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(AI)2ed: Artificial Intelligence & Academic Integrity

image of the AI2ed project logo - text reads: [ai] 2 superscript ed - and the UCC crest and Skills Centre


The (AI)2ed project carried out by the Skills Centre in 2023 aimed to develop guidance on the ethical use of generative AI tools in learning and teaching. Using ChatGPT as an exemplar of generative AI, we considered how it can be used as an assistive tool to improve learning rather than as a way to bypass key learning. Academic integrity was at the heart of this project as we sought to scope the threat that generative AI poses to assessment and what we can do to address this while also ensuring that students are prepared to critically engage with these tools which are continually being integrated across software platforms and into the workplace. This project used a students-as-partners approach, pairing students with academic staff across the four colleges in order to reimagine assessment in the face of ever advancing AI technologies. These staff-student working groups experimented with ChatGPT in relation to assessment in order to uncover approaches to mitigate against the risk of unethical AI use and to consider how best to integrate generative AI into learning activities and assessment design across disciplinary contexts in ways that enhance learning and maintain academic integrity.

The primary objective of the (AI)2ed project was to create the UCC Toolkit for the Ethical Use of Generative Artificial Intelligence in Learning and Teaching, which includes an introduction to generative AI and lexicon of terms, guidelines for ethical use, recommended adjustments to common modes of assessment to mitigate against the potential risk of unethical use, and discipline-specific case studies of good practice that share innovative forms of learning, teaching and/or assessment.


Please direct any questions you may have to the project lead, Dr Loretta Goff:

Centre for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL)

West Lodge, Main Campus,