XR Pilot

XR Pilot

Using XR for Teaching and and Learning


This initiative proposes to undertake a series of pilots with staff across the university to explore the potential use of xr in learning and teaching, to consider the challenges and opportunities around the use of xr and to develop case studies of emerging practice. the case studies emerging from this pilot will be collated and disseminated appropriately within the institution and at relevant conferences.

Submission Deadline

Expression of Interest Subnission Deadline: 12 April 2021 @5pm


The specific objectives of the project are as follows:

· Collate case studies of emerging practice in the implementation of XR in teaching.

· Uncover the challenges and opportunities in the use of XR in learning and teaching.

· Document the teaching and learning questions to be considered when integrating XR and similar technologies.

Call for Proposals

The Centre for the Integration of Research Teaching and Learning (CIRTL) has invited university wide proposals for projects examining the use of Extended Reality (XR) in teaching and learning. The initiative will provide support for staff seeking to pilot the use of extended reality in existing modules. All staff who teach are encouraged to apply for this initiative. Participants should have a specific credit-bearing module in mind where they can pilot the use of XR. A maximum of four case studies will be supported through this initiative.

Schedule for Pilots

Design (April-May 2021)

- CIRTL supported Learning Design workshops to identify where to integrate XR and content to be developed or open source content to be repurposed.

Develop (May-June 2021):

- Engagement in meetings to consider the design questions or steps in integrating the XR resource in teaching.

- Peer exchange to share insights and perspectives on module development

Implementation and Evaluation (September-December 2021):

- Trial of XR intervention in teaching.

- Collation of feedback from students.

- Collation of case study with pilot participant to gather practice example.


Each case study lead will be supported by CIRTL to design and develop a teaching intervention that pilots that use of XR in an existing module. The participants will collaborate with CIRTL to develop case studies to capture emerging practice and surface key questions to be considered when seeking to integrate XR into teaching. Additional resources will be allocated in support of each pilot by CIRTL as appropriate and may include the use of XR/VR kits, and support in developing or repurposing content for XR interventions. Where possible participants will be encouraged to utilise and repurpose open source resources. Resources created in this pilot will be published under creative commons licence and will be made be available to all staff in UCC.

Centre for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL)

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