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Sarah Drummond wins prize at The Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland (RAMI) Biomedical Sciences Meeting 2021

3 Feb 2021

The Biomedical Section of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland (RAMI) meeting took place virtually on the 3rd February 2021. The meeting was organised by Dr. Katherine Howell (Section President) and Dr. Jeffery Glennon (Section Secretary), University College Dublin (UCD).

Ms Sarah Drummond received a prize for the best short communication based on her doctoral research which examined respiratory dysfunction in a mouse model of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Syndrome (OSAS). Sarah’s talk was entitled: “The Role Of NADPH Oxidase-2 In Chronic Intermittent Hypoxia-Induced Respiratory System Dysfunction In Adult Mice”.


The Department of Physiology was well represented at the meeting by way of 9 Oral Communications by PhD trainees and academic staff in the department:


“Plasma Leptin Is Increased By Immune Activation In Rat Pups Following Neonatal Oxygen Dysregulation”

M Casacao, KM O'Connor, EM Dempsey, KD O'Halloran, FB McDonald


“Understanding The Contribution Of NADPH Oxidase To Diaphragm Muscle Weakness In Dystrophin-Deficient mdx Mice”

AD Slyne, SE Drummond, D Cussen, K D O’Halloran, DP Burns


“Pharyngeal Dilator Muscle Weakness In Pre-Symptomatic ALS Mice”

DP Burns, AD Slyne, KD O’Halloran


“Investigating The Effects Of Acute High Altitude Exposure And Arterial Blood Gas Manipulation On Neurovascular Coupling In Humans”

JK Leacy, DP Burns, N Jendzjowsky, C Braun, B Herrington, RJA Wilson, T Vermeulen, G Foster, A Rosenberg, G Anderson, C Rickards, EF Lucking, KD O’Halloran, TA Day


“Baroreflex Control Of Renal Sympathetic Nerve Activity And Kidney Function Following Exposure To Intermittent Hypoxia In Rats”

S ALMarabeh, J O'Neill, J Cavers, EF Lucking, KD O'Halloran, MH Abdulla


“Chronic Intermittent Hypoxia Blunts Renal Sympathetic Nerve Activation By Intrapelvic Bradykinin In Rats”

S ALMarabeh, EF Lucking, KD O’Halloran, MH Abdulla


“The Role Of NADPH Oxidase 2 In Chronic Intermittent Hypoxia-Induced Respiratory System Dysfunction In Adult Mice”

SE Drummond, DP Burns, V Healy, KD O'Halloran Department of Physiology, UCC


“Compensation Afforded By Accessory Muscles Of Breathing Is Lost In Advanced Dystrophic Disease”

KD O'Halloran, DP Burns


“Assessment Of Respiratory EMG And Motor Unit Behaviour In The MDX Mouse Model Of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy”

K Murphy, D Burns, I Cahill, EF Lucking, KD O'Halloran


Congratulations to the meeting organisers and attendees on a very successful virtual meeting!




Physiology Department


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