Performative Teaching, Learning and Research

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  The Forum is associated with UCC's 

Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Performance Practices

The Forum aims to pave the way towards
a performative teaching and learning culture.

Objectives include:

  • To encourage interdisciplinary collaboration within and beyond UCC, including especially the creative arts sector
  • To build on existing links with institutions in different parts of the world and establish an international network of researchers and practitioners
  • To carry out, organize and publish research, supporting especially research projects which aim at developing innovative performative approaches to teaching and learning
  • To collaborate with practitioners in order to develop and evaluate models of best performative teaching and learning practice
  • To organize workshops, seminars, in-service teacher training courses and international conferences
  • To run Continuous Professional Development courses for specific target groups
  • To initiate/assist with international staff and student exchanges
  • To disseminate information about performative teaching and learning through its peer-reviewed Online Journal SCENARIO,
    the SCENARIO book series and other channels
  • To promote intercultural dialogue in the area of drama and theatre pedagogy

For details regarding SCENARIO FORUM's conference 2017 click here


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