Drama Pedagogy in Foreign Language Teaching

30 September-03 October 2009 | Universität Leipzig, Germany

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Drama Pedagogy in Foreign Language Teaching is the focus of Working Group 9 of the Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Fremdsprachenforschung.

In the shadow of the 'big' topics of foreign language didactics (eg media use, multilingualism, standards, competences, evaluation and transition), an area of ​​application has developed over the past one and a half decades - and with the publication of the online journal SCENARIO ( Journal for Drama and Theater in Foreign and Second Language Education ) has also been established in March 2007 - which can be termed ' Applied Drama / Theater ' or 'Drama Pedagogy'. The potential of this kind of working in foreign language teaching is in particular for the intercultural learning and personality development of learners towards intercultural speakersenormous and by no means limited to dealing with literary texts. Rather, drama pedagogical procedures can be very fruitfully used to develop communicative skills, bilingual learning, and preparation for stays abroad.

In this AG we would like to discuss the manifold potential of the Applied Theater for foreign language teaching. The first afternoon will focus on theoretical contributions, with one of the leading representatives of drama pedagogy in the field of foreign language didactics (Manfred Schewe, Cork) giving an introductory lecture. On the second afternoon, the dramapädagogische practice is at the center of the AG work. Here we offer a forum in which empirical research or dramapädagogische projects that have arisen in school practice, are presented and discussed.


Department of German & Department of Theatre – University College Cork

Scenario Editorial Office, Department of German, Alfred O'Rahilly Building, Main Campus, University College Cork,