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Spring 2015 Ph.D. Graduation

26 Feb 2015
Our Spring 2015 Ph.D. Chemistry Graduates.

This afternoon saw thirteen Chemistry students graduate with a Ph.D. degree.

The students involved carried out their research in the Chemistry Department, Tyndall Institute and the School of Pharmacy. Details of all students, their supervisor names and Ph.D. titles are listed below. Well done to all.

Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Dr. Una Crowley Prof. Jeremy Glennon Development of low-cost sensing and separation devices based on macro, micro and nano technology for health applications.
Dr. Gangotri Dey Dr. Simon Elliott Atomin layer deposition of copper - study through density functional theory.
Dr. Brian Feerick Prof. Anita Maguire Synthesis and reactivity of pyridine substituted alpha-diazocarbonyl compounds and exploration of rhodium carboxylates as asymmetric catalysts.
Dr. Kieran Greaney Dr. Florence McCarthy Synthesis and evaluation of novel quinolines and quinazolinediones as potential anti cancer agents.
Dr. Syara Kassim Prof. Martyn Pemble Polymer and metallodielectric based photonic crystals.
Dr. Denis Lynch Dr. Dan McCarthy Access to modified geiparvarins using Pd(O) - mediated C-C bond forming reactions.
Dr. Eoin McGillicuddy Prof. John Sodeau Real time analysis of atmospheric single particles in urban environments using aerosol time of flight mass spectrometry.
Dr. Joseph McGrath Prof. Martyn Pemble Development of large scale collodial crystallisation methods for the production of photonic crystals.
Dr. William McSweeney Prof. Colm O'Dwyer Fabrication and characterization of doped and porous silicon nanowires as anodes for lithium ion batteries.
Dr. Harold Maloney Dr. Dan McCarthy Synthesis of 4-substituted-3(2H)-furanones with novel luminescence properties.
Dr. John Mullins Prof. Martyn Pemble Layers for the fabrication of III/V mos devices.
Dr. Andrea Pescaglini

Dr. Daniela Iacopino

Au nanorods-semiconductor nanowire hybrid nanostructures: Nanofabrication techniques optoelectronic properties.
Dr. Elaine Stack Prof. Jeremy Glennon Synthesis and characterization of novel superficially porous silica based stationary phases for use in liquid chromatography.

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