The Ageing research cluster brings together researchers with interests in social aspects of ageing, from a wide range of disciplines, including Adult and Continuing Education, Applied Social Studies, Architecture, Economics, Epidemiology and Public Health, Nursing and Midwifery, Occupational Sciences, Medicine and Music.

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Cluster Aims

  • To contribute to positive, active constructions of ageing within Irish society
  • To make a significant contribution to ageing research nationally and internationally
  • To deliver research on ageing that transcends disciplinary boundaries in order to address the multi-factorial influences on the experience of ageing
  • To develop research capacity and excellence within UCC in regard to ageing research and to demonstrate this through the development of novel methodological approaches
  • To foster strategic collaborative links and partnerships with key stakeholders including national and international research centres and civil society organisations
  • To support the translation of research into effective policy and practice

 Cluster Objectives

  • To facilitate interdisciplinarity within ageing research at UCC
  • To identify research priorities and themes within the cluster
  • To establish working groups within the cluster to address these specific research themes
  • To successfully obtain research funding to complete research projects
  • To facilitate consultation and participation within and beyond the cluster to ensure an inclusive research process
  • To support research capacity through peer review, skills development and networking.
  • To support the communication and dissemination of research findings to promote translation into effective policy and practice
  • Caregiving (including social care, informal care, social networks, daily activity)
  • Socio-economic issues, work, retirement and pensions
  • Successful ageing, quality of life, age-friendly society and intergenerational relations
  • Dementia
  • Lifelong learning and educational gerontology
  • Transitions in care (hospital/community interface)
  • Palliative care/advanced care
  • Built environment, inclusive design and design for dementia

Cluster members are involved in a wide range of research projects - go to Members' Profiles for more information.


Age, Income and Food

A recent project of the ISS21 Ageing Research Cluster was the Age, Income and Food project, funded by CARDI (Centre for Ageing Research and Development in Ireland).

For more information on the project: click here or here.

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