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black and white image of 3d goggles on a white tabletop with light coming from the right and casting a long shadow

XR: Extended Reality

Using Extended Reality in Teaching and Learning


Technologies such as extended reality (XR) have the potential to fundamentally change the classroom space and augment student learning if thoughtfully implemented. Extended reality ranges from fully immersive digital worlds (Virtual Reality), to the overlay of digital objects in the real world (Augmented Reality), through to 360° videos where the user can see the environment in all directions. Some examples in teaching include bringing your students on virtual field trips whether contemporary or historic, or the use of simulations to visualise microscopic particles. Although existing XR technologies are already advanced in wide range of applications, a number of implementation challenges exist before they become widespread in education and evidence is provided for enhanced student learning. Therefore case studies in learning and teaching that begin with learning design and integrate technology appropriately are required.

Centre for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL)

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