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Happy Birthday to The Physiological Society

1 Apr 2016

On March 31st The Physioloical Society celebrated its 140th birthday!


'Celebrating 140 years of The Physiological Society

The Physiological Society is today celebrating its 140th birthday. Some of The Society’s staff and Trustees are celebrating at Hodgkin Huxley House, and we hope that our members will also raise a toast.

The Society has achieved a lot in its 140 years; it now publishes 3 journals, providing a home to the latest research in physiology, and runs an extensive programme of scientific meetings to facilitate the sharing of the latest ideas and techniques. It also supports a full range of Education and Outreach activities to inspire and support the next generation of physiologists. All activities have an international flavour, reflecting our diverse membership.

The Society was founded in response to the amendment of an Act passed in 1876 to legislate the use of animals in research. It was formed as an association of mutual benefit and protection, in order to provide a unified voice for experimental physiologists to have a say in any proposals that might unjustifiably hinder the progress of scientific research. The Society has continued to make essential contributions to the laws and debates governing animal research: making considerable contributions to the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1876and, most recently, having helped to develop the Understanding Animal Research Concordat on Openness in Animal Research.

We at The Society look forward to the next 140 years and all the challenges and opportunities that we will encounter with the support of our growing membership of physiologists.'



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