University of Notre Dame, 2009) is an historian of modern Ireland whose work has focused on the interaction between republicanism, political violence, social conflict, social status, and popular culture in the Irish revolution, specifically its final civil war phase c. 1922-23.  He has just published  The Irish Civil War and Society: Politics, Class, and Conflict (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015):

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