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UCC School of Law’s Dr Henrietta Zeffert visits School of Law at Masaryk University, Brno, Czechia

26 Sep 2023

Dr Henrietta Zeffert visited the School of Law at Masaryk University, Brno, Czechia, through the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Teaching programme. 

Masaryk is the leading law school in Czechia and is also a new partner for UCC School of Law. Henrietta taught a three day intensive module in alternative dispute resolution, focusing on mediation, to 30 undergraduate law students.

This module, designed specifically for this teaching mobility, takes an international comparative approach to alternative dispute resolution, focusing on Europe, the UK and Australia. Students acquire an understanding of the political debates surrounding the movement to ADR, comparing attitudes to ADR across jurisdictions and examining different legislative approaches. Students consider contemporary issues such as the use of technology in ADR, the desirability of mandatory mediation, and the role of the trial. An important feature of this module is that it examines the interface between theory and practice. This module reflects the increasing importance and popularity of ADR but acknowledges the problems, legal and political, that must be addressed to ensure just outcomes for disputants as well as broader society-wide benefits in reducing conflict and deepening empathy, recognition and respect between disputants.

Dr Zeffert was delighted to have the opportunity to be involved in Erasmus+ teaching mobility with Masaryk as a new partner for UCC School of Law. Dr Zeffert’s teaching mobility promotes cultural understanding and exchange in the field of alternative dispute resolution teaching and learning, which in turn will enhance diversity and effectiveness of ADR in practice. Dr Zeffert brings back to UCC a richer multi-jurisdictional and inter-cultural understanding of ADR following her visit to Masaryk.

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