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Historian is awarded 3-year IRCHSS/EU post-doc fellowship

14 Jun 2011

Dr. James Ryan, School of History, has been awarded a 3-year IRCHSS/EU post-doc fellowship for a project on Soviet history. The first two years of the fellowship will be hosted by theUniversity ofWarwick, under the mentorship of Prof. Christopher Read, with the third year in the home institution, University College Cork, under the mentorship of Prof. Geoff Roberts.


The project itself is entitled 'An Intellectual History of Soviet State Violence, 1917-1938' will provide an in-depth study of the intellectual aspects of state violence and severe repressive policies in Soviet Russia and the Soviet Union from the foundation of the state in 1917 until the Stalinist Great Terror of 1937-8. While a great eal of work has been done on state terror in theSoviet Union, especially in the 1930s, there has been relatively little on the theories and concepts upon which it was built. This will contribute the most sustained and significant piece of scholarly work that will explain the similarities and differences between the violence and repressions of the Leninist and Stalinist regimes, and the nature of violence as a constitutive element of the functioning of the early Soviet state. The intention is that this will be published as a monograph following the tenure of the fellowship. The research for the project will be conducted in the former Soviet archives inMoscow and some regional archives inRussia, as well as in theUK and theUS.


Pictured is Prof. Geoff Roberts (left) with Dr. James Ryan (right)

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