Evening BCL Degree

Evening BCL

Applications for the next cycle of the Evening BCL, 2017-2021 are now being accepted.

Full details of the application process are available here.

Alternatively, if you are considering the study of law at undergraduate level, please check out our full-time day programmes (here) or, if full-time is not an option, please check out flexi-options (here), which may suit better.

Thank you for your interest!

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Evening BCL Degree - what and who?

What is the Evening BCL?

The Evening BCL Degree at University College Cork is the longest running and most successful programme of its kind in Ireland.  Another four-year cycle of the programme, leading to a BCL degree, is planned to commence in September 2017 (subject to sufficient numbers).

After completing the first two years of study, students will be awarded a Diploma in Law (Dip. L.).  Although a student may decide to end his or her studies at this point, in practice the majority of students remain on to complete the BCL Degree Programme over a further two years.

Who should apply?

Applications are welcomed from those who have not yet had the opportunity to pursue third-level education, as well from graduates in other disciplines.  Applicants must be aged 21 years as of 1st January 2017.  The programme will be of interest to, amongst others, those who wish:

  • to enhance career prospects, whether in existing employment or a new career
  • to acquire an insight into the application of law to business, current affairs and society generally
  • to improve reasoning, communication and analytical skills

Many of our graduates are successfully practicing solicitors and barristers.  Others use the degree to open up new opportunities for their careers in other fields.  In addition to the professional rewards, students find the course intellectually stimulating and enriching.

Evening BCL Programme Director: Professor John Mee (j.mee@ucc.ie)

Administrator: Dympna O'Donovan (d.o'donovan@ucc.ie)

Delivery of Programme

Lectures and tutorials for the first and second years of the course will normally be given on three evenings per week (each student having roughly eight hours of lectures and tutorials per week).  In addition, a student is expected to spend considerable amounts of time on private study, both in the UCC Law Library and at home.  In the third and fourth years, timetables vary depending on the optional courses taken and may well spread over four evenings.  This is a guide only, as the lecture and tutorial timetables are subject to change from year to year.

Current lecture timetables can be viewed here and module-by-module tutorial timetables here.

Core Modules

The core modules covered in the EBCL are:

  • Introduction to the Legal System
  • Constutional Law
  • Law of Contract
  • Legal Research and Writing
  • Legal Skills and Analysis
  • Moot Court
  • Law of the European Union
  • Equity
  • Jurisprudence
  • Essay

For further details on the course structure, elective modules and module descriptors, please see the Undergraduate Calendar.


“When I returned to UCC, I quickly got the sense that the unique atmosphere and sense of belonging was very much alive in UCC.  The University does have the unique quality, which isn’t always apparent in some of the other institutions with which I am familiar.  This, I believe, is very important, as it helps to create a good learning environment.  The experience of this mature student in the Faculty of Law has been, to date, a very positive one, and that is attributable in no small way to the members of staff and the tutors who are always so supportive.  The fact that some course notes are now available on the web is a tremendous help.  I hope mature students will continue to sign up to the evening law course and feel as fulfilled as I do.”

“A law degree over four years at night, while working as well, is tough, but it is really rewarding.  In the two and a half years I have been in the class so far, I have learnt more about myself, I think, than possibly about the subjects I am studying.  In addition, I have made some really good friends.  Law is fascinating, and I would recommend the UCC Evening law Degree course to anyone, especially Mature students.  The EBCL degree course is the best thing I have done for ‘Me’ in years.”

Fee Information


The School of Law UCC operates a fee concession scheme for registered students on the Evening BCL degree, providing financial assistance in the form of a contribution by the School towards a successful applicant’s fees in any given academic year.

The fee concession will be awarded for one academic year.  It may be awarded in subsequent academic years if the candidate’s circumstances continue to warrant it, providing that the candidate has passed the previous year’s examinations and subject to the continued availability of funding in the School of Law.  Applications for the Evening BCL Fee Concession Scheme must be made on an annual basis.

Amounts awarded may vary, according to financial need, and the total fund available. The maximum amount of any fee concession awarded will not exceed 50% of the fee for that academic year.

Applications forms are available to download School of Law EBCL Fee Concession Form 2017-18 or from the Office of the Dean, School of Law, UCC.

Fee Concessions will usually be confined to persons who are in receipt of welfare payments.  All information provided in the application form will be treated in strictest confidence.

Please ensure that all sections of the form are fully completed. NB Please include evidence of Social Welfare entitlements if in receipt of same (See Section II Question 9.)

Applications for Evening BCL fee concession on the basis of financial need should be submitted to:

Evening BCL Fee Concession Scheme

c/o Lisa Brennan

Office of the Dean,

School of Law,


The closing date for applications is 5pm on Friday 22nd September 2017.  Applications received after this date will not be considered.

Successful applicants will be informed in September/October 2017 and the fee concession is normally applied to the second fee instalment due at the end of January 2018. 

Please note that the fee concession will only be applied after the student has paid the first instalment fees in full. Failure to pay the first instalment of fees owed by 31st January 2018 will mean forfeiting the concession from the School of Law and the student will be liable for the full fees owing.

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