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2023 Learning and Teaching Showcase

Funded by the National Forum, the 2023 Learning and Teaching Showcase provided a space to exchange ideas and approaches and to connect with colleagues in a collective discussion about all things learning and teaching related.

The event featured panel discussions, lightning papers, and poster presentations as captured in the following Showcase video. Select the following link to revisit the 2023 Learning and Teaching Showcase (1.46 min).

The Showcase included 76 posters reflecting the variety of teaching practices evident in UCC under themes such as academic integrity, Universal Design for Learning, digital education, education for sustainable development, inclusive practice, etc. These are collected into a searchable publication so yoou can quickly locate examples that may align with your teaching or inspire future practice. This publication also includes contact details for the lead authors should you wish to connect with them directly. Select the following link to access the Compendium of posters (pdf).

Launch screen for keynote presentation

Keynote Presentation
The event also featured a keynote presentation by Professor Randall Bass from Georgetown University on 'the Forking Paths of the Learning Paradigm - What is the role of Education in a Transformative Future?'.

You can access this video via the following Keynote Presentation link and you will also find a pdf of the transcript below.

Showcase Video Transcript
Showcase Keynote Slides

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