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In addition to the SCENARIO JOURNAL we will in the future also make book publications available to scholars, teachers and drama&theatre pedagogy practitioners.  

Our SCENARIO BOOK SERIES in cooperation with with the Berlin SCHIBRI VERLAG ( presents new research projects and aims at the promotion of intercultural dialogue in the area of drama&theatre pedagogy.

About the SCENARIO Book Series

This book series has been conceived as a complement to SCENARIO Journal ( with the goal to promote and stimulate the intercultural dialogue within drama and theatre pedagogy. Since its inception in 2007, SCENARIO has been a forum for the investigation and discussion of the role of drama and theatre in language, literature, and culture education.

Further substantiation of both theory and practice of performative teaching, learning, and research is the focal point of this book series. Publications are not limited to second and foreign language education. We welcome contributions from researchers, teachers and artists from related disciplines and practical professions to (but not limited to) the following topics:

  • The dialectic relationship between the arts and education: What – and how – can teachers and students learn from professional practitioners from drama/theatre, film/new media, music, dance, visual arts? And what can artists learn from pedagogy?  
  • Performative approaches, genres and practices within a specific discipline, art form, or field of practice
  • Particular characteristics of specific performative approaches
  • Performative teaching and learning practice: What are the roles of and challenges for teachers, researchers, artists, practitioners? What are the effects on students, audience, participants?
  • Theoretical perspectives on performative teaching and learning within the educational discourse
  • Performative teaching, learning, and research from interdisciplinary perspectives
  • Past, present, and future research into aspects of performative teaching and learning.
  • Performative research methods
  • Performative approaches in bi- and multilingual education contexts
  • Culture-specific performative traditions and their applications in artistic and pedagogical contexts
  • Intercultural and post-colonial perspectives on performative teaching and learning approaches.

The Editors

Susanne Even & Manfred Schewe



For details see list of (planned) volumes below.

We also plan to make Online Book Publications (PdF and E-Book formats) available soon. Further information to follow. 


LIST OF PUBLICATIONS in cooperation with the SCHIBRI VERLAG, Berlin 

Volume I (January 2012)

Stephen Boyd/Manfred Schewe (2012)

Welttheater: übersetzen, adaptieren, inszenieren - World Theatre: translation, adaptation, production.

For details, including information on how to order this volume, see the publisher's site


Text on Book Cover:

What actually is world theatre? Who is involved, and where and how is it performed? The authors provide answers by initially focusing on Spanish Baroque playwright, Calderón de la Barca’s El gran teatro del mundo (1636). His ‘literary cathedral’ continues to fascinate theatre makers around the globe, and particularly in Einsiedeln/Switzerland. This community’s world theatre tradition is highlighted with special emphasis on Thomas Hürlimann’s Calderón-adaptation, Das Einsiedler Welttheater (2007), an example of world theatre that is highly relevant to audiences today. The authors contribute to the discussion of cultural transfer in drama and theatre by providing insights into how this leading Swiss writer’s play was translated and adapted for performances in Cork/Ireland (2010). By providing the text of the original play side by side with its English translation, and through their extensive commentary, the authors seek to make Hürlimann’s play known beyond the German-speaking countries and, by using the unique Einsiedeln ‘Community Theatre’-model as an example, to stimulate an intercultural dialogue about different forms of world theatre – in the field of theatre practice as well as in teaching and research. 


Volume II (June 2016)

Micha Fleiner

Performancekünste im Hochschulstudium  

Transversale Sprach-, Literatur- und Kulturerfahrungen in der fremdsprachlichen Lehrerbildung


‌‌‌Text on Book Cover:

Der vorliegende Band versteht sich als Beitrag zum Auf- und Ausbau ei­ner performativen Lehr-, Lern- und Forschungskultur im Bereich der hoch­schulischen Fremd- und Zweitsprachenvermittlung. Im interdiskursiven Beziehungsgeflecht zwischen Fremdsprache, Ästhetik, Performativität und Hochschuldidaktik wurzelnd, wendet sich die Arbeit der Leitfrage zu, aus welchen Gründen und auf welchen Wegen die universitäre Fremd­sprachenlehrerbildung eine fachinhaltliche Bereicherung um kunst-, per­formance- und improvisationsaffine Formen des Lehrens und Lernens erfahren sollte.


Volume III (June 2016)

Susanne Even & Manfred Schewe  (Eds.)

 Performative Teaching, Learning, Research – Performatives Lehren, Lernen, Forschen.



A bilingual (German-English) publication which contains keynote contributions to the SCENARIO FORUM 2014 conference (for conference details click here). 

Text on Book Cover:

When I first heard the phrase “performative teaching and learning” I was reminded of a quote from Wittgenstein that “a new word is like a fresh seed thrown on the ground of the discussion.” These are the opening words of an article in this volume of the SCENARIO book series, whose goal it is to advance the intercultural dialogue within drama and theatre pedagogy. The six contributions to this anthology, in both English and German, explore performative teaching, learning, and research from multiple perspectives: general education, foreign language didactics, as well as drama and theatre pedagogy. Since the word “performative” features in many languages, we advocate its use – particularly in intercultural contexts – to characterise approaches to teaching, learning, and research that emerge from the dynamic interplay of pedagogy and the performing arts.


Other Scenario-related publications which might be of interest:


Book Cover - Crutchfield & Schewe

This book, edited by John Crutchfield (Free University of Berlin) and Manfred Schewe (UCC), was published by Multilingual Matters in August 2017.

On the book cover Prof. Barbara Schmenk, University of Waterloo/Canada, comments:

“A most timely publication. Going Performative in Intercultural Education provides important impulses for thought and action. Crutchfield and Schewe have compiled an impressive collection of theoretical and practical approaches by international scholars, practitioners, teacher trainers, and artists. The contributions demonstrate the transformative potential that ‘going performative’ possesses for intercultural education. After reading this volume, one wonders how intercultural education could ever not be performative.”

The book is also available as an EBook, for further details see:


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