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How to Connect Societal Challenges

There are many way to begin connecting your curriculum to real life societal challenges and introduce civic engagement into your teaching activities.  Through exploring the causes of existing societal challenges and problematizing opportunities for addressing these, students acquire a contextual understanding of disciplinary content.

Connecting to societal challenges helps student gain a greater appreciation for the variety of civic society organisations working in areas related to their discipline. There are lots of practical strategies and tools that you can avail of. Mapping key stakeholders is a particularly useful activity that can be done with students or as part of your curriculum planning to uncover who you could connect with.

Discover more about:

  • Identify pressing societal challenges and opportunities of consequence to the discipline; 
  • Examine the key stakeholders connected to your disciplinary area and societal challenges;
  • Make use of the suggested activities to bring societal challenges into your lesson plans.

Future proof your curriculum by embedding sustainability into your teaching practice or further integrating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into your curriculum.

UCC Sustainable Development Goals Toolkit

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