Evidence Amalgamation Workshop

10 May 2019
Jacob Stegenga speaking at the Evidence Amalgamation Workshop

On 10 May the Society, Health and Political Economy (SHAPE) research cluster hosted a full-day workshop on evidence amalgamation, with Irish and international presenters. The event was organised by Eluska Fernandez (School of Applied Social Studies) and Katherine Furman (Department of Philosophy) and funded by the CACSSS interdisciplinary award.

Context for Workshop

Criticisms against randomised controlled trials as the most important source of evidence for policy are now well-established. But now that it is permissible to make use of many different types of evidence, how do we combine them to make policy? This was one of the key issues addressed in the course of the workshop.


  • How to best evaluate a whole-systems, nationwide, complex intervention in a complex system? Evaluating signs of safety in Ireland. Louise Caffrey (Trinity College, Dublin)
  • Why are ethnic minorities at increased risk of psychotic disorders? An epidemiologist's view of triangulating evidence to answer complex questions. Hannah Jongsma (University College London)
  • RCTs, mixed methods and the trustworthiness of social science. Ben Baumberg Geiger (University of Kent)
  • Debiasing inference. Jacob Stegenga (University of Cambridge)

Presentations were followed by a discussion on some of the main issues emerging from the workshop.  

Institute for Social Science in the 21st Century (ISS21)

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