Susan Courtney (BComm (European) with Italian, 2004; HDIP BFIS, 2005)

'After I graduated from the BComm (European) Degree I went on to study towards a Higher Diploma in Business and Financial Information Systems in UCC. I am currently working in Group Finance for AIB in Dublin. I was offered a place on their Graduate Programme as a Trainee Accountant in April 2005 and started working in September after heading to Boston for the summer.

'The Finance Department's main responsibility is to produce timely and accurate information that meets AIB Group's external statutory financial reporting obligations worldwide and that complies with the most recent accounting literature in each of its reporting environments. We are responsible for the Annual Report and Media Release of AIB. Currently I am involved in looking after the statutory accounts for the Polish division and part of the UK division. So you never know, I might try my hand at Polish next!

'I am just after finishing my first year-end with AIB. It was an experience to say the least! January and February were fairly hectic getting everything done in such a short space of time. I was thrown in at the deep end a bit, but it was an opportunity to learn a lot in a short period of time. Everyone in my department is really friendly and helpful so it made the transition from college to work really easy. Within the Graduate Programme there are four workshops and an induction course so you get to meet all the other graduates. The social side is fab…plenty of nights out which usually start off in our local "Paddy Cullens". We also went paintballing in Wicklow in November …it was great craic…Ice skating then in December…Other notable days would be the Christmas lunch and our Hollywood themed Christmas party where we had guest appearances from Superman, the Pink Ladies and, last but not least, our very own male Laura Croft!

'I have also just started studying towards the CIMA (Management Accounting) qualification…..so I'm back for more punishment!!

'I would definitely recommend the BComm (European) degree. The class sizes are small for the language modules, so it makes it so much easier to get to know not only other students from the BComm, but also Language and Cultural Studies and Arts Students. It offers you a great opportunity to travel and the year abroad is a great experience. There is very good support from the Italian Department. Having different language skills makes students more attractive to employers, as does the fact that we all survived the trials and tribulations that go with any year abroad! From my interview with AIB managers they were impressed at the fact that we spend a year studying abroad, so definitely try and use it to your advantage during interviews!

'Overall doing the BComm (European) Degree in UCC was a brilliant experience both socially and academically. You make great lifelong friends. Make the most of it because the four years fly by (seriously they do!).' (March 2006)


John O'Sullivan (BComm (European) with Italian, 2005)

'I am now working in Citco, up in the Airport Business Park. I'm in the Transfers Department and what we basically do is ensure that all the rules set by transfer agents are adhered to in share transfers. As many transfer agents operate out of Italy, I'm using my Italian on a daily basis. (Conveniently, it's mainly the Italian Transfer Agents that don't speak English). The company is also planning to dramatically increase its staff over the next year which might be of interest to some of this year's graduates.' (January 2006)

Department of Italian


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