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Research Projects

Projects hosted/co-hosted by ISS21: 

National Funded Research Projects
EUROBORDERWALKS Walking Borders, Risk and Belonging: Advances in ethno-mimetic research in the making and re-making of three European borders 
CODA: A Hidden Minority Amongst the Majority
Education First? Lone parents’ lived experience of the challenges and benefits of participating in higher education 
SMILE - Sensors for monitoring isolation and loneliness among older people: New pathways for early identification and support
CareVisions - Envisioning a Care-Centred Society Within and Beyond COVID19 
Youth Volunteering: building capacity for the future
Volunteer Recognition: developing questions for the Irish Census
SocialPaths: Sex-specific socioeconomic pathways to cardiovascular disease risk across the life course.
HIA-IM - Development of a health impact assessment (HIA) implementation model: enhancing intersectoral approaches in tackling health inequalities
TOGETHER: Collaborating across Prison Walls and Borders: Researching the impacts of prison-university partnerships, North and South (2022-2024). 
TARA Project - Trauma, Attachment, Resilience into Action
Enabling Diverse Student Voice in UCC 
Imaging/Imagining Reproductive Crisis: Time-lapse microscopy, animation and fertility discourse
Deep Societal Innovation for Sustainability and Human Flourishing (2024-2028). Prof. Edmond Byrne (PI), Prof. Maggie O’Neill and Dr Ian Hughes (co-PIs). Funder: EPA. 
Internationally Funded Projects
INSPIRE - Intersectional Spaces of Participation: Inclusive, Resilient, Embedded
PRECNIGHTS - Precarity Amongst Women Migrant Nightworkers in Ireland (MSCA Fellowship)
P4PLAY - People, Place, Policy and Practice for Play (MSCA Innovative Training Network)
CoPPer: Cooperation to Promote a European Volunteering Programme in Probation Services (Erasmus+ project co-funded by the European Union)
MiEdC&E - Migrant Education: Challenges and Exclusion     
The External Voice in Defining an Engaged and Inclusive Institutional Research Culture: Engaged & Inclusive Research Culture Alliance (2023-25). Cross-university collaboration. Funder: Wellcome.

There are a number of benefits to linking a project to ISS21, including support with project applications. For detailed information on what is involved in affiliating a project to ISS21, please go to: ISS21 Projects Policy

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