Cross-European Consortium

About the Consortium

The GENOVATE Consortium aims to promote  gender equality in research and innovation through its partner universities and beyond.

The partner universities are the University of BradfordLulea University of TechnologyAnkara UniversityUniversit√† degli Studi di NapoliTrnava University in Trnava and the University of Madrid.

The objective of the Consortium is twofold: supporting the development and implementation of Gender Equality Action Plans in six of its seven partner universities; and developing resources to inform and effect change for gender equality in higher education/research and innovation more broadly. (The University of Madrid is an internal evaluator.) 

 These resources are informed by the following: 

  • the technical expertise of partners on gender equality generally and in relation to higher education specifically; and 
  • their applied experience developing and implementing gender equality action plans in their respective universities. 

The resources are available here. 

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