Digital Badge Programme

Digital Passport

The Digital Passport  focuses on how technology can make your learning journey easier. Each session will focus on a different web tool or technology, (including your phone!) within a list of recommended tools that can be used in such a way to support your workload. 

You will be introduced to solid file management principles, touch typing and general assignment related skills.  Whether you are using Office 365 or Google workplace, formatting an assignment through Microsoft Word, or recording a PowerPoint presentation – having the digital competencies to use these tools will ease the assignment process. This programme covers topics such as digital file managementgoogle calendar, the main components of Office 365netiquette, and so on. By taking part in this course, you will increase your skills in digital literacy, which will help you manage your academic work.

On this page you will find:

  • The digital passport schedule 
  • The learning materials which are all available
  • A booking form in order to book one-to-one IT clinics with a Skills Centre tutor.
  • A form if you have any questions you would like to ask any questions in advance of the sessions.


All sessions will be taking place in-person at the Skills Centre (Q-1, Boole Library) as well as the Digital Scholarship Studio. Please refer to schedule

Digital Passport Itinerary

Sessions in orange will be taking place in the Digital Scholarship Studio (Q+1, Boole Library)

All other sessions will be taking place in the Skills Centre (Q minus 1, Boole Library)

Sessions in green indicate a set time for one-to-ones which students can book for help in relation to the digital badge 



Monday 21st August

Tuesday 22nd August Wednesday 23rd August Thursday 24th August Friday 25th August
9am -  Welcome & Overview Welcome & Overview - Digital Studio, Q+1 Welcome & Overview Welcome & Overview Welcome & Overview
9:15am-11:15am  Introduction to Skills Centre, Website Tour, and Netiquetter Canva - Digital Studio, Q+1 PowerPoint  Sound File Production  Touch Typing/Animations/Powerpoint practice and Q&A (per student's requests)
11:15-11:30 Break - Caffeine Chats
11.30am-1pm Online Flashcards for Study Skills Canvas Animations and Transitions - Digital Studio, Q+1 Making reading & writing easier Winddown and close of programme
1pm-1.15pm Touch-typing (15 mins) Touch-typing (15 mins) Touch-typing (15 mins) Touch-typing (15 mins) Time slot available for one-to-one session
1.15pm-2.15pm Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch -
2.15pm - 3.15pm Mind-mapping Time slot available for one-to-one session Powerpoint Recording Time slot available for one-to-one session Time slot available for one-to-one session
3.45pm Winddown Winddown Winddown Winddown -

Assessment: Learning Log

The Learning Journal provides you with an outlet to comment and reflect critically on what you are learning from the Digital Passport Digital Badge. It is an assessed piece of work, where students are awarded a pass/fail mark based on completeness. The Learning log entries relate to the Digital Passport sessions & workshops. Your comments and reflections should, wherever appropriate, refer to material covered in the sessions, but may also draw upon ideas from other studies you are taking and your own experiences, insofar as these relate to your learning in this course.


Download the Digital Passport Learning Log Template through here:  Digital Passport Digital Badge Learning Log

  • Word Count: 750 – 1,000 words
  • Submission format: Word Doc
  • Deadline: 30th September, 12 noon


Further details on the Learning Log can be found in the link above. If you have any questions regarding the Digital Badge, please email

Digital Literacy & Skills: Learning Materials

Download the Netiquette slides through here: Netiquette PDF Slides


Additional Resources:  

Download the Internet Safety slides through here: Internet Safety PDF Slides


Additional Resources: 

Download the Email Basics slides through here: Umail Hacks & Email Etiquette Slides (UCC Skills Centre)Email PDF Slides


Additional Resources: 

Download the File Management slides through here:  File Management PDF Slides


Additional Resources:  

Download the Making Reading & Writing Easier slides through here:  Making Reading and Writing Easier PDF Slides 


Additional Resources: 

UCC Skills Centre Assignment Calculator:  

Natural Reader (text to speech):  

Study Strategies downloadable handout: Study strategies

Notetaking downloadable handout: Note-taking in lectures

Digital Programmes & Tools: Learning Materials

Download the Microsoft Word slides through here: Microsoft Word Slides (Skills Centre)Microsoft Word PDF Slides


Additional Resources: 

Download the Microsoft PowerPoint slides through here: 


Additional Resources: 

Download the Canvas Basics slides through here: Microsoft Word PDF SlidesCanvas Basics PDF Slides


Additional Resources:  

Download the Online Flashcards for Study Skills slides through here: Flashcards PDF Slides


Additional Resources:  

Download the Google Calendar for Time Management slides through here: Time Management PDF Slides 2022 DP


Additional Resources: 

Download the Mind-mapping slides through here: Mind Mapping PDF Slides


Additional Resources:  

Canva Workshop 

Download the Canva slides through here: Canva PDF Slides

Link to Website to start your online graphic designs -   

Additional Resources: 

Additional Resources

Collection of links shared throughout the Digital Passport: Digital Passport Website Links

Technology to makie learning easier (Canvas course accessible to all): 

UCC IT services tips and tricks for UCC technologies: 

Skills Centre website: 

Skills Centre

Q -1 (Q minus 1), Boole Library,