Gender Equality Action Plan

Gender Equality Action Plan

GENOVATE's Gender Equality Action Plan for UCC includes nine gender equality actions, eight of which the University Management Team committed to implementing at its meeting on the 17 September 2015, and the action 1b on 8 March 2017. 

The nine actions are complemented and reinforced by tools for supporting implementation. 

Both the actions and the tools are informed by the following: 

(i) an intra-organisational investigation—or gender equality assessment—of policy and practice;
(ii) the technical knowledge and expertise of cross-European GENOVATE Consortium partners; and 
(iii) a rigorous review and analysis of international policy and practice.  

The nine actions are listed below; each action is accompanied by a briefing note summarising its rationale and content. 

Action 1a: Integrate gender equality actions and targets into annual & five-year University strategic planning processes & outcomes. 

See briefing note and infographic respectively, NoteAction1a. and 5reasonsand briefing note on proposed lead action to for Strategic Plan 2017-22, StrategicPlan2017-2022.LeadAction. .

Proposed Action 1b: Establish a structural focal point for equality in the University.

See briefing note, NoteAction1b

Action 2: Conduct a periodic gender audit of University policy and practice regarding staffing & employment. 

See briefing note, NoteAction2.

Action 3: Integrate gender equality monitoring into University recruitment, selection & promotion procedures. 

See briefing note NoteAction3.

Action 4: Ensure gender equality is integrated into all required University training & extend gender equality training to all staff. 

See briefing note NoteAction4.

Action 5: Establish a cross University working group on managing maternity/family leave. 

See briefing and research notes respectively, NoteAction5.); ResearchNote5

Action 6: Adopt & implement recommendations to promote gender balance in strategic University decision-making bodies.

See briefing note, NoteAction6.NoteAction6.


Action 7: Establish a University Code of practice on Gender Equality and Research Excellence. 

See briefing and research notes respectively, NoteAction7 ResearchNote7.


Action 8: Integrate gender equality monitoring into University innovation systems & centres. 

See briefing note, NoteAction8.


For an overview of the research and actions see respectively Action or for more in-depth information seResearch Briefing Notes and Working Paper Series.



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