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Activist and musician Sir Bob Geldof presented with the Mutatio Factorem award by UCC Law Society

13 Oct 2022

Translated from ‘change maker’, The Mutatio Factorem Award is given to people who have brought about significant change and inspiration.

UCC welcomed Sir Bob Geldof to campus on 12th October 2022.  The musician and activist visited the President’s Office on Wednesday evening where he met with Professor John O’Halloran, UCC President, signed the Visitors’ Book and was presented with a copy of 'The Atlas of The Great Irish Famine' published by Cork University Press.


Sir Geldof was in Cork for the presentation of the Mutatio Factorem Award by UCC’s Law Society. The Mutatio Factorem ‘change maker’ Award is given to people who have in their career and or life brought about significant change and inspiration in their industry or area of work or through their own personal life.


Founded by former President Mary Robinson, who was the first recipient of the award, Bob Geldof is the third person to be honoured with the Mutatio Factorem Award, following actor Stephen Fry, who received the award last year. 

Melissa Ferris, Auditor, UCC Law Society said:

'It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to present the first Mutatio Factorum Award of the 93rd Session to Sir Bob Geldof. This award was established to recognise the work and achievements of those who have been the influence of change to society in their careers and lives. It very much follows the core value of the School of Law of ‘shaping a just society’. On behalf of the Law Society, we are delighted to engage with the Law School in promoting this message. The Law Society is very grateful to Sir Bob Geldof for coming to UCC to proudly accept the award. I would like to extend a thank you to Bailey for the work he put in to organise this award, Professor Mark Poustie and the School of Law for their support, Dr. Dug Cubie for his contribution to the event, and the Executive Committee of the Law Society for their tireless work.'

Bailey Lane, Ex-Officio, UCC Law Society said:

'The Mutatio Factorem award was one I founded last year with the UCC Law Society and the UCC Law School and loosely translates to ‘change-maker’. The award was founded by former President Mary Robinson and was also awarded last year to Stephen Fry. This award is given to individuals who we believe have been significant change makers in their lives and careers and have inspired the future generation of change makers. We chose Sir Bob Geldof as our third recipient given his outstanding contributions in his life to music, media and political activism. From his work with Band Aid, Live Aid and the ONE campaign to name a few, Bob has been an inspiration and a voice for the voiceless throughout his life and career and is more than worthy of this award. I was honoured to present him with this award and express my gratitude to the Law Society, Law School and the college for all their help and support in making this happen.'

The event was supported by the UCC School of Law and chaired by Dug Cubie.

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