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Going Performative in Intercultural Education

Going Performative in Intercultural Education

Going Performative in Intercultural Education: International Contexts, Theoretical Perspectives and Models of Practice

Editors: John Crutchfield, Manfred Schewe
Formats: Ebook, EPUB, Hardcover
Publication date: August 2017
Publisher, City: Multilingual Matters, Bristol (Publisher page)
Language: English


A most timely publication. Going Performative in Intercultural Education provides important impulses for thought and action. Crutchfield and Schewe have compiled an impressive collection of theoretical and practical approaches by international scholars, practitioners, teacher trainers, and artists. The contributions demonstrate the transformative potential that ‘going performative’ possesses for intercultural education. After reading this volume, one wonders how intercultural education could ever not be performative.

- Prof. Barbara Schmenk, University of Waterloo, Canada


Department of German & Department of Theatre – University College Cork

Scenario Editorial Office, Department of German, Alfred O'Rahilly Building, Main Campus, University College Cork,