Age, Income and Food

A study of the socio-economic influences on food expenditure amongst community-dwelling older people in Ireland

Funder: Centre for Ageing Research and Development in Ireland

Project Team: Eleanor Bantry White, Siobhan Cusack, Teresa Wills, Caitriona Ni Laoire, Huan Yu (all UCC), Ian Shuttleworth (QUB)

Research Assistant: Dr. Huan Yu

This project, which is an initiative of the ISS21 Ageing Cluster, aims to contribute to knowledge of the socioeconomic determinants of diet among community-dwelling older people (over 65) in Ireland through analysis of existing official survey data on food expenditure.

The study extrapolates and summarises existing data available through the Household Budget Survey (Central Statistics Office) and the Living Costs and Food Survey (Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency).

This study will contribute to policy development with reference to the health and wellbeing of older people by enhancing understanding of the economic and social influences on food expenditure. Food expenditure is an important, albeit partial, indicator of diet, and income is recognised as a key factor. This study of food expenditure will inform the direction of future research by shedding further light on the role played by income. In so doing, the study will inform the continued development of income support and health policies that target older people.

For further details, contact: Eleanor Bantry White, School of Applied Social Studies and ISS21,; 021-4902271

Link to project details and report.

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