Poverties, Social Justice and Inequalities

About the cluster

This is an interdisciplinary cluster whose primary aim is to facilitate and coordinate cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research informed by a commitment to social justice, equality and inclusion, in particular research that engages with and speaks to the radical democratic aspirations at the core of contemporary social movements challenging interconnected forms of hierarchy and domination. The cluster aims to prioritise research projects that include a strong activist and public engagement component.

Aims & Objectives
  • To establish an active and vocal research group that develops novel and important research projects informed by a commitment to social justice, equality, inclusion and fairness.
  • To engage with and participate in public debate around issues of poverty, social justice and equality.
  • To develop capacity to engage with relevant stakeholders and to research genuine social needs.
  • To build interdisciplinary links within and outside of academia.

Events & Projects

  • Cluster Events 2021

'Researching and Responding to Homelessness', November 2021

On 16 November 2021 the Poverties, Social Justice and Inequalities Cluster hosted a seminar on the issue of homelessness with guest speaker Fr Peter McVerry and a team of researchers from the School of Applied Social Studies, UCC - Joe Finnerty, Dr Margaret Buckley and Dr Mark Cullinane. Further details and a recording of the event are available here 

Joe Finnerty, 'Researching and Responding to Homelessness' seminar

  • Research Projects

ISS21 research projects linked to the themes of the cluster include:

In Transit? Documenting the Lived Experiences of Welfare, Working and Caring for One Parent Families Claiming Jobseeker’s Transitional Payment (2021-2022) Dr Fiona Dukelow (PI)

ENERGISE Enhancing the Transition to Energy Citizenship (2021-2022) Dr Olive McCarthy (PI) The focus of this project is on energy poverty and barriers and enablers to greater energy efficiency in low income homes.

Clean Slate: Understanding the Lived Experiences of Persons with Criminal Convictions and the Harms Resulting from Barriers to Employment, Training, and Education (2021-2022) Dr Katharina Swirak (PI)


If you are interested in joining the cluster, please contact the Cluster Leader, Dr. Angela Flynn (Angela.Flynn@ucc.ie) or the ISS21 Research Coordinator, Dr. Margaret Scanlon (m.scanlon@ucc.ie).

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