Tools for Supporting Implementation of Gender Equality Actions

To support implementation of selected actions, GENOVATE @UCC has developed a number of tools. Like the actions, the tools are  informed by the following: 

(i) an intra-organisational investigation—or gender equality assessment—of policy and practice;
(ii) the technical knowledge and expertise of cross-European GENOVATE Consortium partners; and 
(iii) a rigourous review and analysis of international policy and practice.  

The tools include: 

Integrating Gender Equality Monitoring into University Recruitment, Selection & Promotion Procedures see Step by Step Guide

Guiding Principles for Managing and Organising Maternity Leave see Guiding Principles, Maternity Leave .

Measures for Supporting Gender Balance in Decision-Making see Measures.

Guiding Principles on Gender Equality and Research Excellence Assessments see Guiding Principles, Research Excellence

Structural, Process and Outcome Indicators for Supporting Gender Equality Monitoring in Innovation Centres see Indicators .

A Guide to Gender Proofing Research Projects see Guide ‌.

GENOVATE @UCC has also collaborated with cross-European Consortium partners in the development of complementary and broader resources see here.  

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