Having a clear vision and a strong brain and mindset will help you achieve your goals.

12 Aug 2020
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You are probably used to hearing “what are you studying”? but not too many ask “how are you learning”? How you think about your learning and the strategies you use are really important for your study success. 

Find out about Growth mindset in our new video

Thank you to Dr. Eithne Hunt for her amazing contribution to this video script.

Firstly, take some time to think about how you learn best?

Who and what has helped you achieve your learning goals up to now?

And think too about what doesn’t work well for you.

Having a clear vision and a strong brain and mindset will help you achieve your goals. Scientists now know that we can influence the structure and function of our brains, because our brains are like plastic and we can mould them! This is called neuroplasticity and it is especially active during the teenage years right through to the mid-twenties. Have you heard the phrase “use it or lose it”?

When we use a particular part or process of our brain, the connections in that part of the brain are strengthened. When we don’t use parts of our brain, those connections become weaker. Basically, we can grow our brains in the way we want, by thinking carefully about what we want to focus our efforts on and then following this through with repeated practice. We are not born with a fixed level of intelligence.

Everyone can develop their abilities through hard work, effective strategies, and using setbacks as opportunities to build new skills. Students who believe they can grow their intellectual ability tend to perform better academically. Everyone is a mixture of fixed and growth mindset so nurture and strengthen your growth mindset. One way to do this is to add the word ‘yet’ to statements to reinforce your belief that you can grow your abilities over time.

Maybe you feel like you don’t fit in….yet; or you haven’t a clue how to do referencing….yet. One three letter word can transform how you see your progress on your learning journey.

Here in UCC knowing how and when to use resources, availing of mentoring and asking for help are all key growth mindset behaviours. In addition to your academic department, our Skills Centre will help you explore study strategies that work for you, develop your writing and take part in the numerous digital badges that can enhance your skills for learning and life.

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