New Success Zone module: ‘Success: It’s in your Nature’

2 Dec 2021

Success: it’s in your nature is a new Canvas module aiming at promoting wellbeing through nature in our students and staff. 

Are you convinced that being in nature can help you to improve your wellbeing? If yes, you will find great opportunities in the Success: It's in your nature Success Zone module, and if no, hopefully this resource will convince you!

Success: it’s in your nature is a new Canvas module aiming at promoting wellbeing in our students and staff, as well as Graduate Attributes by highlighting the variety of opportunities to enjoy the nature benefits in UCC. Created by Green Campus, Graduate Attributes, Envirosoc, and the School of Applied Psychology, in collaboration with many staff and students, is it based on the strong evidence that opportunities for meaningful nature contact are beneficial for our wellbeing.

Success: it’s in your nature showcases these opportunities, including the Open Arboretum, the looped walks around campus, how to walk mindfully, how to look for art in nature, and more. For each activity, students will find out how to relate the experience of nature to the development of their Graduate Attributes, for example they may learn about the Community Garden, where is it, how to get involved, and the opportunity to become more socially responsible by respecting nature and ensuring it flourishes. They are invited to shared their experiences via social media (e.g. by @ucc_community_gardens) and to test their knowledge with the Success: it’s in your nature Quiz.

Success is about being creative, thinking independently, becoming experts in our different fields, and being socially responsible citizens; nature in UCC can help us achieve all of that. Loving nature means loving ourselves! Check out the Success: it’s in your nature video below


We are looking forward to getting you involved, if you have an initiative or activity to propose email or graduateattributes@ucc.e