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REACT (Responding to Excessive Alcohol Consumption in Third Level), based in UCC, is a joint initiative between the Union of Students in Ireland (USI), the Irish Student Health Association (ISHA) and UCC Health Matters. The HSE-funded project aims to create an accreditation and award scheme for colleges in the third-level sector that make significant changes within their campuses in an attempt to tackle the growing issue of excessive alcohol consumption among students. 

REACT aims to produce:

1. An evidence-based suite of mandatory and optional action points from which 3rd level institutions develop institution specific Action Plans (An Accreditation/Awards scheme for 3rd level Institutions)

2. An on-line recording/reporting tool available to all participating institutions to track and report on progress, which will be used in a proposed accreditation process

3. Collaborative partnership working between students, student leadership (USI), umbrella professional support organisations (ISHA), the HSE and each institution to facilitate real and sustained action

4. A template for an Action-Plan based approach to facilitate change in the 3rd level setting, supporting the aims of Healthy Ireland and informing the on-going development of the settings approach in the emerging HSE Health Promoting University initiative.

5. Final report describing the project.

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