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UCC Recruitment Fair attracts more than 100 companies

9 Oct 2019

UCC Graduate Recruitment Fair 2019 took place on Wednesday 9th October 2019 in the Mardyke Arena. This is the largest recruitment event of the year and is hosted by UCC Career Services. This year 114 graduate employers were available to meet with students and to offer career advice and job opportunities.

Now well established at UCC, the annual Recruitment Fair takes place at the start of the academic ear. The event is open to students in all years and is a great way for students across all disciplines to meet with recruiters. It provides an opportunity for students to connect with recruiters, find out more about companies, learn about career opportunities, and expand their understanding of the knowledge and skills that employers look for in recruits. The format of this event is exhibition style, with each organisation having their own stand and company representatives available to answer student's queries. With so many top employers all in one venue, this event is an invaluable opportunity for students to have face to face conversations and get in depth information on different careers and job roles and find out “the know-how” and “how to” about their application processes, and to hunt for graduate jobs (and for penultimate year students to find out about internships). This year, the 114 employers spanned a range of disciplines including business, communications, science and technology, management, graphic design, human resources, marketing sales.

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