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There are 5 distinctive pillars of SCENARIO around which we base our activities:


SCENARIO's strategic priorities are reflected in the  RECOMMENDATIONS FOR A PERFORMATIVE TEACHING, LEARNING AND RESEARCH CULTURE which arose from the 6th Scenario Forum Symposium (21-22 September 2018).

The German version of the recommendations can be accessed here: EMPFEHLUNGEN ZUR FÖRDERUNG EINER PERFORMATIVEN LEHR-, LERN- UND FORSCHUNGSKULTUR


Call for Papers



Scenario Forum Conference 2020


Going Performative in Education

International Perspectives, Transcultural Contexts, Modes of Practice

University College Cork, Ireland, 21-24 May 2020

What exactly does it mean to go performative in education? The third SCENARIO Conference will revolve around new and existing connections and collaborations between educational sectors and the performative arts.

We welcome contributions from scholars, teacher trainers, teachers as well as artists and practitioners in education, arts-based disciplines and professional fields of practice. These can be in the form of 25-minute papers, 90-minute workshops, short films, performance pieces and poster presentations (forms not listed here may also be considered).The contributions should touch on one or more of the following aspects:

  • Potentials and challenges of performative teacher training
  • The roles of teachers and learners in performative pedagogy
  • Discipline-specific performative teaching and learning
  • Interdisciplinary orientations in performative education
  • Inter/transcultural education and the performative arts
  • Performative research: Past, current and future research projects
  • Theoretical perspectives on performative pedagogy, approaches and practices
  • Visionary perspectives: Cultivating performative teaching and learning at all levels of education

Proposals in either English or German ought to consist of an abstract (max. 250 words) and a short bio (max. 75 words). Please send your proposal by November 30, 2019 to The selection panel will meet soon after this date and inform selected contributors in due course.

It is envisaged that selected papers will be published in either SCENARIO journal or in the SCENARIO book series. For details on the SCENARIO project as well as on previous symposia and conferences, see

The conference is organised by the Departments of German, Theatre and Education at University College Cork (UCC).

Organising Team: 

Susanne Even (Indiana University, Bloomington), Siobhán Dowling, Dragan Miladinović, Manfred Schewe, Fionn Woodhouse (University College Cork)



Department of German & Department of Theatre – University College Cork

Scenario Editorial Office, Department of German, Alfred O'Rahilly Building, Main Campus, University College Cork,