Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning

This 30 credit programme is a part-time, fully online course and runs for two semesters over the academic year.


Contact the Programme Coordinator, Owen Jump here. 

Target audience

The programme will be of interest to staff who teach or support student learning in third level institutions and who wish to gain a formal qualification in the area.

Benefits of the Programme

This programme provides teachers in higher education with tools to research their teaching and evidence of student learning.  Qualifications such as this programme are now used as criteria for career progression and promotion as evidence of engagement in teaching and learning. Most importantly, teachers will develop a sustainable reflective practice as researchers of teaching and learning with a deeply engaged and diverse and community of peers.


Irish/EU fee: €1,800 for 30 credits to complete the Postgraduate Certificate (€900 per 15 credit module)

Important dates

Registration for 2021/22 closes on 2 August 2021. 

Further details

For full programme details and registration please follow this link.


“You are to be congratulated for making such a good programme available online. I would not have been able to pursue the programme if it was not online and I suspect a lot of colleagues are in the same position”.

“The course has made me be much more aware of my teaching and has allowed me to reflect on the understanding and knowledge that I expect my students to know”.

“The various learning tools that we have learned about make for much more interesting and thoughtful classes”.

Programme overview

The programme addresses the following topics: 
• Key theories of teaching, learning and assessment 
• Models of curriculum design and development 
• Models and techniques of assessment 
• Writing Learning Outcomes and integrating them with teaching, learning and assessment 
• Models of research and reflection to document teaching and harness student learning.

On completion of the programme participants will be able to: 
• Recognise teaching as a valid form of research and scholarship; 
• Participate in discussions on teaching, learning and assessment as a community of scholars; 
• Design modules based on principles of student-centred learning; 
• Critique planning and teaching practice in the light of student learning/feedback; 
• Engage with a diverse, multi-cultural student population; 
• Hold a professional commitment to teaching and student learning.


This 30 credit programme is comprised of two 15 credit modules:


  • TL6003: Theories of Teaching, Learning and Assessment This module will provide an overview of key theories of teaching, learning and assessment, and the development of a research lens for teaching practice.  Various models of curriculum design and development will be explored, as well as a range of modes and techniques of assessment. 

  • TL6004: Practice Approaches to Teaching, Learning and Assessment Participants will be introduced to student-centred approaches to teaching, learning and assessment, further  researching their teaching with a view to improving pedagogy.  Participants will be introduced to ways of analysing and critiquing a module they teach  and methods for  documenting and reviewing teaching and assessing student learning. Themes such as constructive alignment will be applied in a critical, and practice-based way.

Registering for the Postgraduate Certificate

Dr Briony Supple's Briefing Session Presentation (PDF)


 An outline of the assignments in the Postgraduate Certificate


Centre for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL)

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