SHAPE Seminar Series

Seminar Papers (2019)

‘On trusting neighbours more than experts: an Ebola case study’, Dr Katherine Furman (Department of Philosophy) 23 October 2019.

‘Discourses on nutrition: what do 11-year-old girls think of food?’, Dr Eluska Fernandez (Applied Social Studies) 19 June 2019.

‘Exclusion from healthcare in Spain: unethical and ineffective’, Professor Txetxu Ausin (Spanish National Research Council) 29 May 2019.

'Educational inequality and health inequality: a European analysis’, Dr Brendan McElroy and Dr Edel Walsh (Department of Economics) 8 May 2019.

‘The sociology of psychomedical torture’, Dr Myles Balfe (Department of Sociology & Criminology) 27 March 2019.

‘The scales and justice: the ethics of public health anti-obesity policies’, Margaret Steele (Department of Philosophy) 13 February 2019.

Institute for Social Science in the 21st Century (ISS21)

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