In this section we will present Scenario-related materials in different languages.
In October 2020 a start was made with the translation of Scenario articles into Italian. We wish to expressly thank Serena Cecco for facilitating the translation projects at her institution, Scuola Superiore per Mediatori Linguistici CIELS. 

Campus CIELS offers BA and MA courses of Interpreting and Translation Studies in Padua, Brescia and Rome complemented by specific and specialised courses in different areas: diplomacy, criminology and social sciences, business and marketing, and tourism. In the last 10 years, it has offered an innovative translation training programme with a focus on real-life situations (simulated and enacted).



1. Manfred Schewe (2013): Tra passato, presente e futuro: pedagogia drammatica, verso una cultura didattica performativa  

Translation by Alessandra Angelini and Serena Cecco – Taking stock (Schewe 2013)

The original English version of the article can be accessed at: 


2. Manfred Schewe & Fionn Woodhouse (2018): 

Sviluppi nella Didattica Performativa della Lingua Straniera: l’immagine fissa e l’insegnante come Formmeister (maestro della forma)

Translation by Mia Agostini and Serena Secco – Form Master (Schewe - Woodhouse) - Italian Translation

The original English version of the article can be accessed at:


3. André Bastian (2018):

“La mia lingua, parte del tuo Paese”
Come rafforzare il senso di appartenenza: l’insegnamento bidirezionale delle lingue attraverso il Process Drama e il Teacher-in-Role

Translation by Caterina Meggiolaro and Serena Cecco. Click here: Andre Bastian

The original English version of the article can be accessed at: Volume XII, Issue 1, 2018, doi:10.33178/scenario.12.1.2





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