Operation Transformation

Operation Transformation

Operation Transformation

Operation Transformation UCC 

UCC Health Matters in partnership with KSG (Kylemore Services Group), The Student Health Department, The Mardyke Arena and Áras na MacLéinn is delighted to have brought Operation Transformation to UCC! It first started back in 2013 inspired by the TV show, and has continued since then in getting UCC healthier and fitter!

4 students and 4 staff members take part in this exciting initiative as leaders, undertaking a 7 week personalised exercise regime, designed and facilitated through the Mardyke Arena, and following a healthy calorie counted menu designed and provided by KSG (The Kylemore Services Group). Their progress towards their targeted weight change and Blood Pressure and Blood Test changes will be monitored and each leader will be supported by the Student Health Department, Student Societies, UCC Clubs and the Students' Union. You can follow their progress through our facebook page to see how they get on!

It's not only the leaders that get involved, we also invite groups of between 5 and 20 people, to participate in our Groups section. In UCC OpTrans 2014, 19 groups with a total of 180 people signed up with an average of 80 coming to the weekly weigh-in, provided by Student Health Doctors. Altogether, UCC lost 1/3 of a ton weight in 2014!

Operation Transformation 2015 and 2016 have also showed great turnout and success with people losing excess weight and beginning their journey to a healthier and more active lifestyle!

We hope to continue this great initiative and encourage as many people as possible to participate in Operation Transformation 2017!

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