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GLOSSARY: Performative Arts – Drama & Theatre in Education


Please note:

The digital German-English/English-German version of the glossary presented below serves as a point of reference for translations into other languages. In this version, special consideration was given to the specifics of German and English-speaking countries, for example, by making explicit reference to the disciplines of Theaterpädagogik (theatre pedagogy) and Drama & Theatre in Education. As we work on versions in other languages, terms from other culture-specific traditions will be added, making the glossary increasingly inter- and transnational. With this project we comply with European requirements for Open Science. Users worldwide will be able to access the terminological data via FAIRTERM, a web application designed specifically for the storage of multilingual terminological data. It is envisaged to make the data available also via user-friendly apps in the future. 

Manfred Schewe & Florian Vaßen

With this bilingual (English-German/German-English) glossary we aim to create an awareness of the rich diversity of international performative practices, especially in the fields of Theaterpädagogik (theatre pedagogy) and Drama in Education/Theatre in Education, ranging from Bertolt Brecht's Learning Play via Augusto Boal's Rainbow of Desire and Keith Johnstone's Impro to Process Drama*; from drama as a school subject via drama as a method, for example in the field of foreign languages, to performative practices in extracurricular and sociocultural contexts, at professional theatres and in social fields. It also covers some of the basic terminology used in performance art, music and dance theatre, media theatre, puppet and mask theatre. In this sense, the glossary represents an attempt to conceptualize the complexity of practices shaped by the performative arts. The performative turn, driven by developments in theatre, linguistics, and also gender studies, is a paradigm shift in the humanities and social sciences that has impacted on many disciplines, including education. It should be noted that in German-speaking parts of the world, Theaterpädagogik (theatre pedagogy) is the common, widely used term, even though in fields such as foreign language education or therapy/psychology, terms such as Dramapädagogik (drama pedagogy) or Dramatherapie (drama therapy) are utilized; the terms Angewandtes Theater (Applied Theatre) and more recently also Theatervermittlung (theatre mediation) are now frequently employed, and increasing reference is also made to Performatives Lehren, Lernen und Forschen (Performative Teaching, Learning and Research).

As this project has emerged from the culturally specific fields we referred to above, and with its emphasis on collaboration specifically in English-German/German-English speaking contexts, it has a Eurocentric starting point. However, the project also aims at enabling collaboration across different countries using English as a lingua franca, especially with colleagues from regions outside Europe and North America. As users, we imagine drama & theatre in education practitioners who, in a transcultural context, conduct workshops with either a German-speaking or English-speaking group, such as pupils or students. Let us give two conceivable practical examples: 

A German Theaterpädagogin (theatre pedagogue) leads a workshop for an English-speaking group of university students of theatre. Her plan is to focus on a performance-oriented project that temporarily interrupts, disturbs and unsettles everyday actions and perceptions of the participants. The goal is to work towards a performance as alive event, i.e. the project is about the presence of the actors in the presence of spectators and their different experiences.

An Irish Drama in Education facilitator runs a workshop for German secondary schoolteachers. She focuses on process drama and involves the teachers in the creation of an imaginary dramatic world within which issues are articulated and embodied. In the course of constructing the drama, the workshop facilitator uses dramatic techniques to layer more dramatic tension and complexity into the work.

The activities in the first workshop are bound to run more smoothly if the facilitator is familiar with specific English language terms that relate to performance-based work; similarly, the facilitator of the second workshop would benefit greatly if she were able to use German terms that help to explain the characteristics of process drama and specific dramatic techniques.

Moreover, both facilitators would clearly benefit from a knowledge of terms that are frequently used in instructions and in the evaluation of workshop-related experiences. We hope that this glossary might become a useful source of reference for anyone who plans to facilitate a workshop in a bilingual/transcultural setting.

We are aware that the German-English or the English-German translations are only an aid and cannot replace differentiated intercultural/transcultural reflections that can be facilitated at conferences and in research projects.** However, we hope that our alphabetically ordered list might nevertheless be useful and serve as a reference point for further research and practice. Colleagues could also draw on this source in their discussions about the basic and key terminology that students in BA/MA/PhD programmes of drama and theatre-related (sub)disciplines are expected to develop in the course of their studies. We accept a certain schematism, which is inherent in all such glossaries, in the hope that the linguistic barriers in the drama- and theatre-based pedagogical cooperation of German- and English-speaking team members and participants will be reduced. As a review has shown, the common translation aids on the internet, such as DeepL, Linguee, Leo, Pons, are in no way sufficient for the translation of drama- and theatre-related specific terms and expressions.

The comparison between German and English terminology made us aware of how strongly the respective theatre, cultural and political tradition impacts the translation work and, consequently, can cause significant challenges for translators. We have therefore attempted to give a more detailed explanation of a few terms in the endnote section. While translating, however, we also experienced that this complex process has not only made visible the cultural differences between German and English speaking countries and, accordingly, different understandings in the area of theatre/theatre pedagogy, but has also given us a new perspective on our own theoretical understanding and performative practice. This glossary consists of approx. 3000 specific terms that are related to the fields of drama/theatre in education, general pedagogy, the theory of drama and theatre, stage technology, and also of general terms, designations and expressions that are used in theatre work. It is based on standard reference works, dictionaries, manuals, key texts and descriptions of practice. Nevertheless, it represents a subjective selection as it is based on our personal drama- and theatre-related professional experience. Before publication, we presented this glossary to experts, colleagues and friends and asked them to suggest additions and deletions, add comments and give further hints. We would like to thank all of them for their support.***

* As a teaching methodology, process drama developed primarily from the work of Dorothy Heathcote, Gavin Bolton, Mike Fleming and other leading practitioners. Eucharia Donnery and Erika Piazzoli, for example, continue to focus in their work on the artistry of process drama in second language education.

** The International Glossary Project was initiated by the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Spiel & Theater e.V. around 2015. At several meetings held in Berlin the participants agreed to intensify the collaboration with colleagues in English speaking countries, and to organise events that would bring colleagues from different countries together, including the 4th Scenario Symposium in 2016 (see report: and the conference at University College Cork in 2019 ( see report:, followed by a conference in Salzburg in 2021 that laid the foundations for PAC, the new international association for Performing Arts in Contexts. The 1st Annual Meeting of PAC entitled Perspectives in_between Spaces was hosted at the University of Zurich (13-16 October 2022). 

*** Annie Ó Breacháin, Peadar Donohoe, Mike Fleming, Ger Fitzgibbon, Helen Hallissey, Stefanie Giebert, Erika Piazzoli, Tríona Stokes as well as Matthias Dreyer, Ute Handwerg, Ulrike Hentschel, Ole Hruschka, Gerd Koch, Christoph Lutz-Scheuerle, Tania Meyer, Friedhelm Roth-Lange, Mira Sack and Michael Wrentschur.

We would like to add a special Thank You to colleagues in University College Cork (UCC) for their invaluable support: Aoife Coffey and Deborah Thorpe for the time-consuming compilation of the Excel Sheets that served as a basis for the online presentation of the English-German glossary; Maurice Ryder for his expert advice and being so generous with his time to guide us through UCC's Content Management System.

Abbreviations and Legend of Symbols 

  • drama     = dr.  / Drama   = Dr.

  •  stage       = st.  / Bühne    = B. 

  • rehearsal = re. / Probe     = Pr.  

  • theatre     = th.  / Theater = th.

  •          →    = reference to another term / Verweis auf eine andere Bezeichnung 


English German Footnote
ability → capability   Fähigkeit → Können  
absorption   Aufnahme   
abstract (verb)   abstrahieren  
abstract (adjective)   abstrakt   
abstract (noun)   Abstrakt   
accent accentuate  Akzent   
  accentuation→ emphasis → stress  Akzentuierung, Emphase, Betonung  
accidental → coincidential   zufällig   
acclamation   Akklamation   
acoustics   Akustik   
acrobat   Akrobat*in   
acrobatic   akrobatisch → artistisch  
  acrobatics Akrobatik  
act   agieren, handeln  
  act  Akt, Aufzug   
  act curtain  Aktvorhang   
  acting  schauspielen → spielen → Schauspielkunst  
  acting school → school of acting → Schauspielschule   
  dr. school    
  acting student Schauspielstudent*in   
  acting techniques schauspielerische Mittel  
  action → plot  Aktion → Handlung → Geschehen → Plot  
  action art  Aktionskunst  
  action narration Erzählung des Handlungsgeschehens  
  descending action absteigende Handlung  
  falling action fallende Handlung  
  physical actions (methods of) physische(n) Handlungen, Methode der  
  rising action ansteigende Handlung  
  action th. → th. Aktionsth.  
  active  aktiv   
  activity Aktivität   
actor/actress   Schauspieler*in   
  actors collective Schauspieler*innenkollektiv   
adapt   bearbeiten   
  adaptation → arrangement Adaption → Adaptation → Bearbeitung  
adequate   angemessen   
adjudication   Urteilsfindung   
  adjudicator Jury-Mitglied   
ad-lib → to extemporise   extemporieren   
administration   Verwaltung   
  administrative director Verwaltungsdirektor*in   
admiration   Bewunderung  
admission   Eintritt  
adoption → appropriation   Aneignung  
advance the scene   die Szene weiterentwickeln  
advantage   Vorteil  
adventure → occurrence   spannendes Erlebnis → Vorfall → Ereignis  
ad spectatores   ad spectatores  
aesthetic   ästhetisch   
  aesthetic competence ästhetische Kompetenz 1
  aesthetic distance ästhetische Distanz  
  aesthetic education → cultural education ästhetische Bildung → kulturelle Bildung 23
  aesthetic value ästhetischer Wert  
  aestheticism Ästhetizismus   
  aesthetics Ästhetik   
affect → feeling   Affekt → Gefühl   
  affected affektiert   
  affective memoir (K.S. Stanislavski) emotionales Gedächtnis (K.S. Stanislawski)  
afterpiece → epilogue   Nachspiel → Epilog  
age of reason → enlightenment   Aufklärung   
agency   Agentur bzw. Handlungsfähigkeit  
agitprop th.   Agitprop-Th. → Arbeiterth.  
aisle   Gang (Teil eines Raums)  
aisthesis → perception   Aisthesis → Wahrnehmung  
alarm system   Alarmvorrichtung   
alexandrine → verse   Alexandriner → Vers  
alienate → defamiliarise   verfremden   
  alienation → defamiliarisation → Verfremdung → Fremdheit  
  alienation effect Verfremdungseffekt (Bertolt Brecht)  
allegory   Allegorie   
alliteration   Alliteration   
allusion   Anspielung   
alter ego   Alter Ego  
alternate   alternieren   
amateur th.   Amateurth. → Laienth. → Laienspiel  
ambiguity   Ambiguität →Mehrdeutigkeit   
amphith.   Amphith.   
amplification   Erweiterung   
anachronism   Anachronismus   
anagnorisis   Anagnorisis → Wiedererkennung  
analogy   Analogie   
analytical dr.   analytisches Dr.  
anecdote   Anekdote   
animal fable → fable   Tierfabel → Fabel  
  animal archetype Tier-Archetyp   
animation   Animation   
announce   ankündigen → annoncieren → ansagen  
  anouncement Ankündigung   
  anouncer → conferencier Ansager*in   
antagonist → counterplayer   Antagonist*in → Gegenspieler*in  
anthology   Anthologie   
anticipation → foreshadowing   Antizipation → Vorausdeutung → Vorgriff  
anticlimax   Antiklimax   
antihero/antiheroine   Antiheld*in   
antiillusionist th.   antiillusionistisches Th.  
antique th.   antikes Th.  
antith.   Antith.   
antithesis   Antithese   
apology   Apologie   
aphorism   Aphorismus   
  aphoristic aphoristisch   
applause   Applaus → Beifall  
  applause protocol for the actors Applausordnung (für die Schauspieler*innen)  
  final applause Schlussapplaus   
  scene applause Szenenapplaus   
application   Anwendung   
applied dr. → applied th. → dr./th.   applied th. → angewandtes Th. 4
apply   anwenden, auftragen (z.B. Schminke)  
appropriation → adoption   Aneignung   
apprentice   Lehrling →Auszubildende/r  
archaism   Archaismus   
archetype   Archetyp   
archives   Archiv   
areas of specialisation in th. pedagogy   Arbeitsfelder der Th.pädagogik  
arena   Arena → Arenab.  
argument   Streitgespräch   
  argumentation Argumentation   
aria   Arie   
aristotelic th.   aristotelisches Th.  
arrangement   Arrangement   
articulation   Artikulation   
art of spectating   Zuschaukunst   
  art th. Kunstth.   
artifact   Kunstwerk   
artificial light → light   Kunstlicht → Licht   
  artificiality Künstlichkeit   
artist   Künstler*in   
  artist-centred dr. Künstlerdr.   
  artistic means Kunstmittel   
  artistic research → performative research künstlerisches Forschen → szenisches Forschen  
  artistry Artistik   
arts ensemble   Ensemble der Künste  
as if situation   „als-ob“ → Als-Ob-Situation  
assemblage   Assemblage → Aufbau → Gefüge  
assembly line → treadmill   Laufband/laufendes Band  
aside   A-part-Sprechen → Beiseitesprechen  
assess→ assessment   bewerten/Bewertung   
  assessment criteria Bewertungskriterien   
assistant director   Regieassistent*in   
associate   assoziieren   
  association  (gedankliche) Assoziation bzw. im Sinne von  → Verband  
  association structures Verbandsstrukturen   
atmosphere → mood →tone   Atmosphäre → Stimmung  
      creating an atmosphere eine Atmosphäre schaffen  
attention   Aufmerksamkeit   
attenuate   dämpfen, abschwächen   
attitude   (gedankliche) Haltung  
attributes   Eigenschaften   
  attributes, physical Eigenschaften, körperliche  
audience → recipient   Publikum → Zuschauer*in → Rezipient*in   
  audience address Publikumsanrede   
  audience reaction (evoke, go along with) Publikumsreaktion (hervorbringen, mitgehen)  
  audience research Publikumsforschung   
audition   Vorsprechen  
auditorium   Zuschauerraum → Saal  
  auditorium lights  Saallicht   
authenticity   Authentizität → Echtheit  
author → playwright   Autor*in → B.nautor*in  
  authorship Autorschaft → Urheberschaft   
autobiographical th. → biographical th. → remembrance th.   autobiographisches Th. → biografisches Th. → Erinnerungsth.  
  autobiography Autobiographie   
avantgarde → modernism   Avantgarde   
aware   bewusst  
aware (to make)   bewusst machen  
awareness   Bewusstsein, Aufmerksamkeit   


English German Footnote
back reference   Rückgriff   
background → past history   Hintergrund → Vorgeschichte   
  background scene Szene im Hintergrund   
  background story Rahmenhandlung   
  backlight Licht hinten   
  backlighting Hintergrundbeleuchtung   
  backstage → st. Hinterb. → B.  
  sliding backdrop Schiebekulisse   
balance   Ausgewogenheit   
ballad   Ballade   
  balladeer Bänkelsänger*in   
  ballad-opera → minstrel-song Bänkelsang   
ballet   Ballett   
  ballet-dancer Balletttänzer*in   
ballroom   Ballhaus   
banal   banal   
  banality  Banalität   
band   Orchester   
banner   Banner → Spruchband → Transparent   
bar   Stange (z.B. für Scheinwerfer)   
  bar bells Klingelzeichen für das Publikum bei Beginn/Fortsetzung der Vorstellung  
bare   nüchtern   
baroque   Barock   
  baroque th. Barockth.   
  baroque tragedy barockes Trauerspiel  
basement th.   Kellerth.   
basic situation   Ausgangssituation   
Bauhaus st.   Bauhausb. → B.  
bearing   Körperhaltung → Gangart  
beat   beat   
begin   beginnen, anfangen  
behaviour → presence → bearing   Verhalten → Haltung → Körperhaltung   
bell   Klingel   
  bell sound Klingelzeichen   
belief   Identifikation mit Fiktion/Rolle 5
benefit   Nutzen, Nutzen ziehen, profitieren   
bibliodr.   Bibliodr.   
bill   Rechnung   
biography   Biographie   
biomechanics   Biomechanik   
black box   Black Box  
blackface   mit Schminke ein Gesicht schwärzen, blackfacing  
blackout   black out → völliges Dunkel → Beleuchtung   
black th.   Schwarzes Th.  
blacklight   Schwarzlicht   
  black light th. Schwarzlichtth.   
blank verse   Blankvers   
blocking   Positionierung von Darsteller*innen auf der Bühne   
  blocking re. Stellpr.   
body   Körper   
  body posture → bearing Körperhaltung   
  body language Körpersprache   
  body and movement studies Körper- und Bewegungsstudium   
  body technique Körpertechnik   
bombast   Bombast  
book → script   Buch → Textbuch   
booked, fully   ausgebucht (das Haus/Th. ist voll)   
boom → bar   vertikales Licht  
boulevard dr.    Boulevardth. → Boulevardstück →  
boulevard comedy   Boulevardkomödie   
bourgeois dr. → domestic tragedy   Bürgerliches Trauerspiel → Tragödie   
bow (take a bow after the play)   sich nach der Vorstellung verbeugen  
box → loge   Loge   
bread and games (bread and circuses)   Brot und Spiele   
break → cesura   Unterbrechung → Zäsur  
  breaking of the illusion  Illusionsdurchbrechung   
breath   Atmung/Atem   
  breathing exercises Atemübungen   
  breathing technique → speech training → voice training Atemtechnik → Sprachtraining → Stimmtraining  
breeches role   Hosenrolle   
bridge → walkway   Brücke → Laufsteg  
broadside ballad   Moritat → Bänkelsang   
bucolics   Bukolik   
budget   Budget, Etat   
buffoon → juggler   Gaukler → Buffon   
  buffoonery Buffonerie/Buffonen → Hanswurstiade  
bureau, technical   Büro, technisches  
burlesque   Burleske   
business th. → th. goes business   Unternehmensth. → th. goes business   
by heart → from memory → (to be off book)   auswendig   


English German Footnote
cabaret   Kabarett  
cable   Kabel   
call   Aufruf für die Schauspieler*innen, sich bereit machen  
cancel (a performance)   absagen → absetzen (eine Vorstellung)   
canon   Kanon   
cantata   Kantate   
canvas → screen   Leinwand   
capability → ability   Fähigkeit → Können   
capacity   Kapazität   
caption   Bildunterschrift   
  caption making eine Bildunterschrift erstellen   
caricature   Karikatur   
carnival   Karneval   
career   Karriere → Laufbahn   
cast   Besetzung  
  casting → recast (a role) Rollenbesetzung → Rolle neu besetzen  
catastrophy   Katastrophe   
catchphrase   Schlagwort   
cater to someone → react   eingehen, auf jemanden   
catharsis   Katharsis → Wirkungsästhetik  
catwalk   Laufsteg → Steg   
censorship   Zensur   
centreline   Mittellinie (auf einer B.)   
ceremony   Zeremonie → Ritual   
certificate   Zertifikat   
cesura→ break   Zäsur → Unterbrechung   
chamber play   Kammerspiel   
chamber th.   Zimmerth. → Th.   
change   Veränderung → Wechsel   
  change of cast Umbesetzung   
  change of scene Schauplatzwechsel   
chanson   Chanson   
  chansonnier  Chansonier    
  chansonette Chansonette  
chant   Sprechgesang   
character   Charakter   
  character actor/actress Charakterdarsteller*in  
     character biography Figurenbiografie   
  character comedy Charakterkomödie  
  character constellation Figurenkonstellation  
  character description Personenbeschreibung  
  character dr.  Charakterdr.  
  character, flat Charakter, flacher  
     character, history Geschichte einer Figur   
     character, model Figurenmodell   
  character speech Figurenrede   
  character traits Charaktereigenschaften   
  characterization Charakterisierung   
charge   Charge → Nebenrolle   
charity performance   Benefizvorstellung   
chessboard st.   Schachbrettb.   
to chew the scene   die Szene durcharbeiten   
chief dramaturg   Chefdramaturg*in   
chief electrician   Chefelektriker*in   
chief technician   Chefbeleuchter*in   
child / children   Kind / Kinder   
  child's play Kinderspiel   
childrens and youth th. →   Kinder- und Jugendth. →    
th. for very young audiences   Th. für die Allerkleinsten   
choice of words → words → diction   Wortwahl → Diktion   
choir→ chorus   Chor   
  choir singer Chorsänger*in   
  choir master Chorführer*in   
colloquial language   Umgangssprache   
choral   chorisch   
  choral chant  Chorlied   
  choral speaking → chorus chorisches Sprechen → Sprechchor   
  choral th. chorisches Th.   
choreographer   Choreograph*in   
  choreography Choreographie   
chorus → choir    Chor   
chronicle   Chronik   
circle   Rang   
  circle of life Lebenskreis  6
circular   kreisförmig   
  circular horizon → horizon Rundhorizont → Horizont   
  circular structure Kreisstruktur   
circus   Zirkus   
  circus pedagogy Zirkuspädagogik   
  circus performer Zirkusartist*in   
  circus ring Manege   
citation → quotation   Zitat   
claptrap   Geschwätz   
claque   Claqueur   
clarity   Klarheit   
class (social class)   Klasse (soziale Klasse / Schicht)    
classic   Klassik / klassisch  
  classic author Klassiker*in  
  classic dr. klassisches Drama   
  classicism Klassizismus   
classroom   Klassenzimmer → Th. im Klassenzimmer   
clear   klar   
cliché → stereotype   Klischee   
cliché-like → rhetorical   phrasenhaft   
climax   Klimax → Höhepunkt   
cloakroom   Garderobe (der Zuschauer)   
  cloakroom attendant Garderobier / Garderobière  
cloak and sword play   Mantel- und Degenstück   
close   nahe (Verb) bzw. Abschluss → Ende   
  closed  geschlossen   
  closed form → open form geschlossene Form → offene Form  
  closedness Geschlossenheit (z.B.einer Th.konzeption)   
closet dr.   Lesedr.   
closing statement/closing words   Schlussspruch / Schlussworte   
cloth   Tuch → Stoff   
  clothes Kleider  
  clothing Kleidung → Kostüm  
cloudproducing device   Wolkenapparat   
clown → tomfool → punch   Clown*in → Hanswurst → Kasper   
  clownery / clowning Clownerie   
  clown game Clownsspiel   
co-creation   gemeinsam (kreativ) erschaffenes Arbeitsprodukt    
coherence → context → connection   Zusammenhang → Kohärenz   
coincidence   Zufall → Koinzidenz   
  coincidential → accidental zufällig   
collaboration   Zusammenarbeit   
collage   Collage   
collective   kollektiv / Kollektiv   
  collective character kollektive Charakterdarstellung  7
colloquial language → everyday speech   Umgangssprache → Alltagssprache  
colour   Farbe   
  colour filter Farbfilter   
  coloured farbig   
colportage play   Kolportagestück   
combined use of BVF (body,voice, face)   kombinierter Einsatz von KSG (Körper, Stimme, Gesicht)   
come on down!   Stilwechsel (z.B. in eine Alltagshandlung)  8
comedian   Komiker*in   
comedy   Komödie → Lustspiel   
  comedy of character Charakterkomödie →Typenkomödie   
  comedy of intrigue Intrigenkomödie   
  comedy of manners Sittenkomödie   
  comedy of mistaken identity Verwechslungskomödie   
  comedy of situation Situationskomödie   
  comedy of tears Rührstück   
comic   komisch, das Komische   
  comic opera komische Oper  
  comic song → music hall song B.nlied   
  comics Comics → Bildergeschichten   
Commedia dell’Arte   Commedia dell’Arte → Harlequinade  
commentary   Kommentar   
commissioned play   Auftragsstück   
commitment   Engagement (vertragliches)   
common → ordinary → usual   gewöhnlich   
communication   Kommunikation   
  communication training Kommunikationstraining   
community th.   Community Th. (Th.von Laien / Amateur*innen)  9
company   (Theater-)Gruppe   
compassion → pity   Mitleid   
compère → master of ceremonies   Conferencier → Ansager   
competition   Wettbewerb   
compilation of texts   Kompilation → Zusammenstellung von Texten   
complexity   Komplexität → Vielschichtigkeit   
complication   Komplikation → Schwierigkeit   
compose   komponieren   
  composer Komponist*in   
  composition → pattern Komposition   
concatenation of action   Handlungsverkettung   
concentration   Konzentration   
concise   genau   
  conciseness Prägnanz   
conclude (a contract)   abschließen, einen Vertrag   
conclusion → end   Schlussfolgerung → Ende → Schluss   
concrete   konkret   
conduct   dirigieren   
  conductor Dirigent   
confession   Bekenntnis   
confident   souverän   
configuration   Konfiguration   
confirm   etwas zusagen   
conflict   Konflikt   
  conflict, inner Konflikt, innerer   
connection → coherence → context   Zusammenhang → Verknüpfung → Verbindung   
  connections → relations Beziehung (der Personen)   
conscience alley   Gedankenallee   
conscious   bewusst   
consistency   Konsistenz → Stimmigkeit   
constellation   Konstellation   
construct→setup   aufbauen   
  constructivism Konstruktivismus   
contact improvisation (Steve Paxton)   Kontaktimprovisation   
content   Inhalt   
context   Kontext   
continuity   Kontinuität   
contract   Vertrag   
contradiction   Widerspruch   
contrafacture   Kontrafaktur   
contrast   Kontrast → Gegensatz   
contract   Vertrag   
  contractual vertraglich   
control   Kontrolle   
convention   Konvention   
conventional → unconventional   konventionell → unkonventionell   
conversation   Unterhaltung (Sprechen)   
  conversation piece Konversationsstück   
convulsive   krampfhaft   
cooperate (contribute actively)   mitarbeiten (der Akteur*innen)   
coordinate (with each other)   abstimmen, miteinander   
copy   Kopie   
  copyright  Urheberrecht   
corporeality Körperlichkeit Körperlichkeit → Leiblichkeit 1011
Corpus Christi play   Fronleichnamsspiel   
correspondence Korrespondenz Korrespondenz (Beziehung)   
costume   Kostüm → Kleidung   
  costume design workshop Schneiderei (Werkstatt im Theater)   
  costume designer Kostümbildner*in   
  costume fitting Kostümanprobe   
  costume (get changed) sich umziehen (Kostüm)   
  costume piece / dr. Kostümstück   
  costume re. → re. Kostümpr.   
counter   entgegnen → entgegensetzen → kontern → widersprechen   
  counteraction Gegenhandlung   
  counterplayer → antagonist Gegenspieler → Antagonist   
  counter plot Gegenhandlung   
  counter point Kontrapunkt   
  counter turn gegenläufige Drehung    
coup de théâtre   coup de théâtre → überraschende Wendung   
couplet → st. song   Couplet → Th.lied   
court   Hof   
  court actor/actress Hofschauspieler*in   
  court comedy Hofkomödie   
  court dr. Höfisches Dr. / höfisches Th. / Hofth.  
  court th. Hofth.   
cramping → tightening   Verkrampfung   
create (a role)   kreieren (eine Rolle)   
creative writing   Kreatives Schreiben → creative writing  
crackling noise (from loudspeaker)   Rauschen   
credibility   Glaubwürdigkeit   
crew   Mannschaft → Team   
  crew chief Teamchef   
crime play   Kriminalstück   
crisis   Krise/Krisis   
critic → reviewer   Kritiker*in → Rezensent*in   
cross   kreuzen → durchkreuzen → durchqueren   
  cross cutting Szenenmontage   
  cross light Querlicht   
  cross over (über)kreuzen   
crowd   Masse → Menge   
  crowd direction  Massenregie   
  crowd play Massenspiel   
  crowd scene Massenszene   
crying shame → misery   Jammer   
cue → prompt   Signal → Stichwort  
cult   Kult   
cultural   kulturell   
  cultural education Kulturelle Bildung   
  culture Kultur   
  culture budget → education budget Bildungsetat → Kulturetat   
  cultural performance  cultural performance   
curiosity   Neugierde   
curriculum vitae   Lebenslauf   
curtain   Th.vorhang → Gardine   
  curtain call Applausvorhang   
  curtain music Musik bei geschlossenem Vorhang   
  curtain speech Rede vor dem geschlossenen Vorhang   
  curtains Vorhänge haben (Die Schauspier*innen kommen nach der Vorstellung mehrmals auf die Bühne und verneigen sich)  


English German Footnote
dance   Tanz   
  dance art Tanzkunst   
  dance drama Tanztheater   
  dance macabre Totentanz   
  dance notations Tanznotationen   
  dance of the dead Totentanz   
  dance pedagogy Tanzpädagogik   
  dance step Tanzschritt   
  dance studies Tanzwissenschaft   
  dance teacher Tanzlehrer*in   
  dance th. Tanzth.   
  dance, expressive Ausdrucksstanz   
  dance, free → dance, modern freier → moderner Tanz   
  dancer Tänzer*in   
darken → dim   abdunkeln   
date   Termin   
daylight → lighting technology   Tageslicht → Licht  → Beleuchtungstechnik  
debate   Debatte   
debut   Debüt   
  debut performance Erstaufführung   
decadence   Dekadenz   
deception   Täuschung   
declamation   Deklamation   
deconstruction   Dekonstruktion   
decoration   Dekoration   
dedication   Widmung   
defamiliarise → alienate   verfremden   
deixis   Deixis   
defining space   Raum/Spielfläche markieren   
delay   Verzögerung   
delivery   Darbietung → Vortrag (von einem Text)   
demagogy   Demagogie   
democracy   Demokratie   
  democratic leadership demokratische Führung (Maike Plath)  12
denouement   Auflösung   
department   Abteilung   
depersonalised language → language   Sprachfläche   
depersonalised text → text   Textfläche   
depot   Magazin → Lager   
de-roling   aus der Rolle wieder herausführen   
describe   beschreiben   
  description Beschreibung   
desire   Wunsch   
despot → tyrant   Despot → Tyrann   
destiny → fate   Schicksal   
detour → excursion   Abstecher   
deus ex machina/God from the machine   deus ex machina   
development   Entwicklung   
devising th.   devising th. (kollektive Produktionsform)   
diagram   Plan → Grafik → Zeichnung   
digression   Abschweifung   
dialect   Dialekt   
  dialect th. → folk th. Mundartth. → Volksth.   
dialogic   dialogisch   
  dialogue → dialogism Zwiegespräch → Dialog oder → Wechselrede   
  dialogue, inner Dialog, innerer   
diary   Tagebuch   
diction   Diktion → Wortwahl   
didactic   didaktisch  
  didactic th. Didaktisches Th.   
  didacticism Lehrdichtung   
  didactics Didaktik / didaktisch   
diffuse   diffus   
digitalisation   Digitalisierung   
digression   Abschweifung   
dim → darken   dimmen → verdunkeln   
  dimmer Dimmer   
dionysian   dionysisch  
  dionysos cult Dionysoskult   
direct   Regie führen   
  directing inspiration Regieeinfall   
  direction Regie → Regiearbeit   
  director → senior director Regisseur*in → leitende/r Regisseur*in   
  directors th. Regieth.   
  technical director technische/r / künstlerische/r Leiter*in / Direktor*in   
  light direction Lichtregie   
  sound direction Tonregie   
  text direction Textregie   
directorial concept   Regiekonzept/Regiekonzeption   
discourse   Diskurs   
discovery   Entdeckung → Enthüllung   
discussion   Diskussion   
disguise → pretence   Verstellung → Verkleidung   
dissolve (a posture)   auflösen (einer Stellung)   
dissonance   Dissonanz   
distance   Distanz   
  distancing Distanzierung   
distribute (roles)   verteilen (Rollen)   
division   Aufteilung   
dock → scene dock   Fundus   
doctrine classique (classical doctrine)   Doctrine classique  
documentary th.   Dokumentarth./dokumentarisches Th.   
domestic tragedy → bourgeois dr.   Bürgerliches Trauerspiel → Tragödie   
doorman/doorwoman (in the th.)   Pförtner*in (im Th.)   
dose → measure   dosieren   
double   Double   
  double cast Doppelbesetzung   
  double level doppelte Ebene   
  double meaning → ambiguity Doppelsinn   
  double role → dual role Doppelrolle   
down light   Bodenlicht   
down stage   Unterbühne   
draft st. design   B.nbildentwurf   
drama (dr.). → theatre (th.).   Darstellendes Spiel 13
  analytical dr. analytisches Dr.   
  applied dr./th. applied th. → angewandtes Th.   
  artist-centred dr. Künstlerdr.   
  bibliodr. Bibliodr.   
  boulevard dr. Boulevardth. → Boulevardstück  → Boulevardkomödie   
  bourgeois dr. → domestic tragedy Bürgerliches Trauerspiel → Tragödie   
  character dr. Charakterdr.   
  cyclic dr. Dramenzyklus → Zyklus   
  classroom dr. Th. im Klassenzimmer   
  dr., analysis Dramenanalyse  
  dr. school → acting school → school of acting  Schauspielschule   
  melodr. Melodr.   
  philosophical dr. Ideendr.   
  psychodr. Psychodr.   
  royal dr. Königsdr.   
  social dr. soziales Dr.   
  society dr. Gesellschaftsdr.   
  sociodr. Soziodr.   
  station dr. Stationendr.   
  dr. therapy Drama- bzw. Theatertherapie   
  verse dr. Versdr.   
drama in education (DIE) → th. in education (TIE)   Dramapädagogik → Theaterpädagogik 1415
dramatic   dramatisch   
  highly dramatic hochdramatisch  
  dramatic monologue Rollengedicht  
           dramatic playing dramatisches Spiel  
  dramatic realisation szenische Realisierung   
  dramatic text Dramentext   
  dramatic theory Dramentheorie   
dramatis personae → character   dramatis personae → Personenverzeichnis → Figur   
dramatist → playwright   Dramatiker*in → Stückeschreiber*in   
dramatization   Dramatisierung (Zuspitzung) / Dramatisierung (eines Prosatextes)   
dramaturg   Dramaturg*in   
  dramaturgy Dramaturgie   
drapery/draps   Vorhang/Laken   
drastic   Drastik/drastisch   
dream   Traum   
  dream play Traumspiel   
dress   Kleid → Kleidung   
  dress re. → re. Kostümpr.   
  dresser Ankleider*in   
  dressing room → wardrobe Garderobe (der Schauspieler*innen)   
droll   drollig   
drop (curtain)   fallen (Vorhang)   
  drop scene Zwischenvorhang   
draw strings (st. machinery)   Züge (B.maschinerie)   
dual role → double role   Doppelrolle   
duet   Duett   
dummy   Attrappe   
duration   Laufzeit (einer Inszenierung)   
  duration of performance Dauer der Aufführung   


English German Footnote
echo   Echo  
economy   Sparsamkeit (der Mittel)  
editorial   Editorial  
education → training   Ausbildung → Erziehung → musisch-ästhetische Erz.  
education → training   Bildung 16
  aesthetic education ästhetische Bildung  
  cultural education kulturelle Bildung  
  education budget → culture budget Bildungsetat → Kulturetat  
  educational dr. educational dr.  
  educational process Bildungsprozess  
  educational th. Bildungsth.  
easy to understand   leichtverständlich  
effect   Wirkung  
  effects → special effects Effekte → Spezialeffekte  
effort   Anstrengung  
electrician   Elektriker*in  
  electricity Elektrik / Elektrizität  
  electricity supply Stromversorgung  
elegant   elegant  
elegy   Elegie  
elements of drama   Bauelemente des Dramas bzw. Drama-Unterrichts 17
eleos   Eleos  
Elizabethan Th.   Elisabethanisches Th.  
ellipse / ellipsis   Ellipse → Auslassung  
elocution   Sprecherziehung  
eloquence   Eloquenz  
emancipation   Emanzipation  
embodiment → personification   Verkörperung  
emergency lighting   Notbeleuchtung  
empathy   Einfühlung → Empathie  
  empathy-related questions Einfühlungsfragen  
  empathy technique Einfühlungstechnik  
emphasis → accentuation → stress   Betonung → Emphase → Nachdruck  
  emphatic emphatisch  
enact → act → perform   schauspielen → handeln → darstellen  
enblem   Enblem  
energy   Energie  
  matching energy Anpassen von Energie  
  working off (each others energy) sich gegenseitig mit Energie versorgen  
engagement   Engagement (Einsatz für etwas)  
  engaged literature Engagierte Literatur  
enjambement   Enjambement → Zeilensprung  
ensemble   Ensemble  
en suite   En Suite  
entanglement (in plot)   Verwicklung (in der Handlung)  
enter   auftreten  
entertainer   Entertainer*in → Unterhalter*in  
  entertainment Unterhaltung  
  entertainment th. Unterhaltungsth.  
entr’acte   Zwischenspiel  
entrance   Eintritt  
  entrance fee Eintrittspreis  
  entrance of an actor Auftritt (eines/r Schauspieler*in)  
environment   Umfeld → Umgebung  
  environmental th. (Richard Schechner) environmental th. → Partizipatives Th.  
epic   episch  
  epic poem  Epos  
  epic poetry  Epik   
  epic th. episches Th. (Bertolt Brecht)  
epigonality   Epigonalität  
epigram   Epigramm  
epilogue → after speech   Epilog → Nachspiel  
episode   Episode  
epitaph   Epitaph  
epization   Episierung  
equipment   Ausstattung  
error → mistake   Fehler → Irrtum  
esoteric   esoterisch  
essay   Essay  
establish   gründen, etablieren  
ethics   Ethik  
ethos   Ethos  
euphemism   Euphemismus  
evening duty   Abenddienst/Abendregie  
event   Event → Ereignis  
everyday speech → colloquial language   Alltagssprache → Umgangssprache  
evoke (audience reaction)   hervorrufen (eine Reaktion beim Publikum)  
exaggerated   überzogen → übertrieben  
example/exemplum   Exempel → Gleichnis  
excerpts → extracts → selection → fragments   Exzerpte → Auszüge → Auswahl → Fragment  
exciting moment   erregendes Moment  
exclamation   Ausruf → Apostrophe  
excursus   Exkurs  
exercise   Übung  
exile th.   Exilth.  
exit (noun)    1. Ausgang (aus einem Raum/Gebäude)  
    2. Abgang (eines/r Schauspieler*in)  
exit (verb) (go off stage)    abgehen (von der Bühne) → abtreten  
exotism   Exotismus  
experience   Erfahrung  
  experience, aesthetic Erfahrung, ästhetische  
  experiential pedagogy Erlebnispädagogik  
experiment   Experiment  
  experimental th. Experimentalth.  
exposition   Exposition → Einleitung  
  exposing scene einführende Szene  
exposure   Entlarvung  
expression   Ausdruck → Darstellung  
  expression, facial Ausdruck, mimischer  
  expressive dance Ausdruckstanz → Tanz  
extemporaneous   extemporierend  
  extemporise → ad-lib extemporieren → Sprechen ohne Textvorlage  
external   äußerlich  
extra   Komparse  
extracts → excerpts → selection→ fragment   Auszüge → Exzerpte → Auswahl → Fragment  
eye focus   Blickpunkt  


English German Footnote
fable   Fabel (literarische Gattung)  
  animal fable Tierfabel  
face   Gesicht  
  face to face communication  Face-to-Face-Kommunikation  
  facial expression → mimic  Mimik  
  facial mask  Gesichtsmaske  
  facing forwards  en face  
fade   ausblenden  
fail (failing of a performance)   durchfallen (eine Inszenierung fällt durch)  
fair   Jahrmarkt → Jahrmarktb.  
  fairy play  Märchendr.  
  fairy tale Märchen  
  fairy tale based dr. Märchendr.  
  performance of a fairy tale Märchenaufführung  
faithfulness   Werktreue  
fall (out of character)   fallen (aus der Rolle)  
family tragedy → tragedy   Familientragödie → Tragödie  
farce   Farce → Schwank → Posse  
fascination   Faszination  
fate → destiny   Schicksal  
  dr. of fate → tragedy of fate Schicksalsdr. → Schicksalstragödie  
fear and misery → fright and pity   Furcht und Mitleid → Schrecken und Jammer → Phobos und Eleos  
feat / feat of art   Kunststück  
feature → radio play   Feature → Hörspiel  
fee   Honorar  
feedback → response   Feedback → Reaktion → Rückmeldung  
feel → sense   empfinden → fühlen  
  feeling → sensation Gefühle → Affekte → Empfindungen  
  mixed feelings Gefühle, gemischte  
Feldenkrais-Method   Feldenkrais Methode  
feminist th.   feministisches Th.  
feminist th. pedagogy   feministische Th.pädagogik  
festival   Festival, Fest  
  festival of amateur and school th.  Festival der Amateur- und Schulth.  
  festival th.  Festspiel / Festspielhaus  
feuilleton   Feuilleton  
fiction   Fiktion  
  fictionality Fiktionalität  
figure   Figur → dramatis personae  
  figuration  Figuration  
  figurative meaning Übertragen  
  figure of speech Sprachfigur  
  figurine Figurine  
fill (a role / the space)   ausfüllen (eine Rolle/den Raum)  
  fill (the space) füllen (den Raum)  
film → movie   Film  
  filmic filmisch  
filter   Filter  
final   Finale  
  final applause Schlussapplaus  
  finality Finalität  
  final performance Abschiedsvorstellung  
finger language   Fingersprache  
figurative → imagery → pictoriality   Bildlichkeit  
fire   Feuer  
  fire curtain Brandschutzvorhang  
  fire exit Notausgang  
  fire extinguisher Feuerlöscher  
  fire protection Brandschutz → Feuerschutz  
first-aid box   Verbandskasten  
first night   Premiere  
first person narrative   Ich-Form  
fitting (of costume)   Anprobe  
five act structure   Fünfaktigkeit  
flashback   Rückblende  
fly system   Schnürboden 18
floor (of the st.)   Boden (der B.)  
floor st. → st.   Etagenb.  
floodlight → headlight → tracking light   Schlaglicht → Flutlicht → Fluter  
fluorescence   Leuchtkraft  
flyer → leaflet   Flugblatt  
focus   Focus → Brennpunkt → Mittelpunkt  
fog → mist   Nebel (auf der B.)  
folk   Volk, volkstümlich  
  folk actor Volksschauspieler*in  
  folk ballad Volksballade  
  folk dr. Volksstück  
  folk form volkstümliche Form  
  folk st. → st. Volksb. → Volksth.  
  folklore → popular art  Folklore → Volkskunst  
  folksong  Volkslied  
follow spot   Verfolgungsscheinwerfer  
fool   Narr/Närrin  
force (a style of playing)   forcieren (eine Spielweise)  
foreshadowing → anticipation   Vorausdeutung  
fore st. → st.   Vorderbühne  
(seems) forced / artificial   aufgesetzt (es wirkt)  
foreword → preamble   Vorwort → Präambel  
form   Form  
  form of discourse Redeweisen  
  form of address Anredeform  
formalism   Formalismus  
formation → education   Bildung → Kulturelle Bildung  
Forum Th. (Augusto Boal)   Forumth.  
fourth wall   Vierte Wand  
foyer   Foyer  
  foyer conversation Foyergespräch  
fragment → extracts → excerpts → selection   Fragment → Auszüge → Exzerpte → Auswahl  
free verse   freie Rhythmen  
freeze   einfrieren → freeze  
frency → madness   Raserei → Wahnsinn  
fright → shock → phobos   Schrecken → Schock → Phobos  
fright and pity → fear and misery   Furcht und Mitleid → Schrecken und Jammer → Phobos und Eleos  
from book → by heart   auswendig  
front light → light → lighting technology   Vorderlicht → Licht → Lichttechnik  
front th. → st.   Frontth.  
frenzy → madness   Wahnsinn → Raserei  
full   voll  
  full evening (programme/play) abendfüllend (ein Th.stück)  
  full house volles Haus (volles Th.)  
  full stage ganze Bühne  
fund   fördern, unterstützen; Fond  
fun → funniness → comicality   Spaß → Komik  
funny person   komische Person  
furniture   Möbel  
future   Zukunft  
  future-focused workshop Zukunftswerkstatt  


English German Footnote
gag → joke   Witz   
gala performance   Galavorstellung   
game   Spiel   
garden th. → hedge th. → th.     Gartenth. → Heckenth.  
gauze    Gaze   
general manager   Generalintendant*in   
gender performance     gender performance  
genre   Gattung   
  dramatical genre   dramatische Gattung  
  genre theory Gattungstheorie   
German as a Foreign Language (GFL)   Deutsch als Fremdsprache (DaF)  
gesticulate   gestikulieren   
gestural   gestisch   
  gesture/gestus   Geste → Gestus → Gestik → Gebärde  
get into/get familiar with (a role)     hineinkommen (in eine Rolle)  
get stuck (forgot text)   hängen bleiben (Text vergessen)   
get stuck in a role   hineinknien (sich in eine Rolle)   
  getting in the set   Baupr. → Pr.  
ghetto th.   Ghettoth.   
gibberish   Kauderwelsch   
give shape   ausgestalten   
goal   Ziel   
go along with (reaction of audience)   mitgehen (Reaktion des Publikums)   
gong   Gong   
gossip mill   Gerüchteküche   
grand guignol   Grand Guignol   
grant → approve   bewilligen   
grandstand   Tribüne   
grotesque   grotesk, Groteske   
group   Gruppe   
  group work  Gruppenarbeit   
  group th.    Gruppenth.  
Guerilla Th. (San Francisco Mime Troupe)   Guerilla Th.   
guest (be a) → visit   gastieren   
  guest / visiting performance Gastspiel   
guided imagery   Phantasiereise   
guilt   Schuld   


English German Footnote
habitual gestures     gewohnheitsmäßige Gesten  
habitus   Habitus   
hamartia   Hamartie, Hamartia   
hand puppet → puppet   Handpuppe → Puppe  
happening   Happening   
happy end     Happy End  
harlequin     Arlequin / Arlecchino → Harlequin  
harmonious sound → melodious   Wohlklang   
hedge th. → garden th.     Heckenth. → Gartenth.  
hermetic   hermetisch   
hero/heroine     Held*in → Heros/Heroine  
  heroic tragedy Heldentragödie   
highly dramatic   hochdramatisch   
high-pitched tone   hoher Ton  
high status     hoher Status  
hint → intimation   Andeutung   
historical dr. → history dr.     Historisches Dr. → Geschichtsdr.  
historicity   Historizität   
historisation   Historisierung   
historism   Historismus   
history → past history     Historie → Geschichte  
  history of pedagogy   Geschichte der Pädagogik  
  history of social pedagogy Geschichte der Sozialpädagogik   
  history of th. pedagogy Geschichte der Th.pädagogik   
  history play → chronical play Geschichtsdr. → Historisches Dr. → Historienspiel   
histrio (actor), histriones (actors)     Histrio, Histriones  
hold     Unterbrechung des Redens während des Applauses   
honour   Ehre   
horizon → cyclorama   Horizont → Rundhorizont   
hot spot   Hotspot → Brennpunkt (des Geschehens)   
house → playhouse   Haus → Schauspielhaus  
  full house volles Haus (volles Th.)   
  house lights   Beleuchtung im Zuschauer*innenraum  
  house rules Hausordnung   
humanimal   Menschtier   
humanist th./humanist dr.   Humanistenth./Humanistendr.   
humoresque   Humoreske   
humour   Humor   
  humouristic humoristisch   
hydraulic platform     Hebeb. → B.  
hymn → song of praise   Loblied → Lobgesang Hymne  
hyperbole     Hyperbel → Übertreibung  


English German Footnote
iamb/iambus   Jambus  
incongruity   Unstimmigkeit  
iconicity   Ikonizität  
idea   Einfall  
  get an idea einen Einfall haben  
identification   Identifikation  
identity   Identität  
idyll   Idylle  
illuminate (the st.)   ausleuchten (die B.)  
  illumination Beleuchtung (B.) → Illumination  
illusionary th.   Illusionsth.  
image → picture   Bild  
  imagery → pictoriality→ figurative Bildlichkeit → Bildersprache  
  imagination Imagination → Phantasie  
  imagine sich etwas vorstellen  
imitate   imitieren → nachspielen  
  imitation Imitation → Nachahmung → Mimesis  
immediacy   Unmittelbarkeit  
immersion (in a text)   Versenkung (in einen Text)  
impersonal → personal   unpersönlich  
impresario → manager   Impresario  
impro   Stegreif  
  impro (Keith Johnstone) Impro (nach Keith Johnstone)  
improvisation   Improvisation  
  individual improvisation individuelle Improvisation  
  paired improvisation Improvisation in Partnerarbeit  
  small-group improvisation Improvisation in Kleingruppe  
  whole-group improvisation Improvisation in Großgruppe  
  improvise improvisieren  
in the round   Sitzanordnung rund um die B.  
independent th. → off off th.   Freies Th. → Freie Gruppen  
indicate   anzeigen → hinweisen  
individualisation   Individualisierung  
individuality   Individualität  
individuation   Individuation  
influence   Einfluss  
information (sharing of)   Informationen (Vermittlung von)  
inhibition (while playing)   Hemmung (beim Spielen)  
initiation   Initiation → Initiierung → Beginn / Eröffnung  
insert   Beilage  
insertion   Einschub  
inservice training   Fortbildung → Weiterbildung  
inset   kleine Szene, eingefügt in eine größere  
inspiration   Inspiration  
installation (art object)   Installation (Kunstobjekt)  
institution th. → th.   Institution Th.  
instructions   Vorschriften → Anweisungen  
instrument   Instrument  
intensity   Intensität  
interaction   Interaktion  
intercultural th. → transcultural th.   interkulturelles Th. → transkulturelles Th. 19
interest   Interesse  
interface   Interface → Schnittstelle  
interference → intervention   Einmischung → Intervention  
interlude → Interludium → intermezzo   Interludium → Zwischenspiel → Intermezzo  
intermediality   Intermedialität  
intermediate act   Zwischenakt  
  intermediate act music Zwischenaktmusik  
  intermediate curtain Zwischenvorhang  
intermezzo → interlude → interludium   Zwischenspiel → Intermezzo → Interludium  
intermission   Pause  
  intermission bell Pausenglocke / -klingel  
  intermission light Pausenlicht  
  intermission music Pausenmusik  
  intermission signal Pausenzeichen  
internationalisation   Internationalisierung  
internalise   verinnerlichen  
interpolation   Interpolation → Einfügung  
interpretation   Interpretation → Szenische Interpretation  
interrogation → interview   Befragung / Verhör → Interview   
intertextuality   Intertextualität  
intertitle   Zwischentitel → Zwischenüberschrift  
intervention → interference   Intervention → Einmischung  
interview → interrogation   Interview → Befragung / Verhör  
intimate th.   Intimes Th.  
intimation → hint   Andeutung  
intrigue   Intrige  
  intriguer Intrigant*in  
introduce oneself   vorstellen, sich  
  introduction Einführung  
inventory → stock   Inventar  
invisible th. (Augusto Boal) → th.   Unsichtbares Th. (Augusto Boal)  
inward   innerlich  
  inwardness Innerlichkeit  
iron curtain/iron   Eiserner Vorhang  
irony   Ironie  


English German Footnote
jargon → slang   Jargon → Slang  
Jewish th. → Yiddish th.   Jiddisches Th. / Jüdisches Th.  
joke → gag   Witz  
journalism   Publizistik  
judgements   Wertungen  
juggler → buffon   Gaukler  


English German Footnote
kinetic   kinesisch → beweglich  
  kinesis Kinesis/Kinese → Bewegung  
kitchensong   Küchenlied  
knowledge lead → knowlege edge   Wissensvorsprung  


English German Footnote
laboratory (short: Lab)   Labor  
laconic   lakonisch  
lament   Klage  
lamp → light   Lampe → Licht  
language   Sprache  
  appellative language appellative Sprache  
  colloquial language Umgangssprache  
  depersonalised language Sprachfläche  
  expressive language expressive Sprache  
  everyday language Alltagssprache  
  language scepticism Sprachskepsis  
  poetic language poetische Sprache  
  language theory Sprachtheorie  
  language therapy Sprachtherapie  
  witty language Sprachwitz  
laughter   Lachen  
lead   Hauptrolle  
  leading actor / actress → principal performer Hauptdarsteller*in → Protagonist*in  
learn → memorise (a text) → study (a play)   lernen → memorieren (einen Text) → einstudieren (ein Stück)  
  learning play →  didactic play (Bertolt Brecht)  Lehrstück (Bertolt Brecht)  
  performative teaching & learning  performatives Lehren & Lernen  
lecture → paper → talk   Vorlesung → Referat → Vortrag  
legend   Legende  
legislative th.   Legislatives Th. 20
leitmotiv   Leitmotiv  
letter   Brief  
level   (Handlungs-)Ebene  
lexis   Lexik  
libretto   Libretto  
  libretto writer Librettist*in  
life   Leben  
  life support Lebenshilfe  
  lifelong learning lebenslanges Lernen  
light   Licht  
  artificial light Kunstlicht  
  day light Tageslicht  
  headlight Vorderlicht  
  key light Hauptlicht  
  light curtain Lichtvorhang  
  light from above Oberlicht  
  light effects Lichteffekte  
  light plan Beleuchtungsplan  
  overhead light Oberlicht  
  side light Seitenlicht  
  spotlight Rampenlicht  
  underlight Unterlicht  
  working lights Arbeitsbeleuchtung  
lighting   Beleuchtung → Licht  
  lighting bridge Beleuchtungsbrücke  
  lighting direction Lichtregie →Regie  
  lighting gallery Beleuchtungsgalerie  
  lighting rehearsal Beleuchtungspr. → Pr.  
  lighting technician Beleuchter*in  
  lighting technology Beleuchtungstechnik  
limerick   Scherzgedicht   
liminality   Liminalität → Schwellenzustand  
limpid → clear   klar  
line   Textzeile  
  line run Textprobe  
  line speech → stichmythy Zeilenrede → Stichomythie  
liquid   flüssig  
literal   wörtlich  
literature-based th.   Literaturth.  
literary satire   Literatursatire  
liturgical dr.   liturgisches Spiel  
liveness   Lebendigkeit  
living newspaper   Lebende Zeitung  
local   örtlich → Lokal…  
  local colour Lokalkolorit  
  local piece Lokalstück  
loge → box   Loge  
lose track (of role/text)   nicht beherrschen (die Rolle/den Text) → schwimmen  
lose thread / concentration   einen Hänger haben  
loudspeaker   Lautsprecher  
low status   niedriger Status  
Lower German Th.   Niederdeutsches Th.  
lucid → clear   anschaulich  
lyric poetry   Lyrik  
  lyrical lyrisch  
  lyrics Lied-/Songtext  


English German Footnote
madness → frenzy   Wahnsinn → Raserei   
magic   Magie   
  magic piece Zauberstück   
main   Haupt-  
  main plot and subplot  Haupt- und Nebenhandlung   
  main stage → st.    Hauptb. → B.  
  main thrust of the action    Hauptrichtung  
  main text  Haupttext   
make an entrance     Auftreten (auf der B.)  
make-up   Schminke   
  grease make up Fettschminke   
  make-up artist   Maskenbildner*in  
  make up removal Abschminke   
  make-up technique Schminktechnik   
  put make-up on schminken   
  remove make-up abschminken / wegschminken  
  water make up Wasserschminke   
manage   verwalten / steuern   
  management  Management   
  manager → director  Direktor*in   
mannerism   Manierismus   
manifesto   Manifest   
manner of walking → bearing   Gangart   
manuscript   Manuskript   
marionette     Marionette → Puppe  
mark   markieren   
  marking out   Markierungen auf dem Boden der B.  
martyr dr./martyr tragedy     Märtyrerdr. / Märtyrertragödie  
mask   Maske   
  half mask Halbmaske   
  full mask Ganzmaske   
  make a mask   Maske machen  
  makeup mask Schminkmaske   
master   Meister  
  master of ceremonies  Ansager   
  masterpiece  Meisterwerk   
  master singer  Meistersinger  
  master singing  Meistersang   
material   Material   
  materiality Materialität   
matinée → morning performance   Matinee   
maxim   Maxime, Sentenz   
mechanically (play)     mechanisch (spielen)  
meaning → content   Gehalt   
means of expression   Ausdrucksmittel   
media → medium   Medien → Medium   
  electronic media Medien, elektronische   
  media history Mediengeschichte  
  media science Medienwissenschaft   
  media theory Medientheorie   
  mediality  Medialität   
  medium → media   Medium → Medien  
medley     Medley → Potpourri → Quodlibet  
meeting   Besprechung → Sitzung → Treffen → Versammlung   
megaphone   Megaphon   
melodious → harmonious sound   Wohlklang   
melodr. → dr.     Melodr.  
  melodramatic play for two  Duodr.   
memorise → learn (lines) → study (a play)   memorien → lernen (einen Text) → einstudieren (einen Text)  
memory play   Erinnerungsstück   
message   Lehre → Nachricht → Meldung → Mitteilung → Botschaft → Message   
  message (of a text) Aussage (eines Textes)   
metadr./metath.   Metadr./Metath.   
metamorphosis   Metamorphose → Verwandlung → Wandlung   
Metaphor   Metapher   
metatext   Metatext   
metaxis   Metaxis 21
meter   Metrum   
method   Methode   
  method acting (Lee Strasberg) Method Acting   
  method of playing Spielweise   
  methodology Methodik   
metrical foot   Versfuß   
microphone / mic   Mikrofon   
middle status   mittlerer Status   
milieu → environment   Milieu   
mime → mimus   Mime   
  mime action mimische Handlung   
mimesis     Mimesis → Nachahmung  
mimic art   Mimik   
mind → sentiments   Gesinnung   
minidr.   Minidr.   
minstrel-song → ballad-opera   Bänkelsang   
mirroring   spiegeln   
  mirroring exercise Spiegelübung   
miscast   Fehlbesetzung   
mise en scene   Inszenierung   
misery → crying shame   Elend → Jammer   
mist → fog     Nebel (auf der B.)  
mistake → error     Fehler → Irrtum  
mixed media     Mixed Media  
mixed form   Mischform   
mobility   Mobilität   
mock verses   Spottverse   
model   Modell   
  model book Modellbücher   
  model experiment Modellversuch   
  model performance Modellaufführung   
  model play   Modellspiel/Modellstück  
  model production Modellinszenierung   
modern dance → dance   freier/moderner Tanz → Tanz   
modernism → avantgarde   Moderne → Avantgarde   
modulation     Modulation / Anpassung  
monitor   Bildschirm, beobachten / überwachen   
monodr.     Monodr.  
monologue → dramatic monologue     Monolog → dramatischer Monolog  
montage   Montage   
moral/morality   Moral   
  moral institution Moralische Anstalt (Friedrich Schiller)   
  morality play Moralitäten   
morning performance → matinée   Matinee   
motif   Motiv   
motivation   motivation   
movement   Bewegung   
  movement choir Bewegungschor   
movie → film   Film   
moving focus     wandernder Fokus  
multidisciplinarity   Interdisziplinarität   
multigenerational th.     Mehrgenerationenth.  
multipurpose venue (theatre, opera, ballet)     Mehrspartenbetrieb (Th., Oper, Ballett)  
mumble   murmeln   
mummery   Maskenspiel   
municipal th.     Stadtth.  
music   Musik   
  music director Musikdirektor*in   
  music dr.   Musikdr.  
  music dramaturgy Musikdramaturgie   
  music hall → vaudeville Veranstaltungsort für Musik-/Tanz- Performances im Vaudeville-Stil   
  music hall song → comic song   populäres B.nlied  
  music studies Musikwissenschaft   
  music th.   Musikth.  
  music-centred aesthetic education musisch-ästhetische Erziehung   
musical   musikalisch/Musical → Schulmusical   
mystery play   Mysterienspiel   
myth   Mythos   
mythology   Mythologie   


English German Footnote
naive   naiv   
  naiveté → simplicity Naivität   
narration   Bot*innenbericht → Erzählung → Narration   
  narrative / narrated erzählend   
  narrative interview narratives Interview → Interview   
  narrative th. Erzählth.   
National Th.   Nationalth.   
nativity play   Weihnachtsspiel → Krippenspiel   
natural   natürlich   
  naturalism Naturalismus   
  naturalistic naturalistisch   
  naturalness Natürlichkeit   
necessity   Notwendigkeit   
need   Bedürfnis   
neologism   Neologismus   
nervousness → st. fright   Nervosität → Lampenfieber   
new production   Neuinszenierung   
noise   Geräusche   
  noises off Stille → Geräusche von hinter der Bühne   
nominal style   Nominalstil   
non acting   non acting   
non professional → professional   nichtprofessionell   
No-Play     Nô-Spiel → Nô-Th.  
norm → standard   Norm   
notation   Notation   
notice board     Schwarzes Brett → Aushang  
nuance   nuance   
number   Nummer   


English German Footnote
object th.   Objektth.   
objective   objektiv / Zielsetzung   
observation → observance   Beobachtung → Beachtung  
occupation   Beschäftigung   
ode   Ode   
oeuvre → works   Werk   
off-book (to be)   ohne Textbuch freisprechen   
off-th./off-off-th.     Off-Th. / Off-Off-Th. → Freies Th.  
off st. → st.   hinter der B. → Offstage   
omission   Auslassung → Ellipse   
on-book (to be)    Text lesen (auf einer Probe)  
onstage   auf der Bühne   
one person play   Einpersonenstück   
onomatopoeia   Lautmalerei → Onomatopoesie   
open (on the open st.)   offen (auf offener B.)   
  open air th. Freilichtth. → Freiluftth.   
  open ending offener Schluss   
  open form offene Form → geschlossene Form   
  open the house Publikumseinlass   
opera   Oper   
  comic opera komische Oper → Opéra comique   
  opera buffa   Opera buffa  
  serious opera   Opera seria  
operating license   Betriebserlaubnis   
  operation  Betrieb  
  operational costs  Betriebskosten  
operetta   Operette → Singspiel   
opsis   Opsis → Sehen → Sicht   
oracle   Orakel   
oral proceedings   Mündlichkeit   
oratorio   Oratorium   
orchestra   Orchestra   
  orchestra pit/pit Orchestergraben   
ordinary → vulgar   ordinär   
organisation   Organisation   
original   originell   
  originality Originalität   
outfitter → dressmaker     Ausstatter*in  
ouverture     Musik vor der Aufführung  
ovation     Ovation → Huldigung  
overact → overplay    übertreiben (im Schauspielen) → chargieren   
overhasted   überhastet   
overhead light     Oberlicht → Licht → B.nbeleuchtung  
overload   Überladung   


English German Footnote
pace   Tempo → Geschwindigkeit  
  pacing Beschleunigung des Spielens  
pageant   Festzug/Festumzug → Historienspiel  
painting   Malerei  
pair-work   Partner*inarbeit  
palimpsest   Palimpsest 22
pamphlet   Pamphlet  
panorama   Panorama  
pantomime   Pantomime  
  pantomimic pantomimisch  
paper → lecture → talk   Vorlesung → Referat → Vortrag  
  paper th. Papierth.  
parable   Parabel  
  parable play Parabelstück  
paradigm   Gleichnis → Exempe  
parody   Parodie  
paradox   Paradox  
parallel   Parallele  
  parallelism Parallelismus  
paraphrase   Paraphrase → Umschreibung  
paratext (Gérard Genette)   Paratext → Zusatztext  
parquet → stalls → auditorium   Parkett  
part → role   Rolle  
parterre → auditorium   Parterre  
participation   Partizipation → Teilhabe → Beteiligung  
  participatory th. Mitspielth.  
partnered work   Partnerarbeit  
passion play   Passionsspiel  
past history → background → history   Vorgeschichte  
pastiche → literary patchwork   Pastiche → Imitation →Nachahmung  
pastoral play   Schäferspiel  
pathetic   pathetisch  
  pathos Pathos  
pause   Pause  
  pause (for effect) pausieren, um beabsichtigte Wirkung zu erzeugen  
pay → salary   Gage  
peasant play   Bauerndr.  
pedagogy   Pädagogik  
  history of pedagogy Geschichte der Pädagogik  
pedestral → platform   Podest  
perception   Wahrnehmung  
performability   Aufführbarkeit  
performance → show   Auführung → Vorstellung → Vorführung  
  performance analysis Aufführungsanalyse  
  performance art Performance-Kunst  
  performance as research (PaR) / Forschungsth. / szenisches Forschen 23
  performative research   24
  performance ban Aufführungsverbot  
  performance duration Aufführungszeit  
  performance history Aufführungsgeschichte  
  performance rights Aufführungsrechte  
  performance theory Performance-Theorie  
  performance venues Spielstätten  
  performing arts Darstellende Künste  
  performing edition B.fassung  
  student performance Schüler*inaufführung  
  studio performance Studioaufführung  
performative   performativ 25
  performative arts performative Künste  
  performative teaching and learning performatives Lehren und Lernen  
  performativity  Performativität  
period piece   Zeitstück  
peripety → reversal   Peripetie → Umschlag  
peripheral vision   peripherer Blick 26
person   Person  
  personality split Persönlichkeitsspaltung  
  personally persönlich  
  personification → embodiment Personifikation → Verkörperung  
perspectivation   Perspektivierung  
  perspective Perspektive  
  omniscient perspective auktoriale Perspektive  
  character perspective Figurenperspektive  
philosophical dr.   Ideendr.  
phrase → stock phrase → figure of speech   Phrase → Redensart  
  phrasing Ausdrucksweise  
physical actions (methods of)   physischen Handlungen, Methode der  
physical offer   körpersprachliches Angebot  
  extend the physical offer das körpersprachliche Angebot erweitern  
picture → image   Bild  
pitch   Tonlage / Tonhöhe  
place → locality → scene of action   Ort → Raum  
  Places! Bitte Platz nehmen!  
site specific th.   ortspezifisches Th. → site specific th.  
plastic art   Plastik  
platform → pedestral   Podest → Plattform  
play → spectacle   Schauspiel → Spiel → Stück  
  cautious play verhalten → zurückhaltend spielen  
  dream play Traumspiel  
  play at the front of the stage (towards frontal audience) (zum Publikum) spielen  
  play director Spielleiter*in  
  playhouse Theater  
  play mechanically mechanisch spielen  
  play one self sich selbst spielen  
  play oneself free (gain confidence) sich frei spielen (Sicherheit gewinnen)  
  play pedagogy Spielpädagogik  
  play theory Spieltheorie  
  play within the play Spiel im Spiel  
  playability Spielbarkeit  
  playback Playback  
  playbill Th.zettel  
  player Spieler*in → Akteur*in  
  players Spielleute  
  playful spielerisch  
  playfulness Spielfreudigkeit  
  playing area Spielfläche  
  playing arts Darstellende Künste  
  playing time Spielzeit  
  playmaker Spielmacher*in  
  playwright B.nautor*in → Dramatiker*in  
  playwriting Schreiben von Th.stücken  
  shrovetide play Fastnachtsspiel  
  silent play stummes Spiel  
Playback Th. (Jonathan Fox/Jo Salas)   Playback Th.  
pleasing (the audience in a role)   dem Publikum in einer Rolle gefallen  
  pleasure of spectating and showing Schau- und Zeigelust  
plot   Fabel → Handlung  
  plot device Handlungselement  
  plot time → time Handlungszeit  
plurimediality   Plurimedialität  
poetics   Dichtungstheorie (Theorie der Poesie)  
  poetry Dichtung / Lyrik  
  poetry contest → poetry slam  Dichterwettbewerb  
  poiesis  Poiesis  
point   Pointe  
  point of attack Angriffspunkt  
  point up nach oben zeigen  
polemics   Polemik  
polished improvisation   geglättete / abgerundete Improvisation  
political th.   Politisches Th.  
popular   beliebt → populär → volkstümlich  
  popular art → folklore Volkskunst → Folklore  
  popular culture Populärkultur  
  popular song → song Gassenhauer  
portal → stage portal   Portal → B.portal → B.rahmen  
portrait   Porträt  
pose   Pose  
position   aufstellen (der Schauspieler*innen)  
  position (on st.) Stellung (auf der B.)  
  positioning in space Positionseinnahme im Raum  
  positioning of characters Zusammenstellung von Figuren  
possibilities, creative   Möglichkeiten, kreative  
post    nach / post  
  post reflection  Nachbereitung → Vorbereitung (einer Th.aufführung für das Publikum)  
  postcolonial th.  postkoloniales Th.  
  postdramatic th.  postdramatisches Th. → Postdramatik  
  postmigrant th.  postmigrantisches Th.  
  postmodern dr.  postmoderne Dramatik  
  postreflection → preparation  Vor- und Nachbereitung  
  postshow activities → preshow activities (for the audience)  Nachbereitung → Vorbereitung (für das Publikum)  
  poststructuralism  Poststrukturalismus  
posture   Haltung (Körper)  
potpourri   Potpourri → Quodlibet → Medley  
power → force → violence   Kraft → Gewalt  
practicable   praktikabel  
practicing (a role)   einüben (eine Rolle)  
prat fall   komisches Fallen  
preamble   Präambel → Vorwort  
preceding words   Vorspruch / Prolog  
precise   präzise  
prelude   Vorspiel → Auftaktpremiere → Voraufführung  
preparation and postprocessing   Vor- und Nachbereitung  
presale   Vorverkauf (von Theaterkarten)  
prescriptive poetics   Regelpoetik  
presence   Gegenwärtigkeit → Präsenz  
presence → behaviour → bearing   Verhalten → Haltung → Körperhaltung  
presentation   Darbietung → Präsentation  
  presentation time → time Darstellungszeit  
  presentational → representational präsentierend → darstellend → repräsentierend  
preshow activities → postshow activities (for the audience)   Nachbereitung → Vorbereitung (für das Publikum)  
pretence → disguise   Verstellung  
  pretend   so tun als ob  
pretext   Prätext → Vorwand  
preview   Preview → Vorschau → Voraufführung  
principal protagonist → protagonist   Hauptdarsteller*in → Protagonist*in  
prison th.   Gefängnisth.  
private   privat  
  private performance  geschlossene Vorstellung  
  private th.  Privatth.  
probability → verisimilitude   Wahrscheinlichkeit  
procedure   Ablauf  
process   Prozess → Produkt  
  processing Verarbeitung (eines Themas)  
  processuality Prozessualität  
product → process   Produkt → Prozess  
production   Produktion → Inszenierung  
  new production Neuinszenierung  
  production aesthetics Produktionsästhetik  
  production analysis Inszenierungsanalyse  
  production desk Regietisch/-pult  
  production dramaturg Produktionsdramaturg*in  
  production history Inszenierungsgeschichte  
  a production is ready to go “ein Stück steht“ (eine Inszenierung ist bereit zur Aufführung  
  production piece Produktionsstück (DDR)  
  production theory Inszenierungstheorie  
  productive produktiv  
professional → non professional   professionell → nichtprofessionell  
  professional actor / actress Berufsschauspieler*in  
  professional association Berufsgenossenschaft  
  professional development → inservice training Weiterbildung → Fortbildung  
  professionality  Professionalität  
profile   Profil (eines Gesichts)  
programme   Programm → Programmheft → Besetzungszettel → Spielplan  
progressive education   Reformpädagogik  
project   Projekt  
projection   Projektion  
prologue   Prolog → Vorrede  
prompt → cue   Stichwort → soufflieren  
  prompt-book Soufflierbuch  
  prompt box Souffleurkasten  
  prompter Souffleur / Souffleuse  
pronunciation   Aussprache  
propaganda   Propaganda  
prop    Requisite  
prophecy   Prophezeiung  
proportion   Proportion  
props → properties → requisites   Requisiten  
  prop storage room Requisitenraum / Requisitenkammer  
  props man / props mistress Requisiteur*in  
  list of props Requisitenverzeichnis  
proscenium → st.   Proszenium → Vorderb.  
  proscenium arch B.nportal → Portal  
prose   Prosa  
  poem in prose Prosagedicht  
protagonist → principal protagonist   Protagonist*in → Hauptdarsteller*in  
proverb   Sprichwort  
provincial th.   Provinzth.  
psychodr.   Psychodr.  
  psychologise psychologisieren  
public → spectator   Öffentlichkeit → Publikum → Zuschauer*in  
  public relations dramaturg Öffentlichkeitsdramaturg*in  
  publicity Werbung  
  publicity-centred dramaturgy Öffentlichkeitsdramaturgie → Dramaturgie  
pun → word-play   Wortspiel  
punch   Kasper / Kasperle → Hanswurst  
  Punch and Judy show Kasperleth.  
puppet   Puppe → Marionette  
  flat puppet Flachpuppe  
  hand puppet Handpuppe  
  stick puppet Stock- / Stabpuppe  
  puppet th. → th. Figurenth. → Puppenth.  
  pupperty Puppenspiel / Puppenth. → Figurenth.  
pyramid scheme   Pyramidenschema  


English German Footnote
quotation → citation   Zitat  
quote   zitieren  


English German Footnote
radiance   Ausstrahlung   
  radiate ausstrahlen   
radio play → feature   Hörspiel → Feature   
rain   Regen   
  rain box Regenkasten   
  rain machine Regenmaschine   
rainbow of desires (Augosto Boal)   Regenbogen der Wünsche   
raising → rise   Steigerung   
raked st.   aufsteigende Bühne 27
ramp   Rampe   
  ramp light → light → lighting technology Rampenlicht → Licht → Beleuchtungstechnik   
raw material   Rohstoff → Stoff → Rohmaterial   
react to someone → cater   eingehen, auf jemanden   
reader   Leser*in → Rezipient*in   
  reading Lesart → Lesung → szenische Lesung   
  reading → readthrough Leseprobe   
  readers th. Lesetheater  
realisation   Vergegenwärtigung   
realism   Realismus   
  realistic realistisch   
reality   Realität → Wirklichkeit   
recast a role   neu besetzen (eine Rolle)   
receive   aufnehmen   
  is received well (by the audience) ankommen (beim Publikum)   
reception (of the audience)   Rezeption → Aufnahme (des Publikums)   
  reception aesthetics Wirkungsästhetik   
  reception research Rezeptionsforschung → Wirkungsforschung   
  reception theory Rezeptionsästhetik   
recessed (pedestal)   Versenkung (B.podest)   
recipient → reader → audience   Rezipient*in → Leser*in → Publikum → Zuschauer*in    
recite (a poem)   vortragen (ein Gedicht)   
  reciter   Rezitator*in  
recognize   erkennen   
reconstruction   Rekonstruktion   
redundance   Redundanz → Wiederholung   
re-enactment   Reenactment →Nachspielen → Wiederholung   
reflection   Reflexion   
  reflector  Reflektor   
experimental st. → avantgarde st.   Reformb.   
refrain   Refrain   
regional   regional   
  regional th. regionales Th. → Landesb./Landesth.   
  regionalism Regionalismus   
register   Register   
rehabilitation   Rehabilitation → Wiederherstellung  
rehearse / rehearsal (re.)   proben / Probe (Pr.)  
  dress re. Kostümpr. → Ausstattungspr.  
  final re. Generalpr.   
  lighting re. Beleuchtungspr.   
  main re. Hauptpr.   
  play re. Stückprobe   
  re. reading Lesepr.   
  re. st. Pr.b. → B.   
  run-through Durchlauf (Pr.)   
  set re. Stellpr.   
  st. decoration re. Dekorationspr.   
  st. re.  
  technical re. Technikprobe   
  begin to re. (a play) neu einstudieren (ein Stück)   
reinforcement   Verstärkung   
rejection   Ablehnung   
relations/relationships → connections   Beziehung (zwischen Personen)   
remove make-up → make up   abschminken → schminken   
reopening   Wiederaufnahme   
repertoire → repertory   Repertoire   
  repertory th. Repertoire-Th.   
repetition → replay   Wiederholung   
reply   Replik   
report   Reportage → Bericht   
representation → acting   Repräsentation → Darstellung → Ausdruck   
  representational → presentational repräsentierend → präsentierend   
requiem   Requiem   
research   Recherche   
resolution   Auflösung   
response → feedback   Rückmeldung → Reaktion → Feedback   
resumé → summary   Zusammenfassung   
retardation   Retardierung → retardierendes Moment → Verlangsamung   
retheatricalisation   Retheatralisierung   
revenge → vengeance   Rache   
  revenge play → tragedy Rachetragödie   
reversal → peripety   Umkehrung → Umschlag → Peripetie   
review → recension   Kritik → Rezension → Th.kritik   
  review negatively verreißen (negativ rezensieren)   
  reviewer → critic   Rezensent*in  
revision → rework   Überarbeitung   
revolve   sich drehen → umdrehen → rotieren   
  revolving stage → turntable Drehb. → B.   
revue   Revue   
  revue artist Kabarettist*in   
rhetoric   Rhetorik   
  rhetorical → cliché-like phrasenhaft , klischeehaft   
  rhetorical rhetorisch   
  rhetorical question rhetorische Frage   
rhyme   Reim    
  end rhyme Endreim   
  rhyming couplet Paarreim → Couplet → Distichon   
rhythm   Rhythmus   
  rhythmisation Rhythmisierung   
  rhythmisize rhythmisieren   
  rhyhtms, free freie Rhythmen   
riddle → enigma   Rätsel   
ridiculous   lächerlich   
ripple along   dahinplätschern   
rise → raising   Steigerung   
  riser platform Steigb.   
ritual th.   rituelles Th.   
  ritual Ritual → Zeremonie   
road manager   Tournee-Manager   
rod puppet → stick puppet →puppet   Stabpuppe → Stockpuppe → Puppe   
role   Rolle   
  distribute (roles) verteilen (Rollen)   
  role (as term) Rollenbegriff   
  role (breaking through) Rollendurchbrechung   
  role expertise Rollenfach   
  role identity Rollen-Ich   
  role is written all over him die Rolle ist jemandem auf den Leib geschrieben  
  role model Vorbild   
  role on the wall Rolle auf der Wand  28
  role play Rollenspiel   
  role reversal Rollentausch   
  role work Rollenarbeit   
  create (a role) kreieren (eine Rolle)   
  lead role tragende Rolle   
  main role Hauptrolle   
  silent role   stumme Rolle  
  step out of role Heraustreten aus der Rolle   
  supporting role Nebenrolle   
  take on (a role) übernehmen (eine Rolle)   
  title role Titelrolle   
romantic / romanticism   romantisch / Romantik   
rope-dancer   Seiltänzer*in   
rostrum → platform   Podium → erhöhte Plattform   
round character   runder Charakter  29
routine   Routine   
royalties   Tantiemen   
  royalty fee  Lizenzgebühr   
royal dr.   Königsdr.   
run → en suite   en suite   
  runway Laufsteg → Steg   
running gag → gag   Running Gag → Gag   
  run-through → re. Durchlauf (Pr.)   
rush through (a text)   herunterspielen (einen Text)  


English German Footnote
safety curtain → iron curtain → curtain     eiserner Vorhang (Brandschutzvorhang)  
safe environment (create)   sichere Umgebung (schaffen)   
saga → legend   Sage → Legende   
sarcasm     Sarkasmus  
satire   Satire   
  satirical satirische   
savour   auskosten   
scandal   Skandal → Th.skandal   
satyr play   Satyrspiel   
saying → apothegm   Motto   
scenario   Szenarium / Szenario   
scene   Szene → Schauplatz   
  backgrund scene Szene im Hintergrund   
  change of scene Szenenwechsel → Umbau   
  intensive scene-work die Szene durcharbeiten   
  in the open scene auf offener Szene   
  scene applause Szenenapplaus   
  scene dock Ablageort für die in einer Szene benötigten Requisiten  30
  scenery → background Szenerie → Kulisse  
  scenic szenisch   
  scenic interpretation → interpretation szenische Interpretation → Interpretation   
  scenography Szenografie → Bn.bildgestaltung  
schedule (weekly performance)   Wochenspielplan   
  scheduled / on the schedule auf dem Spielpan stehen   
  scheduler Disponent*in   
school   Schule  
  school of acting → acting school → school dr.  Schauspielschule → Theaterschule → Schulth.  
  school play  Schulth.stück → -musical, -oper    
science fiction   Science Fiction   
score     Partitur  
screen → canvas   Leinwand   
scribble   Geschreibsel → Gekritzel   
script → book   Regiebuch → Drehbuch → Script → Textbuch   
sculpture   Skulptur → Statue   
search for traces   Spurensuche   
season   Spielzeit   
seat   Stuhl → Sitzplatz   
  hot seating Heißer Stuhl  31
  seating arrangement Bestuhlungsplan   
second st.   Kleine Bühne/kleines Haus   
security guidelines     Sicherheitsvorschriften  
segment globe st. → st.   Segment-Globus-B. → B.   
selection → fragment → extracts → excerpts   Auswahl → Fragment → Auszüge → Exzerpte   
self   selbst /Selbst-  
self experience   Selbsterfahrung   
  self referenciality  Selbstreferentialität   
  self reflection / self reflexivity  Selbstreflexion / Selbstreflexivität   
  self representation → self introduction  Selbstdarstellung (-vorstellung)   
semiotics → signs   Semiotik → Zeichen   
  semiotic system Zeichensystem   
senior director → director   Oberspielleiter*in   
sense   Sinn   
  sense → feel empfinden → fühlen   
  sensuality Sinnlichkeit   
  sensitiveness / sentimentality Empfindsamkeit   
  sensation → feeling Empfindungen → Gefühle → Affekte   
  sensibility → sensivity Sensibilität   
sentence   Satz   
sentimentality   Sentimentalität   
sequence of scenes     Szenenfolge → Reihung von Szenen  
  sequencing technique Reihentechnik   
series   Serie   
sermon   Trauerrede   
servant/maid-servant     Diener*in  
set   Bühnenbild   
  set change → change of scene → Umbau → Szenenwechsel   
  break → interval Umbaupause → Pause   
  set piece Versatzstück   
  setting → frame Setting → Rahmen   
  set up → construct (on st.) etwas aufbauen → einrichten (auf der B.)   
shadow   Schatten   
  shadow th. → silhouette th. Schattenspiel → Schattenth. →  Silhouettenth.   
shame   Scham   
shanty   Shanty → Seemannslied  
shape   Form, Gestalt  
  shape shifting Verdopplung durch ein Standbild   
sharing (of information)   Vermittlung von Informationen   
shock → fright → phobos   Schrecken → Phobos → Schock   
short break interval → break   Umbaupause → Pause   
shortening   Verkürzung   
show → performance   Aufführung   
  show a character zeigen, eine Figur   
  (traveling) showman / woman Schausteller*in   
  showmanship Effekthascherei   
  shown time  dargestellte Zeit  
shrovetide play → play   Fastnachtsspiel  
sidecoach / sidecoaching   Regieanweisung geben, während die Szene läuft   
side light → light → lighting technology   Seitenlicht → Licht → Beleuchtungstechnik   
sign → semiotics   Zeichen → Semiotik   
  sign speech Stichomythie → Zeilenrede   
silent film → film   Stummfilm → Film    
silent play   stummes Spiel   
silhouette th. → shadow th.   Silhouettenth. → Schattenth.   
simile → comparision   Vergleich   
simulation   Planspiel → Simulation   
simultaneous   simultan   
  simultaneous st. → st. Simultanb. → B.   
  simultaneous scene Simultanszene   
sincerity   Ernsthaftigkeit   
sinfonic ballet   Sinfonisches Ballett   
singer     Sänger*in  
  singing → song → canto Gesang → Lied → Song   
  singing voice Singstimme    
site specific th.   site specific th. → ortsspezifisches Th.   
situation   Situation   
  situation bound Situationsgebundenheit   
  situation comedy Situationskomödie   
sketch → skit   Sketch → Skizze   
skip over   springen (Texteile versehentlich überspringen)   
slang → jargon   Umgangssprache → Jargon   
slapstick → low burlesque   Posse → Slapstick   
slip of the tongue   Versprecher   
  make a slip sich versprechen    
slope   Schräge   
slovenly → sloppy   schlampig → nachlässig   
smudge (contours of a character)   verwischen (die Konturen einer Figur)   
sociability   Geselligkeit   
social   sozial   
  social democratic educational societies Bildungsvereine der Sozialdemokratie → Arbeiterth.    
  social dr. soziales Dr.   
  social education Sozialpädagogik   
  social history Sozialgeschichte   
  social ranking sozialer Rang   
  social stratification (of characters in a play) Ständeklausel/Ständekriterium  32
  social work → work in cultural & social fields → th. work in social fields    Sozialarbeit → Kultursozialarbeit → Theaterarbeit in sozialen Feldern  
  socialisation Sozialisation   
socialist realism   Sozialistischer Realismus   
society dr.   Gesellschaftsdr.   
socioculture   Soziokultur   
sociodr.     Soziodr.  
sociolect   Soziolekt   
soliloquy   Selbstgespräch   
solo   Solo   
  solo work Einzelarbeit   
  soloist Solist*in   
solution → resolution   Lösung   
sonnet   Sonett   
song → air → popular song   Gassenhauer   
  song of praise Preisgesang → Loblied   
  dancing song Tanzlied   
  drinking song Trinklied   
sound   Ton   
  sound cabin Tonkabine   
  sound check Soundcheck   
  sound desk Tonmischpult  
  sound director Tonmeister*in   
  sound scape, sound scaping   Geräuschkulisse, Geräuschkulisse schaffen  
  sound track Tonspur   
  sound tracking Vertonung   
space → auditorium     Raum → B.nraum → Auditorium / Zuschauerraum  
  space direction Raumregie   
  space st. Raumb. → B.   
speak like a know-all   oberlehrerhaft (sprechen)   
spectate → watch   zuschauen   
  spectactor (Peter Brook)   "Zuschau-Spieler*in"   
  spectator → public  Zuschauer*in → Publikum  
speakability   Sprechbarkeit   
  speaking → breathing technique → voice training   Sprechen → Atemtechnik → Stimmbildung   
  speaking chorus → choral Sprechchor → Chorisches Sprechen → Chor   
  speaking name sprechender Name   
  speaking posture/attitude Sprechhaltung   
  speaking technique   Sprechtechnik  
special effects   Spezialeffekte   
spectacle → play   Schauspiel → Spektakel   
speech   Rede   
  after dinner speech Tischrede   
  character speech figurengebundene Rede   
  direct speech direkte Rede   
  dramatic speech dramatische Rede   
  funeral oration Grabrede   
  speech flow Sprachfluss   
  speech situation   Sprechsituation  
  speech style Sprechweise   
spine (Konstantin S. Stanislawski)   dominanter Charakterzug einer Figur   
spirit of the times → zeitgeist   Zeitgeist   
spoken th.   Sprechth.   
spontaneity   Spontaneität   
spotlight. → light   Scheinwerfer → Rampenlicht → Spot   
staffage   Staffage   
st.   B.   
  back st.   Hinterb.  
  Bauhaus st. Bauhausb.   
  chessboard st. Schachbrettb.   
  center st. Hauptb.   
  downstage   Unterb.  
  experimental st. → avantgarde st. Reformb.   
  floor st. Etagenb.   
  folk st. Volksb.   
  forest. → thrust Bühnensteg (der in das Publikum hineinreicht   
  front st. Vorb.   
  on the open st. auf offener B.   
  off st. hinter der B. → Offstage   
  reform st. Reformb.   
  revolving st. → turntable Drehb.   
  segment globe st. Segment-Globus-B.   
  side st. Seitenb. → Nebenb.   
  simultaneous st. → multiple setting Simultanb.   
  space st. Raumb.   
  st. acoustics B.nakustik  
  st. adaptation → st. script B.nbearbeitung → B.nfassung → B.nmanuskript   
  st. architect B.narchitekt*in   
  st. cart B.nwagen   
  st. clear! Bühne frei!   
  st. crew  
  st. design B.nbild   
  st. design assistant B.nbildassistent*in    
  st. designer → scenographer   B.nausstatter*in → B.nbauer*in → Szenograph*in  
  st. direction Regieanweisung → B.nanweisung   
  st. exit B.nausgang   
  st. fright Lampenfieber → Nervosität   
  st. machinery B.apparat   
  st. manager B.manager*in → Inspizient*in   
  st. picture Bühnenbild   
  st. prospect Prospekt (der B.)   
  st. rehearsal Baupr. → Pr.   
  st. song → couplet Couplet → Th.lied   
  st. worker B.narbeiter*in   
  temporary st.  temporäre B.  
  traveling stage Wanderb.   
  upst. → upper st. Oberb.  
staged reading   szenische Lesung   
staged presentation   szenische Präsentation   
stair → staircase   Treppe   
stalls → parquet → auditorium   Parkett → Zuschauerraum   
stand in   Vertretungsrolle → einspringen (Übernahme einer Rolle)   
standing place → auditorium   Stehplatz → Zuschauerraum   
standstill → stop   Stillstand   
star allures   Starallüren   
state th.   Staatsth.   
statement → claim   Behauptung   
station dr.   Stationendr.  33
  station technique Stationentechnik   
statue   Statue → Skulptur   
statue th.   Statuenth.   
status → low→ middle →high   Status   
  status relationship Statusverhältnis   
step   Schritt   
  step into someone else's shoes versetzen, sich in eine/n andere/n   
  stepping out (of role) aussteigen (aus einer Rolle)   
stereotype   Stereotype   
stichomythy → line speech   Zeilenrede → Stichomythie   
stick puppet → rod puppet → puppet   Stockpuppe → Stabpuppe →Puppe   
stiff   steif   
still image → freeze frame → statue   Standbild   
stilted → turgid → bombastic   schwülstig → gestelzt   
stimulus   Impuls   
stock figure   Typenfigur   
storage room   Lager → Magazin   
story → narration → tale   Erzählung → Geschichte   
  storyline Handlungsstrang   
  storyteller   Erzähler*in  
strangeness     Fremdheit → Verfremdung  
street th. → th.   Straßenth. → Th.  
stress → accentuation →emphasis   Betonung   
strike through   Striche (Bearbeitung)   
  strike through version Strichfassung   


English German Footnote
tableau vivant   Lebendes Bild → Tableau vivant   
tactics     Taktik  
tag (a role)   markieren (eine Rolle andeuten)   
take   nehmen  
   take a bow (after the play)  verbeugen, sich (nach dem Stück)   
  take down  abbauen   
  take on (a role)  übernehmen (eine Rolle)   
tale → story → narration   Erzählung   
talent, acting     Begabung, schauspielerische  
  talented talentiert → begabt   
talk   Gespräch → Vortrag   
target group   Zielgruppe   
taste   Geschmack    
tautology   Tautologie   
teacher out of role   LaRo-Technik (Lehrer*in außerhalb der Rolle)   
teacher in role     LiRo-Technik (Lehrer*in in der Rolle)  
team spirit   Teamgeist   
technical   technisch   
  technical director technische/r Direktor*in   
  technical re. Technikprobe   
  technical staff technisches Personal   
  technique → scenic technique Technik → Verfahren → szenisches Verfahren   
  techniques, acting Mittel, schauspielerische → Technik der Schauspielkunst   
  voice technique Stimmtechnik   
  technology Technik   
tectonics / tectonic   Tektonik/tektonisch   
teichoscopy   Mauerschau → Teichoskopie   
television play     Fernsehspiel  
telling name   sprechender Name   
temporary stage   Behelfsb.   
tendency   Tendenz   
tension   Spannung   
term   Begriff   
terminology   Terminologie   
testimony (of a person)   Aussage (einer Person)   
tetralogy   Tetralogie   
text   Text   
  depersonalised text Textfläche → Sprachfläche   
  dramatic text dramatischer Text   
  rush through (a text) einen Text herunterspielen   
  text analysis Textanalyse   
  text direction Textregie   
  text insecure textunsicher   
  textuality Textualität   
th.   Th.→ Schauspielhaus   
  absurd th. Th. des Absurden / Absurdes Th.   
  action th. Aktionsth.   
  agitprop th. Agitpropth.   
  amateur th. Amateurth.   
  antiillusionist th. antiillusionistisches Th.   
  antique th. antikes Th.   
  antith. Antith.   
  applied th. applied th. → angewandtes Th.   
  aristotelic th. aristotelisches Th.   
  art th. Kunstth.   
  avantgarde th. Th.avantgarde   
  baroque th. Barockth.   
  basement th. Kellerth.   
  black light th. Schwarzlichtth.   
  black th. Schwarzes Th.   
  chamber th. Zimmerth.   
  children’s th. Kinderth. → Th. für die Allerkleinsten   
  community th. Gemeinschaftsth.   
  experimental th. Th.reform   
  independent th. Freies Th.   
  municipal th. Stadtth.   
  narrative th. Erzählth.   
  National Th. Nationalth.   
  newspaper th. (Augusto Boal) Zeitungsth.   
  object th. Objektth.   
  off-th./off-off-th. Off-Th./Off-Off-Th. → Freies Th.   
  paper th. Papierth.   
  participatory th. Mitspielth.   
  political th. politisches Th.   
  postcolonial th. postkoloniales Th.   
  postdramatic th. postdramatisches Th.   
  postmigrant th. postmigrantisches Th.   
  prison th. Gefängnisth.   
  provincial th. Provinzth.   
  puppet th. Figurenth. → Puppenth.   
  regional th. regionales Th. → Landesb./Landesth.   
  repertory th. Repertoire-Th.   
  ritual th. rituelles Th.   
  shadow th. → silhouette th. Schattenspiel → Schattenth.  → Silhouettenth.   
  site specific th. site specific th. → ortsspezifisches Th.   
  spoken th. Sprechth.   
  state th. Staatsth.   
  stature th. Statuenth.   
  street th. Straßenth.   
  student th. Studententh.   
  stylized th. Stilb.   
  th. aesthetics Th.ästhetik   
  th. anthropology Th.anthropologie   
  th. technology Th.apparat   
  th. architecture Th.architektur   
  th. archive Th.archiv   
  th. art Schauspielkunst   
  th. as a public institution Th. als öffentliche Institution   
  th. boards Bretter (B.) → B.   
  th. censorship Th.zensur → Zensur   
  th. centred research → artistic research → performative research szenisches Forschen →  Forschungsth.   
  th. collection Th.sammlung   
  th. construction Th.bau   
  th. conventions Th.konventionen   
  th. coup Th.coup   
  th. critic Th.kritiker*in   
  th. critique → review Th.kritik → Rezension   
  th. dance Th.tanz    
  th. director Schauspielleiter*in → Theaterdirektor*in  
  th. experiment Th.experiment   
  th. festival Th.festival   
  th. for seniors Altenth. → Seniorenth.   
  th. for very young audiences Th. für die Allerkleinsten → Kindertheater   
  th. genres Th.formen   
  th. goes business→ business th. th. goes business → Unternehmensth.   
  th. group Th.gruppe   
  th. history Th.geschichte   
  th. historiography Th.geschichtsschreibung → Th.historiographie   
  th. iconography Th.ikonographie   
  th. in education → dr. in education th. in educationdr. in education / Dramapädagogik  
  th. journal Th.zeitschrift   
  th. mania Theatromanie   
  th. museum   
  th. music Th.musik   
  th. of development → development-related th. work Theater der Entwicklung → entwicklungsbezogene Th.arbeit   
  th. of cruelty (Antonin Artaud) Th. der Grausamkeit   
  th. of social awareness Th. der sozialen Aufmerksamkeit   
  th. of the absurd Absurdes Th. → Th. des Absurden   
  th. of the Jesuits Jesuitendr. / Jesuitenth.   
  th. of the oppressed (Augusto Boal) Th. der Unterdrückten    
  th. of the poor (Jerzy Marian Grotowski) Armes Th.   
  th. of worry Th. der Sorge   
  th. painting Th.malerei   
  th. pedagogy Th.pädagogik → Schauspielpädagogik   
  th. photograph Th.fotograf*in   
  th. photography Th.fotografie   
  th. play   Th.spiel/Th.stück  
  th. publisher Th.verlag   
  th. reform Th.reform   
  th. scandal Th.skandal   
  th. school   
  th. semiotics Th.semiotik   
  th. sports (Keith Johnstone)   
  th. studies Th.wissenschaft   
  th. system Th.system   
  th. teacher Schauspiellehrer*in   
  th. text Th.text   
  th. theory Th.theorie → Schauspieltheorie   
  th. ticket office → ticket office   Th.kasse → Kasse  
  th. troupe Th.truppe   
  th. work in social and cultural fields Kultursozialarbeit   
  th. work in social fields Th.arbeit in sozialen Feldern   
  total th. (Erwin Piscator) Totalth.   
  visual th. (Robert Wilson) Th. der Bilder → Bilderth.  
  world th. → theatrum mundi Weltth. → theatrum mundi   
  working class th. Arbeiterth.   
  youth th. → children and youth th. Jugendth. → Kinder- und Jugendth.   
theatrical   theatral/theatralisch   
  theatrical art → th. art Schauspielkunst   
  theatrical experience Th.erfahrung   
  theatrical illusion Illusion im Th.   
  theatrical space theatraler Raum   
  theatricalisation Theatralisierung   
  theatricalisation of teaching and learning processes Theatralisierung von Lehr- und  Lernprozessen   
theatralicity   Theatralität   
  theatricality structure  theatrale Struktur (eines Textes)   
theatricality structure   Theatralitätsgefüge in der Gesellschaft (Rudolf Münz)  34
theatrum mundi → world th.   theatrum mundi → Weltth.   
theme   Thema   
  change of theme Themenwechsel   
thesis   These   
  thesis play Thesenstück   
thespian   Schauspieler*in (als Adjektiv auch: dr.- / th.bezogen)  
thought tracking   Gedanken einer Figur zugänglich machen   
three act structure   Dreiaktigkeit   
thrive (in a role)   aufgehen (in einer Rolle)   
thrust   Bühnensteg, der den Zuschauerraum zweiteilt   
thundermachine / thundersheet   Donnermaschine / Donnerblech   
ticket-office   Kasse → Th.kasse   
tie a knot   Knoten knüpfen   
tight plot   Plot → Fabel   
tightening → cramping   Verkrampfung   
tightening (of the plot)   Raffung (der Handlung)   
time → three unities   Zeit → Drei Einheiten   
  plot time Handlungszeit   
  presentation time Aufführungszeit   
  time leap Zeitsprung   
  time line Zeitplan → Zeitachse → Zeitleiste → Zeitrahmen   
tirade   Tirade   
title → headline   Titel → Überschrift   
  intertitle Zwischentitel → Zwischenüberschrift   
  subheading → subtitle Untertitel   
total th. (Erwin Piscator)   Totalth.   
total work of art   Gesamtkunstwerk   
tour   Tournee   
  touring th.   Tourneeth.  
tracking light → headlight   Verfolgungsscheinwerfer → Scheinwerfer   
trackwork   Trackwork  35
tract   Traktat   
tradition   Tradition   
tragedy   Tragik → Trauerspiel → Tragödie   
tragic   tragisch / das Tragische  
  tragic fall Fallhöhe   
  tragicomedy Tragikomödie   
training → education   Ausbildung   
tramp → traveling performer → vagant   Vagant → Tramp   
transform oneself into   verwandeln in, sich   
  transformation   Transformation → Verwandlung  
  transformation on the open stage Verwandlung auf offener B.   
transition   Überleitung / Übergang   
translation   Übertragung   
transparent   transparent (durchsichtig)   
transverse   quer   
travelling   Reise   
  travelling actor → tramp Vagant → Tramp   
  travelling people Fahrendes Volk   
  travelling th. company Wanderb. → B.   
  travelling troupe (of artists) Wandertruppe   
travesty   Travestie   
tread   Stufe (einer Treppe)   
treadmill → assembly line   Laufband / laufendes Band   
trilogy   Trilogie   
trivial   trivial   
  trivial literature Trivialliteratur   
  triviality Trivialität   
tropics   Trope → Stilmittel   
troupe   Truppe   
truthful   wahrhaftig   
try out → hold tryouts (of a scene)   probieren → anspielen (eine Szene)   
turgid → bombastic → stilted   schwülstig → gestelzt   
turn     Wende  
  turning point   Wendepunkt  
  turntable → revolving st. Drehb.   
type   Typ / Typus   
tyrant → despot   Tyrann → Despot   


English German Footnote
unconventional → conventional   unkonventionell → konventionell   
understatement   Untertreibung → Understatement   
unity    Einheitlichkeit  
  unities, three  drei Einheiten  
  unity of action Einheit der Handlung   
  unity of place Einheit des Ortes   
  unity of time Einheit der Zeit   
university didactics (scholarship of teaching and learning)    Hochschuldidaktik  
Unleashed Th. (Alexander Tairow)   Entfesseltes Th. (Alexander Tairoff)   
unmasking     Demaskierung  
untie a knot   einen Knoten lösen   
upper stage → st.   Oberb.  
usage   Gebrauch → Umgangssprache   
utopia   Utopie   


English German Footnote
vagant → traveling actor → strolling  player   Vagant   
variant   Variante   
variation     Variation   
variety th. → music-hall   Varieté   
vaudeville   Vaudeville   
veil     Schleier  
ventilation   Lüftung   
verbal direction   Wortregie → Regie   
verbal offer   verbales Angebot   
  extend the verbal offer      das verbale Angebot erweitern   
verisimilitude → probability   Wahrscheinlichkeit   
vernacular language → language   Umgangssprache   
versatility     Vielseitigkeit  
verse   Vers   
  alexandrine verse Alexandriner   
  blank verse Blankvers   
  doggerel verse Knittelvers   
  verse art Verskunst   
  verse dr. Versdr.   
  versification Versbau   
vice   Laster   
video   Video   
villain   Bösewicht   
virtue   Tugend   
virtuosity → artistic perfection   Virtuosität   
vision     Vision → Vorstellung  
visit → be a guest   gastieren   
  visitor → guest Besucher*in → Gast / Gästin   
vivid (presentation)   plastisch (Darstellung)   
  vividness Anschaulichkeit   
vocabulary   Vokabular   
vocal power   Stimmkraft   
vocal subjects   Stimmfächer   
vocalisation   Vokalisierung   
voice   Stimme   
  have voice Stimme haben   
  carrying voice tragende Stimme   
  voice coach Stimmbildner*in   
  voice coaching Wortregie   
  voice collage Stimmencollage bzw. Stimmenskulptur    
  voice of the author Sprachrohr des Autors   
  voice technique Stimmtechnik   
  voice training → breathing technique Stimmbildung → Sprechübung → Atemtechnik   
  with full voice mit voller Stimme   
vulgar   vulgär   
vulnerability   Verletztlichkeit   


English German Footnote
walk   Gang   
walkway → bridge   Laufsteg → Brücke (für die Beleuchtung)  
wardrobe → dressing room   Garderobe    
  wardrobe master Gewandmeister*in   
warm-up   Warming up   
watch → spectate   zuschauen   
well-made play   gut gemachtes Th.stück   
white noise   weißes Rauschen   
whole-group work   Arbeit im Plenum   
wig   Perücke   
wind machine   Windmaschine   
witness account   Augenzeugenbericht   
wooden   hölzern   
word   Wort   
  spoken word gesprochenes Wort   
  word play → pun Wortspiel   
  wordscape Wortkulisse  
world th. → theatrum mundi     Weltth. → theatrum mundi  
work   Arbeit   
  work in plenary session Arbeit im Plenum   
  work on role arbeiten an der Rolle   
  work through durcharbeiten   
  working class th. Arbeiterth.   
  working lights → light Arbeitslicht / -beleuchtung   
  works → oeuvre Werk   
  workshop Werkstatt/Werkstätten → Workshop   
writing in role   aus der Perspektive der Figur schreiben   


English German Footnote
Yiddish th. → Jewish th.   Jiddisches Th. → Jüdisches Th.   
youth club at th.   Jugendclub an Th.n   
youth th. → children and youth th. →      Jugendth. → Kinder- und Jugendth. →  
th. for very young audiences   Th. für die Allerkleinsten   


English German Footnote
zeitgeist → spirit of the times   Zeitgeist   


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1 According to Sting (2003:12), Aesthetic competence is the ability to deal with aesthetic phenomena and artifacts in the field of aesthetic communication, i.e. art, culture, media, and everyday life, in a receptive, productive, and reflexive manner, i.e. to be able to read, understand, (creatively) use them. Aesthetic competence is the ability to understand aesthetic phenomena, processes and products in their impact and stagedness, to deal with them reflexively, critically and productively in a creative way, in order to be able to initiate aesthetic communication. 

Ästhetische Bildung is "an (interdisciplinary) educational concept of a sensory-reflexive and performative human practice that understands receptive and productive aesthetic experiences as an essential part or method of education – this also involves questions of personality formation through aesthetic experiences." (translated from:; see also Ulrike Hentschel (2010). Künstlerische Bildung (Artistic Education) on the other hand "is mainly understood as an education or formation in the arts, which, however, always entails education through the arts. [...] Aesthetic education, in contrast to artistic education and upbringing, involves a broader subject matter. Derived from the Greek aisthesis, meaning sensual perception, sensation and cognition, it refers not only to the arts as a discipline or form, but is directed to everything that is subject to an aesthetic approach." Vanessa-Isabelle Reinwand-Weiss (o.J.).

3 For a perspective by a British scholar see, for example: Peter Abbs (2014): Aa is for Aesthetic: Essays on Creative and Aesthetic Education. Routledge.

4 The English term Applied Theatre and its German translation Angewandtes Theater have found their way into the German-language theater/theater pedagogy discourse. As a rule, however, the English term is used, since the German phrase "angewandt" has a certain mechanical tendency. Applied Theatre stands for an explicitly pedagogical, political or therapeutic theatre with a specific intervening practice; see Matthias Warstat et al. (2017).

5 "... a successful drama experience will have at its core the child’s ability to enter fully into the drama, engaging with as much depth and belief as possible in the characters and accepting the dramatic logic of their situation in the drama". From: Primary School Curriculum: Drama – Arts Education Teacher Guidelines (

6 For a description of the drama in education technique Circle of Life see J. Neelands/T. Goode (2008:10).

7 For a description of the drama in education technique Collective Character see J. Neelands/T. Goode (2008:13).

8 J. Neelands/T. Goode (2008:53) characterise this drama technique as follows: "As a way of bringing fresh insights to a passage of action that has become stale or sentimental, a radical shift of style is introduced so that the action is translated into a popular form such as a game-show format, circus routine, chat show, soap opera, video, etc.".For a description of this drama in education technique see J. Neelands/T. Goode (2008:53).

9 Community theatre has strong local ties and is often a non-profit enterprise with amateur actors. For American community theatreal, see:

10 The term relates to having, consisting of, or relating to a physical material body.

11 Corporeality - Leiblichkeit: "On the one hand, the body stands for the subject's corporeal relation to reality, but on the other hand it is demarcated from the concept of the body: The body is that which can be objectively grasped and measured, whereas the body (as a subjectively sensed body) is not accessible to such objectification procedures. One has a body, while one is body. This body-body difference is very much the focus in recent scholarly debates in the cultural, social and neurosciences." (translated from:

12 The Mixing Desk Principle is a concept of Democratic Leadership and empowers all participants to take responsibility for themselves in joint learning processes and creativity-centred projects. The concept of Democratic Leadership, [...], is based on an inclusive learning culture and explicitly brings the concept of LEADERSHIP – as a basic condition for democratic ways of working – to the fore. Leadership (towards maturity) is here clearly distinguished from the concept of HERRSCHAFT and from hierarchically conceived ways of working. The concept is based on the diversity that actually exists and aims to constructively strengthen the diversity of the potentials of all participants."; cf. also Maike Plath (2018).

13 Darstellendes Spiel is a (theatre-related) subject in German secondary schools. In English speaking countries the equivalent terms drama or theatre tend to be used. Darstellendes Spiel is the third aesthetic school subject in Germany, along with music and art, that has theater and performance as its subject matter. There has been a tendency for some time to replace the term Darstellendes Spielwith the term Theater.

14 The term Drama in education refers to an academic discipline with a specific focus on the theory and practice of teaching (through) drama in educational contexts. The term drama can refer to the art form of drama, drama as a school subject and also to a method for exploring subjects and issues across the curriculum; see, for example, B.J. Wagner (1988).

15 Im deutschen Sprachraum wird als Entsprechung für DIE meist der Begriff Dramapädagogik verwendet.

16 The term Bildung is difficult to translate into English; in the German language, Bildung "in a broader sense refers to the development of a person in terms of his or her personality [...]. A characteristic of education, which can be taken from almost all modern educational theories, can be paraphrased as the reflected relationship to oneself, to others and to the world." (translated from:

17 "Drama is characterised by certain features that give it its unique power. These may be called the elements of drama. They are: belief, role and character, action, place, time, tension, significance, genre."  From: Primary School Curriculum: Drama – Arts Education Teacher Guidelines (, p. 8

18 A fly system, or theatrical rigging system, is a system of rope lines, blocks (pulleys), counterweights and related devices within a theater that enables a stage crew to fly (hoist) quickly, quietly and safely components such as curtains, lights, scenery, stage effects and, sometimes, people. (

19 In the discourse of cultural studies in German-speaking countries, a differentiation between interculturality and transculturality has emerged. The former denotes a relationship between different cultural positions, the latter sees this as an inadmissible definition and juxtaposition, emphasizing instead an overarching connection; on this, see Fernando Ortiz (2015); Wolfgang Welsch (1992).

20 Legislative Theatre was developed from Forum Theater by Augusto Boal "during his time as Vereador (councilman or senator) of the city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil from 1991 to 1996" and "serves to democratize politics through theatre [...] The issues were: environment, geriatric medicine, disability rights, discrimination against homosexuals, landless movement, women's issues, domestic violence, AIDS prevention." Translated from:
Boal's method is further developed and practiced today by Michal Wrentschur, artistic director of InterACT, Workshop for Theater and Socioculture in Graz, and Jens Clausen and Harald Hahn with the Legislative Theater Berlin, which tries to involve citizens in political processes, especially legislative processes.

21The term refers to a state of in-betweenness, in theatre-related contexts especially to the state of being between the fictitious and the real world at the same time. For a more nuanced explanation of the term see an article by leading Drama in Education scholar Gavin Bolton (1985).

22 In textual studies, a palimpsest (/ˈpælɪmpsɛst/) is a manuscript page, either from a scrollor a book, from which the text has been scraped or washed off so that the page can be reused for another document. From:

23 In performance as research (PaR) or scenic research, performative methods and means are used to enable reflections and insights through aesthetic processes beyond the traditional purely discursive work.

24 In performance as research (PaR) or performative research performative methods and means are used to enable reflections and insights through aesthetic processes that go beyond the traditional purely discursive work.

25 In this context see Manfred Schewe's attempt to capture the different layers of meaning of the term performative:

26 The term peripheral vision refers to an attentive visual perception of all events, characters, and objects that are not  in the focus of the performers, but rather in the periphery of their perspectives.

27 A rake or raked stage is a theatre stage that slopes upwards, away from the audience. Such a design was typical of English theatre in the Middle Ages and early Modern era, and improves the view and sound for spectators. (

28 "An important, pivotal role is represented in picture form or diagram 'on the wall', information is read or added as the drama progresses". J. Neelands/T. Goode (2008:22).

29 In contrast to a flat character that is relatively uncomplicated and is not changing much throughout a play, a round character is a character whose personality, background, motives, and other features are fully developed by the playwright.

30 A place in a theatre where scenery is stored, usually near the stage.

31 Hot-seating is a drama strategy in which a character or characters, played by the teacher or a student, are interviewed by the rest of the group. It invites participants to recount a specific event, explore motivation and multiple perspectives/experiences related to a theme, topic, event, or idea within a story.

32 We wish to thank Ger Fitzgibbon for the following comment: "In texts before the middle of the 19C, for instance, it would have been usual to present the Dramatis Personae ranked according to gender and social class (all the men before all the women; both groups ranked according to social class, starting with the most socially powerful characters and moving down the social scale).  This arrangement breaks up somewhat during the latter half of the nineteenth century.  In English texts, perhaps reflecting the highly-codified stratification of the society portrayed, we would probably use a term like “social rank”."

33 The station drama is a form of drama in which the individual scenes or images are loosely strung together and, above all, connected to one another by the protagonist of the play. The station is part of the drama form of the open drama and is in contrast to building a classic in record structured rule drama . The individual stages of the plot stand side by side in isolation and on an equal footing, without building on one another, forming a causal chain of events or a continuous arc of tension. From:

34 The category of Theatralitätsgefüge (theatricality structure) was developed by Rudolf Münz. In society there are different forms of theatre: besides theatre as art and theatre as extra-artistic human behaviour (rites, festivals, celebrations, social role-playing, etc.), there is non-theatre, i.e. the fundamental rejection and prevention of theatre, as well as counter-theatre, which opposes the other established forms of theatre. All four forms of theatre together constitute theatricality in a specific time and place; see Rudolf Münz (1998).

35 "The term trackwork, in reference to the tracks of a mixing console, refers to the separate treatment of the levels of expression in theatre. A distinction is to be made between a separation in the work process through the independent development of sound and image tracks, for example, and a trackwork aesthetic of the performance itself, which does not necessarily result from the corresponding work process, but often goes back to it. The impression of track separation in a performance is thereby based primarily on the lack of semantic connections between the levels of expression." David Roesner (2003: 235)

Note on the development of the glossary

Due to the digital form of publication in Scenario and on the homepage of the Gesellschaft für Theaterpädagogik (www., this glossary is not only accessible at any time, but can also be corrected and expanded. Furthermore, it is very desirable to expand the glossary by including also other languages to facilitate as much intercultural exchange as possible in the field of performative arts and pedagogy. 

Changes will be made by an advisory board once a year, so that the glossary is in a constant state of development. In view of constantly new developments in terms of homepage design and apps, the board will also consider if an additional digital form of presentation might be appropriate at a certain point in time.

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