SHAPE (Society, Health and Political Economy)

The SHAPE research cluster brings together researchers with interests in interdisciplinary approaches to issues relating to health, food and wellbeing, from a wide range of disciplines, including Applied Social Studies, Epidemiology and Public Health, General Practice, Geography, Medicine, Occupational Sciences and Occupational Therapies.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To support and promote critical, social scientific and cross-disciplinary health research within UCC.
  • To combine research interests and collaborate in research projects, seminars, publications and funding calls.
  • To combine different research methodologies and expand Irish health research in innovative directions.
  • To highlight the social, economic, philosophical and political dimensions of health and healthcare.
  • To impact on Irish health policy by conducting policy relevant health research.

Cluster Events

Evidence Amalgamation Workshop, May 2019

On 10 May 2019 the SHAPE research cluster hosted a full-day workshop on evidence amalgamation, with Irish and international presenters including Louise Caffrey (Trinity College, Dublin); Hannah Jongsma (University College London); Ben Baumberg Geiger (University of Kent); and Jacob Stegenga (University of Cambridge).

Past, Present and Future of Patient Payment in the Irish Healthcare System, March 2019

This half-day workshop examined the role of different funding mechanisms for healthcare, with a view to informing policy-makers on a more equitable way forward. It provided multidisciplinary insights into the issue of paying for health in Ireland, drawing on a number of perspectives including economics, history, social policy and public health, while also drawing on international comparisons. Participants from Ireland, the UK and Spain presented eight papers on a range of topics including the history of universal health care; the costs of healthcare in contemporary Europe; paying for health in Ireland (historical and economic perspectives); and access to healthcare, private health insurance and inequity. Further details available here: paying for health care

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